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Zionists for Arab Democracy

Two recent posts which challenge the still widely-held belief that the Arab Spring threatens Israel’s interests in the region…

Kristol’s Ode to Arab Spring

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William Kristol, director of the neocon Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), is waxing lyrical about the Arab Spring:

BBG: Broadcasting Israel-friendly “democratic values” to the Middle East (with American taxpayers’ money)

Norman J. Pattiz, American radio mogul and chairman of the U.S. government’s Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Middle East Committee, founded Radio Sawa, which successfully “used music as a tool to attract a younger audience” — it’s listened to by over 42% of youth in a number of Arab countries, including Egypt. But how many of the 75% of Radio Sawa listeners who consider its news “reliable and credible” know this about its “founding father”?