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Ultra-Orthodox Jews campaign for dismantling of Israel

Ultra-Orthodox Jews campaign for dismantling of Israel

Activists urge boycott over Israeli occupation of Palestinian land

Israeli blockade hampers Gaza economy

Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law

‘US Republicans under Zionist control’

‘US Republicans under Zionist control’

US must make cuts or risk economic failure — RT

US must make cuts or risk economic failure — RT

Markets pummeled by Greek vote uncertainty

Legendary investor Jim Rogers- “Ron Paul is the only politician that has a clue”

Jim Rogers predicts coming economic collapse and to buy silver:
Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert discuss what Jim Rogers conveyed in above CNBC segment in following broadcast:
Must watch interview with Singapore based American investor Jim Rogers (see what he mentions about bankers being bailed out to buy their Lamborghinis!):
 Jim Rogers: “Prepare for a lost decade or more”

US credit rating drops with the markets (scroll down to interview with Singapore based American invester Jim Rogers says US will eventually default because of its debt – driven by neocon wars)

Jim Rogers: US never scraped out of 2008 depression

Rogers: “Bankrupt” U.S. Will Never Pay Back Its Bills

Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente says US heading for the Greatest Depression (which will be even worse than the ‘Great Depression’):

From Meltdown to Mayhem: Are You Prepared?

20 Signs That The World Could Be Headed For An Economic Apocalypse In 2012

Peter Schiff says no ceiling for gold prices

 Follow Jim Rogers? Why This Dollar ‘Bear’ Is Buying Greenbacks Now

China blasts U.S. over debt problems, calls for dollar oversight

Max Keiser demands that Netanyahu give each American 6,000 back for the billions US taxpayers have paid to Israel as US states go broke:
Max Keiser: America will lose its sovereignty
Max Keiser: Banking Looters
US Economy in Dire Straights
 Nation’s mayors pass resolution to ‘bring U.S. war dollars home’

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Cost of War to the United States

US wastes billions in overseas conflicts

$30 bln of US war money gone to crooks and wasters

US wastes $34 billion in Iraq and Afghanistan

Will defense spending bankrupt the US?

Ron Paul Interview On CNN’s AC 360 About The Boehner Bill 7/28/11

Is Ron Paul the American Churchill:
 All Of Ron Paul’s Questions & Answers at Iowa GOP Debate 8/11/11

Ron Paul was right! 1998-2002 predictions

US credit rating downgraded by S & P because of out of control US debt (no surprise either for Ron Paul supporters!)

Study: US war spending could top $4 trillion

The U.S. plans to spend $107 billion on the war in Afghanistan next year

 Ron Paul spot on yet again with this speech on the House floor yesterday


Ron Paul: End All The Unconstitutional Wars:

‘US Republicans under Zionist control’

Europe warned of financial chaos over Greek debt crisis | World news | The Guardian:

Greek debt crisis may be first domino for Europe – CBS News

Why the crisis in Greece matters

‘US going down next after Greece’

Wall St. Helped Greece to Mask Debt Fueling Europes Crisis –

Economic protests spread:

Global markets shaken by Greek debt crisis (riots in Athens):
What’s going on in Greece now is war – journalist — RT
Greeks protest against rescue, call for jobs
 Thousands Riot as Greece Reshuffles Cabinet
Is the above what we should expect in the US as it has been mentioned that the US debt situation is even worse than Greece?!:

Greeks Protesting, US Next?

Greek debt tsunami could reach US shores:
How Greece Bankruptcy Affects Your Savings U.S. and European countries scramble to bail out troubled Greek economy. 
Video: Quest says Americans should watch Greece    
 Ben Stein on Greek debt crisis and how US could experience riots as well because of how US debt is even worse than what Greece has (scroll down to the bottom of the following URL):


 Zakaria: What Greece teaches the U.S.
What does it mean that the housing crisis is now worse than the Great Depression?
Underwater homeowners walk away to stay afloat 
 Regulations will make home buying more difficult:;lst;1

Zionist Washington Ensuring the End of America

Despite riots, Greece votes for austerity – CBS News

OpEdNews – Article: Ron Paul / A True Choice For 2012
Raising the Roof on Debt:
Peter Schiff: ‘US economy heading for disaster’
Peter Schiff: US dives deeper in debt, stimulus makes it worse

The Weimar Hyperinflation: Time to get out the wheelbarrows?

US economy on verge of ‘Great Great Depression’?
Starving children in US on CBS ’60 Minutes’

Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012
Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic


The Warning:

America Armageddon: Why US Economy has Already Plunged Over the Cliff


Former Senator Alan Simpson on out of control US debt (via unnecessary wars and the like):

Disapproval of Congress hits new high: poll 

Obama extends the Patriot Act:
Senator Rand Paul (son of Congressman Ron Paul) speaks out against the Patriot Act:
US Politics of Fear:
US Politics of Fear:

‘… and an unshakable commitment to the security of Israel’

‘… and an unshakable commitment to the security of Israel’