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Neoconned Bush regime had CIA go after US (UCLA PhD) professor Juan Cole

Former CIA officer Glenn Carle says the Bush White House asked the CIA to discredit U.S. professor (UCLA PhD) and blogger Juan Cole

Did It Begin and End with Juan Cole?

Afghanistan war tactics are profoundly wrong, says former ambassador

Afghanistan war tactics are profoundly wrong, says former ambassador

What does one expect when neocon warmonger Max Boot has been an advisor to Petraeus in the Afghan quagmire (See following UK New Statesman blog entry if interested further!)?!:

General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:

 Republican Party moving closer to Ron Paul’s position and away from the neocon warmongering one!

Arnaud de Borchgrave’s latest on Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan:

NOT Weiner’s Only Lie! See What He Claims …

NOT Weiner’s Only Lie! See What He Claims …

Weiner’s Pension Worth a Whopping $1.2 Million


Weiner’s Pension Worth a Whopping $1.2 Million

Friday, June 17, 2011 12:20 PM

By: Martin Gould

With a career in tatters and a pregnant wife, most people would be facing a financial crisis, but Anthony Weiner still has his pension to fall back on — and it’s a pension the rest of America would love.

Weiner, pension, 1.2 millionAfter just 12 years in Congress, Weiner’s benefits add up to $1.2 million, reports The Wall Street Journal, and he doesn’t have to worry if the Stock Market keeps dropping.

Weiner was on the standard congressional salary of $174,000 before announcing his resignation on Thursday, three weeks into his humiliating Twitter sexting scandal. He was covered under the Federal Employee Retirement System, to which he contributed less than 1 percent of his pay.

The Journal’s Smart Money section says the 46-year-old New York congressman has two choices. He could take discounted payments of around $25,000 a year starting when he turns 56 in 2020 or he could wait another six years and get around $35,000 a year.

The National Taxpayers Union came up with even higher figures as it took into account Weiner’s time as a congressional staffer to then-Rep. Charles Schumer in the 1980s and early ’90s. It says he would get $32,356 at 56 and $46,224 if he waited. Taxpayers Union Executive Vice President Pete Sepp told Newsmax that those figures are based on Weiner’s making the highest contributions throughout his congressional career.

“For American taxpayers, the scandal may have only just begun,” said Sepp, who pointed out that even legislation Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois introduced this week to expand the number of crimes that would debar members of Congress from receiving their pensions would not catch Weiner.

Weiner would have been contributing less than $200 a month to his pension, Sepp said.

The Journal compares Weiner’s $1.2 million figure with a private-sector employee who put $1,000 a month into a 401(k) plan and received a $3,000 matching contribution from his employer over the same period. Even if the stock market does well, he could expect to have only $231,000, less than a fifth of what Weiner is entitled to.

Making it more one-sided, any inflation would eat into the private-sector pension, while Weiner’s and others under the federal system adjust automatically to cost-of-living increases.

The Journal also points out that Weiner also has a stock portfolio worth approximately $300,000 and a pension due from his six-year stint on New York City Council.

“The point here isn’t that politicians don’t deserve decent retirement plans. The last thing America needs is financially insecure lawmakers,” the Journal reports. “But Weiner is getting the equivalent of a $1.3 million exit payment after serving just 12 years on the job.

“Now that’s worth tweeting about.”

“Transparent Cabal” Rejected for Anti-AIPAC Conference

“Transparent Cabal” Rejected for Anti-AIPAC Conference

Friday, June 17, 2011 8:17 AM
From: “Stephen Sniegoski”


“Transparent Cabal”  Rejected for Anti-AIPAC Conference

        It  was good to hear that AIPAC’s 2011 conference in Washington during the latter part of May faced a counter-conference and demonstration, Move Over AIPAC,  organized by  Code Pink: Women for Peace, a group that has protested America’s wars in the Middle East.  This is the first time any large group has dared to make such a protest against AIPAC and Code Pink deserves much credit for its effort.  Unfortunately, however, the restrictions placed on the criticism of the Israel lobby were such that “The Transparent Cabal” was apparently beyond the pale.  As Harry Clark points out in his article, “Move Over, AIPAC,” in CounterPunch (May 30), “[t]here was an ‘upstairs, downstairs’ feel to the discussion of AIPAC.” [  ]  John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt spoke “upstairs” in the plenary session.  Since Mearsheimer and Walt are prestigious academics (who dared to write about the “Israel lobby”), Code Pink apparently felt safe in featuring them.  Relegated  to a “downstairs” workshop were some non-mainstream  hard-line critics of Israel and its lobby–Jeff Blankfort, Janet McMahon, of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and Grant Smith. 


Alison Weir,  President of the Council for the National Interest and Executive Director of If Americans Knew (which deals with the plight of the Palestinians), served as moderator for this workshop and provided a list of speakers for the conference, with my name being included.  But, as Clark, points out, I was rejected. He likewise observes that liberal Jewish pressure caused the outspoken Helen Thomas to pull out. 


I asked Alison Weir the reason for my rejection and she replied that she had not been told.  Over a month before the AIPAC event, I had been contacted by a Move Over AIPAC  representative, and I sent the group a link to my web site and an e-copy of “The Transparent Cabal,” after which I never heard from them again.  The question here is not simply why I was rejected but why my rejection was not explained. 


Clark implies, correctly I believe, that Code Pink wanted to play it safe and thus kept the more controversial/hardline people out of the limelight or rejected them entirely.  As pointed out earlier, Mearsheimer and Walt could be seen as safe because of their mainstream credentials and because, as Clark points out, their tendency to mitigate some of their criticism. Jeff Blankfort, an excellent speaker who certainly pulls no punches  on the issue of Israel and its US minions, was probably deemed safer than me because of his Jewish ancestry. Since it is widely believed among cautious gentiles that people of Jewish backgrounds should be immune from the lethal charge of anti-Semitism,  reliance on their criticism of Israel and its supporters is often preferred as a means of  smear protection. In this regard, Clark points out that the Move Over organizers made a strong effort to showcase Jewish opposition to AIPAC, writing “[t]here were assurances that ‘AIPAC is bad for the Jews’ as if this makes protest permissible, as if protest is not an obligation of US citizens.”       


It should be pointed out that this is hardly the first time that I have been rejected or ignored without any reason being given, but it is instead quite the norm.  For example, more than a few critics of US Middle East wars will not make any comment on my work, even in private, when it has been presented to them. And journals that express anti-war opinions have refused to review my book without any reasons reflecting on the quality of the work. If my work were regarded as defective, one would think that at least a few of these individuals and journals would be willing to point out its flaws in private, and even in public, critical book reviews being hardly unknown. It is this experience that enables me to reach the following conclusion regarding the Move Over AIPAC event:  the organizers ignored the merits of what I have written simply deeming me as one whose presence might negatively stigmatize their whole event. They could not, however, openly say such a thing, hence the lack of any explanation for their decision.    


I naturally find this treatment disconcerting, though I must add, it was not unexpected.  However, the significance of this approach far transcends the negative effects on the dissemination of my book and my personal success. For the underlying fear of being smeared as anti-Semitic limits the criticism of Israel and its American supporters–in terms of who can make it, where it can be presented, and what can be said–to such an extent that it becomes largely ineffective. In fact, it becomes something akin to the  official opposition that is often allowed to exist in authoritarian, and even totalitarian, states.  The existence of such an official  opposition allows critics to blow off steam without having any real  impact;  it creates the pretense of freedom without the reality.


Stephen Sniegoski


Amazon Link for The Transparent Cabal:



CounterPunch, May 30, 2011

Move Over, AIPAC


The annual conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, took place in Washington the weekend of May 21-22 and the following week. As usual, the top of the federal government paid tribute—President Obama addressed the 6,000 strong delegates, and over 350 senators and representatives attended. The Rapture may have failed to appear that weekend as scheduled by evangelist Harold Camping, but it descended on Capitol Hill Tuesday, when Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress. Congress applauded almost every paragraph of Netanyahu’s speech.

For the first time ever, elements of the left, namely, Code Pink,  organized a conference and a national demonstration against AIPAC, Move Over AIPAC; see The conference featured Professors John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt, authors of The Israel  Lobby, which mainstreamed the idea, as well as perennial critics such as journalist Jeffrey Blankfort, Janet McMahon, of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and Grant Smith, author of several books on AIPAC based on documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Several hundreds of demonstrators greeted the AIPAC delegates as they entered and exited the Washington convention center; some groups gained admittance and staged impromptu demos, to be muscled out like Communists from a Nazi rally. Rae Abileah, one of the chief organizers of the weekend, who emceed much of it, was admitted to the visitors’ gallery in Congress. Upon unfurling a banner and denouncing Israel’s war crimes, she was assaulted by AIPAC minions before being hustled out by police. She was hospitalized with neck and shoulder injuries and arrested on her sickbed.

Apart from such heroism and the prodigious work to organize it, the

Move  Over conference was weak in my jaded view, basically because the left has been running from the “Israel lobby” issue for 40 years. The first false step was buckling to liberal Jewish pressure and letting Helen Thomas bow out. The 90-yr old dean of the White House press corps lost her journalistic career after criticizing the colonial nature of Zionism; more recently she compounded the offense by blunt talk about the power of the Jewish community. One would think Thomas an ideal figure to speak

at a rally opposing AIPAC. Her absence sacrificed media attention and weakened the protest.

There was an “upstairs, downstairs” feel to the discussion of AIPAC. Upstairs, at the plenary session, Professors Mearsheimer and  Walt gave their familiar talk. Their book was important, and they mainstreamed the  question of the “Israel lobby”, but in the most narrow terms, which they reinforce with each appearance, the price they feel they have to pay to retain mainstream credibility. The left bears a large share of responsibility for this defensiveness, by not making the argument itself.

For example, Mearsheimer and Walt invariably say that AIPAC is just another interest group doing its job. It is nothing of the sort; it is a criminal organization which has operated at the edge of and beyond the law since its inception. Inter alia, Grant Smith has shown this in half a dozen books based on documents unearthed with FOIA.

Grant Smith, with Jeff Blankfort and Janet McMahon  of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, spoke downstairs, after the plenary, at a crowded workshop on AIPAC. Alison Weir of If Americans Knew, moderated. Code Pink had contacted her about speakers. She tried to

get some workshop speakers onto the plenary upstairs, but failed. She had also recommended Stephen Sniegoski, author of The Transparent Cabal, about neoconservative influence on foreign policy, but he was rejected.

To their credit, Professors Mearsheimer and Walt spoke to a meeting assembled by Code Pink, supporting democratic as well as elite outreach. Ambassador Chas Freeman, former diplomat in Arab countries, whose candidacy for a position in the Obama Administration was vetoed by AIPAC, appeared on an authors’ panel.

The US has lost national sovereignty to Israel and its US supporters, chiefly the organized Jewish community. Defense Secretary Gates can visit West Point and proclaim that the days of land wars in Asia are over. He cannot say that the US-Israel relationship is over. The foreign policy “realists” and Arabist establishment are deeply alarmed by that and must be embraced as allies.

The AIPAC workshop presenters provided absorbing information. For example, Grant Smith has raised the issue of AIPAC’s registration as a foreign agent with the Department of Justice. He met with Heather Hunt, head of the Foreign Agent Registration Act section, and Hunt seemed to warm up to his case and her responsibilities. Smith,  Jeff Blankfort, and Hunt and two staffers were sitting at one end of the table. At the other end was an unnamed official, who did not give out his card, and interjected remarks like “AIPAC should have an opportunity to respond to your comments”. Not in court–but as part of the decision to investigate and prosecute. If FARA and FEC law were enforced, AIPAC would be dissolved, in Smith’s view, copiously documented.  Smith led a demo at Justice on May 23 with 70-80 people. We marched around the building chanting and wrote letters to Attorney General Holder and Heather Hunt at the main doors on Constitution Avenue.

Smith led another demonstration on Tuesday morning at the US Trade Commission, in support  of a suit filed by a group of businesses who’ve been hurt by the US-Israel free trade accord passed in the 1980s. Israel got a copy of the classified document outlining the US negotiating position, full of confidential data from those companies. The US-Israel trade balance has been consistently negative for the US, when most bilateral agreements are neutral. See Smith’s web site

Overall, the major drawback was that only a few hundred attended. In June 2007 the US Campaign to End the Occupation organized a protest about the 40th anniversary of “the occupation” that drew 5-6,000, still weak. We were told that Jewish Voice for Peace, United for Peace and Justice, American Friends Service Committee and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee did most of the work on that. The much weaker turnout for this suggests that some of these groups simply don’t want a national protest directed against AIPAC, despite all the “endorsements”.

In his presentation, Grant Smith cited the American Council for Judaism’s contributions to the hearings on foreign agents convened in 1963 by Senator William Fulbright, chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations. These were an extraordinary, by current standards, investigation of the burgeoning Israel lobby, discussed in Smith’s book Foreign Agents. ACJ was the anti-Zionist group headed by the late, great Rabbi Elmer Berger, whose entire outlook absolutely rejected Zionism and affirmed the obligations of liberal citizenship.

This sense is totally missing from the Jewish scene today, including the “left”, which, no less than the mainstream, is immersed in what Judaic scholar Jacob Neusner called the “Zionism of Jewish peoplehood”. “The Jewish people is my homeland. Wherever Jews live, there I am at home.”

Thus the event featured “young Jewish pride”, singing in Hebrew and baking challah and performing other astounding feats while opposing AIPAC. There were assurances that “AIPAC is bad for the Jews” as if this makes protest permissible, as if protest is not an obligation of US citizens, as if Americans of Jewish background are obligated only as “Jews”, which in secular terms is artificial and willfully constructed, Zionist essentialism.

The left is weak and confused about Palestine for lack of universalist convictions and analysis, recovering which is essential to thinking, let alone acting, at 59 minutes and 57 seconds through the eleventh hour.

Harry Clark may be reached at


Additional about Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book can be found via

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran (but doesn’t want the blame)

“It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)

Commentary: Missing pieces  

Commentary: Missing pieces

UPI Editor at Large

WASHINGTON, June 17 (UPI) — The late Stephen Ambrose, the noted author of World War II heroics, put it best of all when he said, “God gave man a penis and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time.”

In a culture that calls Southern California’s adult film industry “the other Hollywood,” the best and the brightest of porn stars gather in Las Vegas once a year for Porno Oscars night.

So it was hardly surprising that U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., thought he could put his brain on hold while he Twittered his proudest achievement. By the time the brain kicked in again, he was toast. But the electronic media decided to put the world on hold to report the battle of the bulge 24/7 for a week.

Some of the less important developments:

— “It’s time for us to bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can, consistent with the word that comes from our generals that we can hand the country over to the Taliban military in a way that they’re able to defend themselves,” said GOP front-runner Mitt Romney at the Republican primary debate in New Hampshire.

— There wasn’t enough time for Taliban leader Mullah Omar to get too excited as Romney quickly corrected himself: “Excuse me, the Afghan military … That’s an important distinction. But not for a 65 percent majority of Americans who simply want out.

— Not one of the seven GOP candidates advocated fighting the Afghan war to a successful conclusion.

— In fact, no one made the case for success in Afghanistan .

— And nary a word for the ill-fated NATO campaign to topple Moammar Gadhafi from his underground throne, protected by African “mercs” paid from the $70 billion he had stashed underground for a rainy day.

— A decade of war in Afghanistan and eight years in Iraq have taken their toll. Limbering up as he prepared to announce his candidacy for the GOP next week, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, recently back from a tour as ambassador to China, asked, “When you look at Afghanistan, can we hang out until 2014 and beyond? You can if you’re willing to pay another quarter of a trillion dollars to do so and an (unknown) cost in human lives.” Huntsman is among “the majority of the American people who want to be out of there as quickly as we can get it done.” Music to Mullah Omar and Pakistan .

— Pakistan “is approaching a perfect storm of threats, including rising extremism, a failing economy, chronic underdevelopment and an intensifying war, resulting in unprecedented political, economic and social turmoil,” says a report by pre-eminent strategic thinker Anthony H. Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

— Rebellious Pakistani generals isolated Army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Pakistan ‘s most powerful figure, in the dunce’s corner for his close working relationship with the United States . The U.S. Navy SEAL raid that captured and killed al-Qaida supremo Osama Bin Laden, a short walk from Pakistan ‘s West Point , embarrassed and humiliated army leadership.

— “These failures in Pakistani governance and development interact with a growing wave of Sunni-Deobandi radicalization that manifests in anti-state violence and sectarian intolerance,” says the CSIS report. “A significant resulting uptick in terrorist violence has been accompanied by a gradual perversion of the Pakistani social fabric, intimidating secularism to the benefit of militant Islam.”

— Pakistan ‘s Fazle-ur-Rahman Khalil is a notorious extremist religious leader who heads Harakat-ul- Mujahedin and lives quite openly in a suburb of Islamabad . He was bin Laden’s spiritual adviser before Osama disappeared after the battle of Tora Bora in mid-December 2001. Khalil was arrested twice and twice released on orders from Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan ‘s all-powerful intelligence apparatus. He is still a key relay point for messages to different guerrilla groups.

— At a nightlong meeting with some of Pakistan ‘s politico-religious leaders, Maulana Hamid ul-Haq, a deputy director of the “University for the Education of Truth,” told this reporter that “Oscar awards for porn stars in Hollywood as one of the most repulsive aspects of American culture.” I responded this was a figment of his imagination. I now stand corrected.

— In Iraq , where the world’s largest U.S. Embassy has a staff 1,400 strong, which made sense when the United States was in charge and today simply multiplies targets of opportunity for terrorists, a 400-member anti-government militia brazenly occupied the Interior Ministry — the same group that assassinated an undisclosed number of government officials to deter others from serving. More than a year after national elections, several Cabinet ministers, including defense, are yet to be appointed.

— Palestinians are caught up in the new empowerment of the Arab individual — and their first demand is independence with a U.N. resolution that will garner all the world’s votes — minus the United States and Israel . Between now and then and also after the vote, thousands of civilians will be taking it in turn to demonstrate their demands up and down the length of the 440-mile-long wall of separation, which jigsaws in and out of the West Bank for 85 percent of its length.

— The June 16th issue of Nature reveals for the first time that, “Now we know black holes are there and they are growing like gangbusters.” Astronomers pointed NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory at a strip of sky for six weeks, searching for black holes among 200 galaxies distant enough to represent the universe when it was between 800 million and 950 million years old. They found “throngs of hyperactive black holes,” that inhabit the center of large galaxies, including one in our own Milky Way.

Weiner’s gone — and news is back.


Republican Party moving closer to Ron Paul’s position and away from the neocon warmongering one!