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Saturday, December 18, 2010 9:27 AM
From: “IRmep”
The Israel Lobby Archive releases additional documents from the Steven J. Rosen v AIPAC defamation suit underway in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.  Rosen has now filed FBI espionage and theft of government property files (first declassified by IRmep for the book “Spy Trade” and posted in the Israel Lobby Archive) in his bid to prove that circulating classified information is routine at AIPAC.  Rosen has also filed many internal AIPAC media strategies, emails, correspondence with outside legal counsel and his “golden ticket”–an email promise that AIPAC would pay him off after the espionage flap blows over.  However, if a declassification review panel releases a trade secrets document purloined by AIPAC in 1984, Rosen’s $20 million lawsuit against AIPAC could soon be the least of AIPAC’s worries.

Israel Lobby Archive: (latest documents are marked “new”) analysis:

Jewish Daily Forward Analysis:

ISCAP motion to declassify trade secrets stolen by AIPAC:

********************************* Excerpt****************************************

Economic Espionage Haunts AIPAC
by Grant F. Smith – December 18, 2010

“…The Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel could declassify the trade document purloined by AIPAC in 1984. This would allow private US corporations and organizations to sue AIPAC for damages incurred when their trade secrets (entrusted to the US government) were used against them. At present, there is no longer any legitimate national security or commercial benefit to be obtained for keeping the document out of public hands. Armed with detailed information about how Israel and its US lobby turned closely held industry trade secrets against their owners, the American private sector could provide the relief that stymied Espionage Act prosecutions and weird defamation suits over illegal activity cannot….”

*********************************Forward Excerpt****************************************
Rosen Remains Determined to Prove Trafficking in Secrets is Normal at AIPAC
by Nathan Guttman – December 2, 2010

“…In its latest filing to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, where Rosen’s civil case is to be heard, AIPAC argued that it became aware that Rosen and Weissman had received classified information only after being presented with evidence by the FBI. If Rosen succeeds in proving that AIPAC directors approved of his actions, the entire lobby could be seen as allegedly being engaged in trafficking secret information.

‘New information revealed by both sides in the Rosen v. AIPAC lawsuit underscores how AIPAC really operates,’ said Grant Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, a small not-for-profit organization that seeks to call the attention of the authorities to AIPAC’s activity and demands scrutiny of the group’s legal status…And November 22, the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy filed a complaint (PDF) with the IRS, asking to revoke the lobby’s tax-exempt status….”

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