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Ron Paul: US going broke paying for Iraq and Afghan wars

Ron Paul nails it again on MSNBC about US going broke paying for Iraq and Afghan wars as he also mentioned that we don’t need another one with Libya as well!:

Ron Paul Still Considering A Presidential Run, Says Congress Not Serious About Deficit

Margolis: You Want War? Pay for It:

US influence in the Arab world (by Patrick J. Buchanan)

Warning: Neoconservatives Are Pushing Their War Agenda in the Middle East (be sure to watch/listen to the youtubes that play automatically after the first one finishes)
Call for Pat Buchanan on Riz Khan’s AJE broadcast from D.C. yesterday at 5 minutes and 38 seconds into it:
Riz Khan – US influence in the Arab world
Here is the youtube of the above broadcast (again simply go to the five minute and 38 second mark)!:
Following is the article by Pat Buchanan that Riz Khan referenced during the broadcast:
It’s Their War, Not Ours (by Patrick J. Buchanan)
Whose War (Israel’s war!)? article  mentioned by the first caller for Pat Buchanan  at 5 minutes and 38 seconds into the above posted youtube:
After the Revolution (by Patrick J. Buchanan)