Special Comment: Why Petraeus is Wrong (and Stupid) on Torture

Senate confirms David Petraeus as CIA director


Special Comment: Why Petraeus is Wrong (and Stupid) on neocon inspired Torture:


Let’s torture the truth out of suicide bombers says new CIA chief


Why doesn’t Olbermann discuss how General Petraeus is under the influence of neocon torture advocate Max Boot as conveyed via the Mondoweiss.net blog entry at the following article that appeared in the UK New Statesman?:

General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:


Additional about General Petraeus’ close association with neocon Max Boot is mentioned by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern near the end of the following article:

Will Israel Kill Americans Again (email exchanges with General Petraeus mentioned near end)?



Petraeus: Can He Tell It Straight?:


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