December Review: Neocon Driven Afghanistan War Is a Failure

December Review: Afghanistan War Is a Failure 

NATO forces in Afghanistan end 2010 with highest death toll since war began

‘Most Americans opposed to Afghan war’

Poll: 63 Percent of Americans Oppose Afghan War

 UN, aid groups dispute ‘progress’ in Afghanistan (video)

US: No Way to Seal Afghan Border With Pakistan

‘US lying to American public on Afghan war’

‘Strategic patience’ & the lost war 

UN Maps Show Security Worsening in Afghanistan: Report

At least we can get some truth about “Afghan quagmire from Press TV

Petraeus: master of Afghan policy

Obama touts Afghanistan war progress

‘White House claims of progress on Afghan war a ruse’

US television ‘biased on Afghan war’

This Afghanistan documentary discussion on Press TV is a must watch!

No More Afghanistans:

Grim reports ahead of Afghan review

Rick Rowley: Nothing Changes in Afghanistan, in spite of Obama saying in his review that the situation is improving.  Be sure to watch please.

Afghan war a waste of money

   US drowning in Afghan war

House approves additional billions for neocon/AIPAC driven wars without debate as US taxpayer billions are still sent to Israel by AIPAC influenced/corrupted Congress while US States go broke!

Poll: 71% say US on wrong path


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