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PressTV – Silence on Israeli atrocities ‘deafening’

PressTV – Silence on Israeli atrocities ‘deafening’
“Israel must recognize Palestinian catastrophe” – Israeli Arab activist — RT
Palestinians break Syrian border on day of protests
Palestinians pay high price for refusing to collaborate with Israelis — RT
Jim Dean wrote:
Ken O’Keefe at the front lines in Gaza. Watch the video. toward the end the guard tower guys are shooting them for sport.
Great spirit…these people. As they went down…they did not leave. The just stood there and let them shoot them to make the point.
Occupation 101:

NSA Tom Donilon Addresses The Washington Institute (AIPAC spin-off Think Tank)

 New NSA replacing Jones supports harder line against Iran (for AIPAC/Israel of course!)

The Washington Institute []
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Subject: National Security Advisor Donilon Addresses The Washington Institute




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May 16, 2011
NSA Tom Donilon Addresses The Washington Institute,
Affirms U.S. Effort to Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons



On May 12, 2011, National Security Advisor Thomas E. Donilon addressed The Washington Institute’s annual Soref Symposium, delivering a progress report on the Obama administration’s national security priorities in the Middle East . Speaking before an audience of more than 400 policymakers, diplomats, journalists, and members of the Institute’s board of trustees, he offered a behind-the-scenes look at the operation against Usama bin Laden, reiterated the White House’s commitment to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability, and discussed the depth and breadth of the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship.

Mr. Donilon delivered the Michael Stein Address on U.S. Middle East Policy, an annual highlight of the Soref Symposium. 



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