Senator Wants US-Israeli Op Against Flotilla

This article mentions that we have 5 US military veterans on the Gaza flotilla–Joe Meadors (USS Liberty survivor), Ray McGovern, Robert Naiman, Ken Mayers and Ann Wright

Senator Wants US-Israeli Op Against Flotilla

Israel first Senator Mark Kirk mentioned in following article by Phil Giraldi:

Something Rotten This Way Comes

Will Israel Kill Americans Again? (by Ray McGovern who is on the Audacity of  Hope as well)

AIPAC influenced Hillary Clinton greenlights Israel’s use of force against Americans

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney discusses USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors being on the Audacity of Hope ship in the flotilla to Gaza which Senator Kirk would like US and Israel to attack:

USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors send message to Texas governor Rick Perry:


The High Cost of Subservience to Israel:

14 Responses to “Senator Wants US-Israeli Op Against Flotilla”

  • Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Don’t you people know what a psychopath is by now and what must be done to get rid of them? That is why parents make the rules and physically control hyped up out of order kids. It does make me wonder what kind of discipline that gutter ball Sen. Kirk has in mind that is so rewarding. U.S. taxpayer funded kick-backs from Israel? NAWW! Can’t be. Kirk wouldn’t suck on that. Yuck! He already did!

    We need the U.S. Marshalls to restore order to our government. I used to do apartment and commercial maintenance and have been GROSSED out before, so I understand their apprehension. But that is what the badge and gun are all about. Along with the historical notations that they stepped up to the plate and saved the government. There are at least 100 million loyal but confused Americans that they could deputize. The U.S. Marshalls would not be lonely.

  • Tom Dee says:

    Our founding fathers designed a system were the selection of the person who would be in Washington as a senator was appointed by and only by state official. It worked well then came the people who wanted central bankers and other changes and we now elected US Senators. What changed was we now have people who needs massive amount of campaign dollars to get reelected. I think there are presently Senators who make more trips to Israel than going to their own state. They will do anything for money and they spend most of their time in running for the next elections. Our founding fathers warned against foreign involvements and now we have a bad system of electing senators who every day sell their soul to foreign interest to keep a job the we do not want them to keep. Our elected official have sure taken care of themselves with the recent departure of congressman weigner with a pension over 1.3 million dollars. Apparently there was close to $100,000 put in to his retirement account for the 12 years of service. Congressman weiner never held a real job prior to running for congress and getting elected. I fear we can expect the worse in support of people doing an illegal blockade because the people of gaza decided not to vote for the puppet that Israel offered them. Israel starting with the attack on the USS LIberty has shown a total disregard for all international laws in effect on the open sea.

  • Ann McCoy says:

    The Palestinians must have THE RIGHT OF RETURN. The USA must cut all funding to this greedy barbaric Israel.

  • Rob says:

    Mark Kirk needs to be tarred and feathered; run out of town on a rail, and sent partway to Palestine (like the middle of the Atlantic).

  • Peace and freedom says:

    No borders, no constitution, what am I supposed to recognize ? Rember the USS Liberty !!!!!!!!

  • Kirk needs to be kicked out of office for treason by his State voters for putting Israel before America while Americans are aboard that ship.

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