Protestor BEATEN by AIPAC in House Gallery Arrested in Hospital

Protester disrupting Netanyahu in Congress arrested at hospital

Injured activist, Rae Abileah speaks about being attacked in Congress

Rae Abileah Speaks Out Against AIPAC Members Who Attacked Her 

Why did I disrupt?

Netanyahu’s speech to Congress shows America will buy anything


‘Pro-Israel lobby has stranglehold on US political system’

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37 Responses to “Protestor BEATEN by AIPAC in House Gallery Arrested in Hospital”

  • spktruth says:

    I was so disgusted at the treasonous congress this morning I could have puked. How dare these fools stand and applaud the lying liar bibi 29 times, when the last time Obama appeared before them, they applauded 24 times. I wanted to throw all my shoes at the rat bastards. This government is bought and paid for by a foreign entity…isnt that the defination of Treason. A friend of mine ran for congress a few years ago. She was invited by the Jewish organization to speak against her opponent. Prior to the talk, she was sent 5 pages of questions and answers. She was told “if you want our support you will answer the questions…the answers are provided”. At the meeting, they asked: “If you are elected to Congress will you support Israel”. She said, “I want to be fair and balanced and do not know here tonight exactly how I would vote, I am a researcher and would do all the research I can and make a decision”. Well the next day, her poll numbers plummeted. She had won the democratic primary against three other candidates, one of them is now in the Senate of the United States. Needless to say the zionists aipac’s did her in…she didnt give the right answer. If you havent read the book, “they dare to speak out”, do so. If anyone thinks we the american people are electing our officials, forget it…Aipac puts up the candidates, funds them, and can make or break them. The Congress did what they had to do this morning in keeping that zionist money filling their campaign coffers….campaign contributions more important than voting for the country and the citizens they are elected to support…

  • spktruth says:

    One more thing. Norman Finkelstein on Democracy now last week made this statement. The International Court of Justice has already ruled. All of Gaza, all of the west bank, all of the golan heights and all of east jerusaelm belong to the palestinans. So who the hell is Obama making the idiotic statement to go back to the 1967 borders, when he knows damn well he neither supports that, or believes in it..Its the same position of George WAR bush…the only think these two have in common is a flawed foreign policy.

  • I am not one bit surprised the victim is turned on to be the bad guy what ever ISRAEL wants ISRAEL gets.If Israel can get by with MURDERING AMERICANS on the high seas as they did June 8 1967 they can get by with any thing!!

    Phillip F Tourney
    Three time Liberty veterans President
    Author “WHAT I SAW THAT DAY”

  • Jack Fruit says:

    Fuck Israel

  • Mike S says:

    @Phillip F Tourney,
    I think you’ve got it exactly right, when the attack on the Liberty happened and Johnson and McNamara stood down then tried to cover it up by calling it an “accident”, and when Kennedy was assassinated… those two events signal the end of representative Democracy : “by the people for the people” in this country. It’s been mostly downhill ever since. And now the corporations hardly bother to hide their corruption, and it’s obvious to everyone that most of Congress work for whoever pays them the most money. The founding fathers wouldn’t even recognize this place. I think you should probably be glad you lived when you did sir, as the future is looking might bleak. And I would like to say Thank You for your service!
    Mike S

  • Apostate says:

    Disgusting! A pack of thugs physically attack a woman who dared raise her voice against the Zionist establishment. Although this brutality shows the Zionists for what they really are; Cowardly woman-bashing thugs.

    My advice to my fellow Anti-Zionists attending protests would be; Get a motorcycle helmet with visor, to protect your head and face. Get a leather jacket with built-in body armour. A motorcycle dealership, in particular a Harley Davidson dealership might have them. Get steel-cap work boots. Get shin guards, for your lower legs. Hardware stores should have them in the protective clothing section. If the Zionists want to get violent then at least lets be able to take a few hits.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    9/11 was very good for Israel
    Binyamin Netanyahu
    Théâtre de l’Absurde
    Binyamin Netanyahu
    9/11 was very good for Israel

  • Protestor BEATEN by AIPAC in House Gallery Arrested in Hospital.
    May 24th, 2011

    Which makes Nutteryahoo’s response to the outburst even more ludicrous.
    He said that such protests would not be allowed in X-Y-Z countries. Well, they are obviously not allowed in the US either.


  • Yoman says:

    Human suffering is right around the corner. You do the same good, probably more but it just isn’t as heroic and brave as freeing Filistina (rhymes with) from the clutches of Rome-London-Washington DC which pretty much carved up the entire Middle East into what you see today. Tornados, floods, oil spills, poverty, hunger, disease, anguish, plague your local vicinities of San Franciso and Oakland. You want to help “Palestine?” Go to inner Richmond or crime Oakland and lend a hand there – it is like your local Palestine. No? Why? Not heroic or glamorous. Despite Palestine not even existing before Britain said it existed, there are many fervent supporters of their bogus political platform. Yet, there is needless suffering being enacted upon the Palestinians. Yes, the poor innocent Palestinians. Not the belligerent thugs of Palestine, but the hapless peaceful innocents. If Fatah, Hamas, and the peacemonger politicians of Palestine gave up their stubborn adherence to what is simply a garment of clothing, a name, their innocent people and children (not the thug gangster wannabes) would cease to suffer by being human shields and targets for the politics of a few men (no women have anything to do with the decision, this is Islam remember). What a severe irony that a woman would support a religion-culture that would have her immediately be tyrannically repressed, bound, and gagged from saying what is on her mind in public. The biggest oppressor is one’s own failure to see the way out, even though the door is wide open. Islam is most certainly not free of guilt of bloody imperial war crimes, being international bullies, and heinous atrocity throughout history, and they too are hell bent on world domination by subtle subversion and deception, just the same as whatever this nebulous “Zion” is. What is that? England, the host of peaceful Muslims? USA? Home to peaceful Muslims? Insincerity rings like a bell. May all people wake up, drop their idiotic grievances, their bellicose cultural and religious hegemony, and come to peace with one another.

  • Christine says:

    Just wondering,after watching the video on u-tube of Netanyahu’s speech,who is the president of the United States ? Also about that 1967 border thing,don’t be surprised if you hear in the news that America should go back to the 1800’s border.The mexicans think the southwest belongs to them.They have been educated into thinking they do,even though the land rightfully belonged to the native americans of North America.

  • beijingyank says:

    Israel is our best ally. No need for a treaty of alliance.
    Israel owns all the land in Palestine. No need to to see the deed from God.
    Israel isn’t perfect. They made a little and innocent mistake with the USS Liberty.
    Israel cares about their own. The radiation exposure that killed many of their own was a tragedy. They sure cure the problems of parasites and worms.
    Israel has no nuclear bombs with launch codes to the U.S. and Europe.
    Israel was perfectly correct in rolling over the 98 lb American girl with the bullhorn. Bullhorns are dangerous.
    Those “dancing Israelis” in Jersey on 911 with camera set up before the first strike on the towers was innocent enough. As they said on Israeli TV “they were there only to document ‘the event.'”
    Israel never spies on their best friend. Free the pious Jonathan Pollard today!
    It gives a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing Netanyahu talks to “Lucky Pull It” Silverstein every Sunday.
    “An educated consumer is our best customer” says Sy Syms. He knows his best friend was Bernie Madoff.
    There was no nano thermate in the Twin Tower 911 dust. And building 7 went into free fall because of office fires. 80,000 signatures on a petition for a new investigation of 911 was thrown out rightfully. Just because the judge is a die in the wool zionist has no bearing why he threw out the wishes of so many people.
    God really watches over his children. The Jerusalem Post was worried about 10,000 Israelis being in the Towers 911, it was sure a blessing from god only 1 died in the towers that day. Too bad he was deaf. And the other Israeli on the plan, the anti hijacking Israeli commando the stewardess mistakenly identified as the leader, will be missed.
    Rahm dad, the “bus expert” wasn’t a terrorist. Just because he blew up buses with British soldiers on board qualifies him as a Israeli “Patriot.”
    The King David Hotel, justified for chosen ones. The Lavon Affair really didn’t get the press it should have.

    AIPAC does a lot of good you know. Every member of Congress gets a free vacation to see the Holy Land. They also get campaign contributions to defend and protect the American way. No need to register as a foreign lobby. AIPAC is as American as apple pie. After all do you put the core of the apple into the pie filling?

    Israel need Americans support. If America did not support Israel they wouldn’t have one friend in the Middle East.

  • mystic says:

    Zionism is the biggest cause of anti-Semitism. Many Jews including rabbis warned that this would happen if Israel was created using the satanic Talmud and trashing the Torah. And it is worse than it has ever been. The good news is that all the radiation that Israel has dropped on its neighbors has blown back into their faces. Israel has nuked itself and its fertility rate has dropped precititously.

  • sam says:

    and what do you all do? YOU TAKE IT .

    your all no different than bored housewives. you bitch and complain thinking your making a difference..and scared shitless to do anything about it. Now you lube up your own ass just before getting fucked.

  • mike says:

    Dear Mr. Tourney –

    You are one of my heroes. I thank God you survived. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I shall repay”.

    With highest regards Sir,


  • Meatwad says:

    Funny the phony israeli leader said x-y-z doesn’t allow free speech. Would that be USSA, Occupied Palestine, Saudi Arabia,, yes it is Meatwad yes it is.
    Another thing that has a smile here, after several months asking israelis and their moronic supporters, none can give me an answer to this. What events in anyones history can be known as the “jewish exile from any israel” ending events? Of course I have qualified that, Herman Rosenblats history does not count, it is only his imagination that is true and he still wants the book and movie deal for the apple tossers retirement in luxury away from that smelly NYC/NJ area. They’ve done destroyed the place like Palestine.
    No jew exile ending events means that is not any jew-god sanctioned nation, get it yet? Self described chosen, yeah we had similar morons that were put in their place in school real fast.

  • John Taurus says:

    Treason at the highest levels of our government. Over half our Congress and Senate should be put on trial for treason, and if found guilty, taken out and shot by firing squad. The Supreme Court should also be put on trial for treason. These devils work for their masters to insure justice is not served up by American courts. Let the revolution begin. Let’s clean house. They have destroyed our country. It is time to serve up some justice of our own.

  • wayne says:

    Israel has big plans for America and the world and unless you are an Israeli, they won’t be any fun. In fact, they will be deadly. Just wait and see, or don’t wait and see. Take action now.

  • whiteyward says:

    The fear Israel suffers under is the fear of self loathing. Hopefully a great leader will arise from the new governments of the middle east and use the combined strength to confront Israel once and for all. The nukes in the middle east must be removed, surrounding the Palestine home land with angry governments is the results of capitalism’s endless war theory. Lets hope Israel comes to an end and peace can return for the millions in the middle east.

  • G Street says:

    I, too, was disgusted with “our” congress. If people look objectively at the history of Israel’s influence in American power, a pattern emerges that is frightening, yes, even treasonous. For decades now the American voter has tried to get money out of politics. We all know how well that worked out. The bribery is “legal” now, and the outright buying of government has facilitated Israel’s takeover of power. The two problems go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, and the truth is not anti-semitic, Jews control both parties and the great majority in this country now have no voice at all. It won’t end well. This is pertinent to the buying and centralizing of policing and security powers as the state will have to crack down more and more as its legitimacy wains. Was the creation of a Jewish state worth the destruction of our freedom?

  • paschn says:


    Am I correct in assuming that none of you are aware of the Talmudic Jew “youth groups” forming here in the United States of Israel? These Bolshiveks are being trained, ARMED and have identified their charter as; “Rapid response groups to deal with anti-Semitism and domestic violence”.

    The same traitors that infiltrated,villified and destroyed the patriotic militias within this country do NOTHING to limit or control these “Cheka” groups here. Neither do your “leaders”, military or police departments.

    It was Talmudic Jew Bolshiveks that slaughtered Russians by the tens of millions, (after gaining control of their government), Cheka Jew groups that slaughtered +/- 60,000 unarmed German civilians in the Danzig corridor, engineered and carried out the slow starvation of 6-7 million Ukrainians…etc.
    Also, consider this;
    Pontius Pilate, a SEATED Roman governor was so intimidated by the Pharasees, (You might recognize them by the moniker the Christ gave them: The Synagogue of Satan), that when they threatened him with having “their people” in Rome notify Caesar of the “event”, he, (after telling them he could find NO WRONG in Jesus), none-the-less turned an innocent man over to the blood-thirsty Talmudic Jew mob to be tortured, beaten and ultimately murdered. You think THIS is bad? It isn’t hard to find sites with testimony from Christian/Muslim survivors of the horrible slaughters the Synagogue of Satan perpetrated against their favorite targets, the weak, old, young, (and most importantly), defenseless. These parasites have been expelled from empire after empire through out millenia for their treachery. Because of our government’s treason and the people’s ignorance/cowardice you are soon going to see the VERY same horrible events taking place within your OWN borders.

  • cyndy says:

    So much of America is controlled by Zionist Jews, and Americans are none the wiser. 35% of 205,000 shares of FED RESERVE is controlled by Rockefellers and J.P. Morgan family, equally. Remaining 65% is controlled by foreigners. Among those who own the FR are two of interest, Lehman Bros and Goldman Sachs, both of whom got bailed out, now making billions, while American taxpayers remain saddled with repayment of bailout debt.The history of this country is based upon Rothschilds and Free Masons input, control. IF one reads the TRUE HISTORY of this country, one can learn those involved. They are NOT all Jewish, but the CONTROL BOARD is made up primarily of those Jewish names who permeate our history. We live an illusionary existence, based upon lies put together and perpetrated by the Zionist Jewish Powers that be, and most Americans are none the wiser. THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT, by Edwin Black,a book about a document signed by Hitler and rich German Jews gave freedom to 60,000+ rich Jews to take over $100,000,000 to Palestine to form crux of State of Israel, while millions of impoverished Jews, including ANNE FRANK, were left to be slaughtered. One cannot put a finger on the map without bringing up the heritage, input, and control of Zionist Jews, yet Americans are none the wiser. Wake up Americans…your country HAS BEEN HIJACKED, from its onset! WE THE PEOPLE have NEVER BEEN IN CONTROL. NOW IT IS TIME TO NOT TAKE IT BACK, IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT! SEIZE THE MOMENT! NOW!

  • Kris says:

    Its time for American patriots take matters into our own hands to rid this nation of the Zionist infestation which is surely sucking the lifeblood of the American people,with the assistance of the cowardly traitors in congress…because Washington DC is so hopelessly corrupt it seems the only way for the American public to get justice is for the public to consider taking matters into our hands and root out this Zionist pestilence-by any means necessary.

    Only an ignorant fool would vote any of these republican or democrat politicians, who have sold out this nation to AIPAC and the Zionist controlled plutocracy which is in the process of destroying this nation.

  • Wotan says:

    70 years ago the Germans fought their battle to free themselves from the Jewish yoke that was put upon them at Versailles. The white American of European descent helped the Jew all the way until Germany lay in ruins and
    is now nothing mor than a slave state. But now the shadow of satan is falling on American homes and the wailing is loud. When you realise what is
    happening a few seconds before you die then there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Joplin says:

    No more obedience to the talmudic jews or their armed enforcers. We outnumber them and we can disobey them all at once. Once we do that the jews and their goon squads won’t be able to do anything since they wont get any cooperation from the people.

  • FloAgain says:

    Wow; does Bibi think people believe his garbage lines? Even “Congress”, which is aligned with Izrahell, over its’ own PEOPLE (yes, US) cannot believe what NuttyYahoo has to say. Yes, they pay homage to him and his bastard-state, but that is merely because they want some of those funds BACK, in order for them to keep their seats. Surely, though; the majority does not agree with Bibi?
    IF they do, they are completely stupid, and I am giving them far too much credit.
    WHEN is our treasonous government ever going to pay the price for what they do for Izrahell? Why are people, like this woman, not allowed to stand up and SPEAK without being beaten by Nutty Yahoo’s thugs (yes, I mean American (in)security)?? Americans who think do need to rise up, just as did so many in the Mid-East, and stop voting-in these traitors or nothing will ever be better, here.
    It is not supposed to BE the USofIz.., and Obama is supposed to be “our” president (even if I did not vote for him), not BIBI. HE is not our president, but he runs the show, doesn’t he?
    Idiotic and awful!

  • Wotan says:

    Reply to Cindy, May 25, 2011 at 11.11
    If you carry the thought blockers of the Zionists in your head you cannot hope to free your country. Anne Frank died of Pneumonia. Her father was one of the countless
    so called Holocaust-Survivors. Her diary was written up for publication by a Jewish author in New York after the war. The father failed to pay the agreed sum and promptly the two Jews found themselves in a New York Court. If you google you can even find the file number of the proceedings. The original manuscript of the diary was
    written by ball point pen, but these came first on the market in the early fifties. Does that lapsus remind you of Obama`s birth certificate? If you want to fight your enemy you first have to understand who he is and how he is doing his work. As for Europen history I admit that from the US side this must all seem rather confusing. That`s why I would underwrite your contribution to the point “perpetrated by the Zionist Jewish
    Powers that be”. What follows is all a little confused, but if you want to get deeper into it let me tell you that underststanding the Eichmann kidnapping is essential to
    understanding the holocaust story. Eichmann had indeed to do with the Transfer Agreement and he knew too much. The Holocaust is the instrument of oppression and the six million figure was already peddled around before the first war – beautifully documented with newspaper clips at Once you trap your thoughts in the
    holocaust story you are trapped like a fly in the spiders web.

  • Ken says:

    @Christine. Actually, there were people here before the Indians arrived on this continent. This has been proven archaeologically,and then hushed up. The native American story, is just another face value ploy by the Zionists, to dis-credit the real white man, and create a wall of separatism.

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