Press TV – ‘Pro-Israel lobby has stranglehold on US political system’

Press TV – ‘Pro-Israel lobby has stranglehold on US political system’ (latest Press TV interview from yesterday):
Following is a youtube version of the above:
Russia says action on Syria, Iran may go nuclear
‘US neo-cons seek war on Syria, Iran’
Israel lobby pushing Syrian regime change to weaken Iran:

Press TV talks to James Morris on ‘CNN GOP Debate’

Only Ron Paul is not owned by AIPAC / Interview with James Morris / editor of

James Morris Examines Ron Paul’s anti-war position:

Additional at following URL:

Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran

 See following about Israel’s treacherous attack on the USS Liberty which was mentioned in above interview as well:
Israeli communications said to prove IAF knew Liberty was U.S. ship
Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”
 Move over AIPAC:
Americans protest AIPAC
‘US puts Israel before its own people’
US Congress Controlled by AIPAC – Press TV
Additional via following URL:
Some Questions for Bibi:

Obama weighs in on Israel/Palestine. Netanyahu says ‘no thanks’ (Ambassador Chas Freeman spot on as usual)

Netanyahu pledges Israeli compromise in front of (the AIPAC ‘bought’/corrupted) Congress – and gets more standing ovations than Obama’s State of the Union–gets-standing-ovations-Obamas-State-Union.html#ixzz1NIqxj590

Netanyahu’s speech to Congress shows America will buy anything

See articles at following link for how Mitt Romney and Netanyahu are joined at the hip:
Mitt Romney Embraces the Neocons:

Protester beaten by AIPAC thugs in House gallery during Netanyahu speech to Congress arrested at hospital:

Cynthia McKinney Drops Bombshell: Candidates to sign pledges of support for “Israel”

DeBorchgrave mentioned what McKinney mentioned in Press TV interview in following article!:

DeBorchgrave: Netanyahu’s Conundrum:


Jim Traficant States Truth About Israeli Total Control of America, Congress, Media:

Death of American Democracy:


AIPAC arranges for 81 Congressional members to visit Israel

$6.64 billion damages sought over Israeli government and AIPAC use of stolen classified US trade data:

PressTV – ‘Israel pushing Obama into war with Iran’ (scroll down to comments section at bottom of following URL):

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  • 31/12/08

    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    America cannot go down because if America go down the whole world will go down too. We are so connected now and in so many ways – We are One People One World. America problems are the world problems and likewise the world problems are America problems too. America must get out of Iraq in a smart way and President Obama must focus on the Israel and Palestine issues right away.

    Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

    Sunflower Chong

    NB: I am just an ordinary Singaporean without any paper qualifications to my name please forgive me for my poor English.


    Dear President Obama,

    This article “Because We Are Jews” was sent to me on World Harmony Day.(

    Having a sense of right and wrong is having “The Consciousness”. Rabbi Mordechi Weberman gives the World Hope. We must keep on Hoping and Rabbi Mordechi attitude towards Palestinians suffering gives us hope that we can still heal this world of Hate to a world of LOVE.

    “Because We Are Jews”

    There are those who ask us why we march with the Palestinians. Why do we raise the Palestinian flag? Why do we support the Palestinian cause?

    “You are Jews!” they tell us. “What are you doing?”

    And our response, which I’d like to share with you this afternoon, is very simple.



    Yes, in our Torah we are commanded to be fair. We are called upon to pursue justice. And, what could be more unjust then the century old attempt of the Zionist movement to invade another people’s land, to drive them out and steal their property?

    The early Zionists proclaimed that they were a people without a land going to a land without a people.

    Innocent sounding words.

    But utterly and totally untrue.

    Palestine was a land with a people. A people that were developing a national consciousness.

    We have no doubt that would Jewish refugees, have come to Palestine not with the intention of dominating, not with the intention of making a Jewish state, not with the intention of dispossessing, not with the intention of depriving the Palestinians of their basic rights, that they would have been welcomed by the Palestinians, with the same hospitality that Islamic peoples have shown Jews throughout history. And we would have lived together as Jews and Muslims lived before in Palestine in peace and harmony.

    To our Islamic and Palestinian friends around the world, please hear our message —

    There are Jews around the world who supports your cause. And when we support your cause we do not mean some partition scheme proposed in 1947 by a UN that had no right to offer it.

    When we say support your cause we do not mean the cut off and cut up pieces of the West Bank offered by Barak at Camp David together with justice for less than 10 % of the refugees.

    We do not mean anything other than returning the entire land, including to Jerusalem to Palestinian sovereignty!

    At that point justice demands that the Palestinian people should decide if and how many Jews should remain in the Land.

    This is the only path to true reconciliation.

    But we demand yet more. WE demand that in returning the land back to its rightful owners we have not yet done enough. There should be an apology to the Palestinian people, which is clear and precise. Zionism did you wrong. Zionism stole your homes. Zionism stole your land.

    By so proclaiming we proclaim before the world that we are the people of the Torah, that our faith demands that we be honest and fair and good and kind.

    We have attended hundreds of pro Palestinian rallies over the years and everywhere we go the leaders and audience greet us with the warmth of Middle Eastern hospitality. What a lie it is to say that Palestinians in particular or Muslims in general hate Jews. You hate injustice. Not Jews.

    Fear not my friends. Evil cannot long triumph. The Zionist nightmare is at its end. It is exhausted. Its latest brutalities are the death rattle of the terminally ill.

    We will yet both live to see the day when Jew and Palestinian will embrace in peace under the Palestinian flag in Jerusalem.

    And ultimately when mankind’s Redeemer will come the sufferings of the present will long be forgotten in the blessings of the future.

    On 20th January 2009, President Obama will say Enough is Enough!

    Palestinians and Israeli must not be selfish anymore because the attack on Gaza by Israel is pulling the world down. Is Israel testing President Obama resolve?

    Below article is from the Obama’s blog

    Israel force vs Palistine is way to much! | Report to Admin Reply

    By Dan The Man Dec 29th 2008 at 2:36 am EST (Updated Dec 29th 2008 at 2:36 am EST)

    My last name is Berkowitz but I actually think that Isreal is going way overboard with the violence they are showing against Palistine.

    Its almost the exact same thing that Russia was doing to Georgia, and the world was outraged.

    I wish Obama would also break the mold and say that what they are doing is excessive and tell them to back off. they are starting a war that is unnecessary. This is the worst possible time for such a conflict, and I wish Obama would step up and say that things have to change for real. Not just words that he will be a president that will see both sides.

    I don’t know. It just seems to me that the deaths, and injuries suffered by one side, are way too much for what was done to them to provoke it.

    This is coming from a Jew.

    Re: Israel force vs Palistine is way to much! | Report to Admin Reply

    By grettyforObama Dec 29th 2008 at 2:56 am EST (Updated Dec 29th 2008 at 2:56 am EST)

    I agree 100%. Would you mine posting your comment to, it may be more affective there. I am supporter for peace in any region of the world and I am also a supporter of every ethnic group who has been subjected to hate and violence. But this time around I do not support the actions of Israel, I think their actions are very extreme and hundreds of Palestinians’ lives have been lost because of the recent attacks. PE Obama should not support Israel.

    It is the unfairness act conducted by the past America govt that anger the whole world who now await for true justice from President Obama.

    Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

    Sunflower Chong

  • David Strader says:

    James Morris on PressTV: “Pro-Israel lobby has a strong stranglehold on US political system”

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