Italian PM Warns Israel May Nuke Iran

Italian PM Warns Israel May Nuke Iran

Australia: Iran nuclear ‘deterrent’

Israel stops whistleblower Vanunu from getting German prize

Israeli Nuke Double Standard:

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  • Jack Ruby says:

    Israel is slated to be nuked long before Iran is.

    Israel is slated to live in fear until it happens.

    Israel is an abomination, and will be exterminated, by its own deeds.

    Israel acquired quantities of genetically-engineered bio weapons from
    South Africa in the 90’s, that target certain ethnic groups.

    The sword cuts both ways, Israel.

  • claudius stahlkopf says:

    The problem with the trolls, is
    You will not get any descent behavior from them unless some drastic mesures are taken against them again . Two towsend years of complaints starting with the Romans , and the Bysentium empire ( who knew how to handle them )
    They should be sterilized, and we will then secure a world much better for ours childrens .
    Otherwise people enjoy WW3

  • IsraelistortureArabs says:

    The world tolerates Israel, because it’s lap dog USA protects them. Israel will ahve to do something totally stupid like bomb Paris or Austria and enflame the world. Israel has threatened it would nuke Europe if attacked by another country. So if Russia atatcked Israel they claim they would nuke France. But it would take something like this for the world to say, Israel we have had enough of you.

  • jack says:

    We must eliminate the cancer upon the earth before any more lives are wasted and there no earth left to live on.

  • Harvey Oswald says:

    it already in the cards-does not matter what we try to do,it going to end badly-2/3rds of world wiped out-can we go 10 years without a nuke exchange somewhere in the world?i dont think so.when i was a kid in the 1950s we used to have drills in case of nuke attack in our schools-looking back,we were a lot further away from that happening than what appears to be on horizion today-it really bothers me that is what my kids are faced with….

  • true patriot says:

    No such thing as a ‘christian’ in Israel. No such thing as a ‘christian’ who wants to obliterate an innocent nation of innocent people. The world knows the truth about Israel, and America being her whore. No wonder Israel will not survive a nuclear war, God wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Toshiyori says:

    The Italian PM is merely an off-colour joke, a twentieth-rate Duce who needs be ignored by polite society. “Israel” constitutes a distusting infection — a species of boil — which, when it is finally lanced, will exude pus capable of re-infecting other regions. The world must exercise utmost determination to avoid such a despicable eruption again forming within ANY civilized community.

  • Nick says:

    Iran is a peace loving, productive nation that believes in friendship and trade with other countries of the world. israel on the other hand is a warmongering state of thieves ,liars, and child murderers. What kind of country would support an evil state like ‘israel’ ?

  • Richard Lefew says:

    Thank you for having the brass to put up a website that speaks the truth like this one. Most people are either too scared of the Zionists to say anything negative about them, or they feel that they stand to gain something by promoting zionist’s view.

    Orin Hatch is probably the worst example of the “goyim” sucking up to the Jew. There was an MSNBC program on Orin Hatch because he had written a song, lamenting his bad fortune of not being born a Jew.

    He went on National Television, publicly declaring that he wishes he were born a Jew, and telling everyone how much he loves and supports anything Jewish, and anything Israeli.

    He were’s jewish religious tokens, he has Jewish religious icons, and symbols all over his house. He has the Jewish thing you nail into your front door.

    He’s a total wanna be Jew. He’s sold out his Christian faith.

    I believe he went on national television to showcase his jewish song, or poetry…whatever it was, in the hopes that the Jewish Establishment would notice, and realize that he is ready to do whatever they ask of him, in exchange for Jewish support in his political career.

    He knows that Jewish power can put him in any position in the government & he’s showing that he’s up for sale, and for a small fee, he’s willing to give his soul for the sake of Zionist hegemony.

  • paddy says:

    An attack by Israel upon Iran would bring a bigger attack on Israel.
    But any talk like that of jack is unhelpful. There is no need to “eliminate the cancer upon the earth”. We just need to stop working for them.
    We know that their system relies on compliant workers who do as they are told. Going on strike works against the striker because he loses wages and suffers.
    So the way to go is to be within a corporation that they control and to work against it from within. Every little thing that causes someone to lose efficiency within that corporation costs your master money. It could be as simple as kicking a telephone connection out of its jack during a call. The more important the call, the more disruptive this would be. If you drive a company truck and the tire becomes flat, just call someone to fix it and stand around waiting until they fix it. Just because a tire has gone flat and cost the company money doesn’t mean that you put the nail in it. If you are carrying a package with a deadline, so much the better. Just think differently without violence.

  • Robert says:

    In order to eliminate a cancer or disease you have to first identify it – realize it’s parameters and its weaknesses. In the case of the present world situation in the religious, political, miliary, geo-political, financial, and social fabric, we see that the wreckers, the thieves, the murderers, the haters, the bloodsuckers and formenters of war and hate are and always have been Judeo-Freemasonry. Until the world realizes this all the destruction will continue until there will be divine intervention. We embraced “tolerance” which was nothing more than evil demanding equal rights and we gave it to them. Good tolerated evil at it’s own demise, but evil does not tolerate good. We allowed abortion, homosexuality, divorce, pornography, tolerance of evil, and even gave them rights – now that evil reigns we will pay the price of our infidelity, greed, passions and stupidity. Now evil, the organized forces of naturalism, Judeo-Freemasonry reigns supreme – but just for awhile. When all seems lost, when it appears that Western Civilization is finished, when the enemy rules everywhere, then, in the last or 11th hour, help will come, but not before most of the world has payed the price of it’s “sins”.

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