Zionist (Israel first) Senate Threatens Palestinians With Aid Cut-Off

General (Ret) James David who is mentioned on the cover of former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the power/influence of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC and similar) on the US political system and media wrote the following:

You would think that our Congress would have more important issues on the agenda rather than issues to please Israel, but knowing how AIPAC has corrupted our government this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

U.S. Senate passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to Palestinians


US support of Israel (against the Palestinians) Primary Motivation for 9/11:

http://tinyurl.com/911motivation and http://tinyurl.com/motivation911

Even General David Petraeus has conveyed that US support of Israel against the Palestinians is a threat to US troops in theater (see following UK New Statesman blog entry about such):

General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:


Pro-Israel biased media threat to US security (above New Statesman blog entry mentioned): http://tinyurl.com/proisraelbiasedmedia

Death of American Democracy:


US Israel First Senator Wants US-Israeli Op Against Flotilla


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney discusses USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors being on the Audacity of Hope ship in the flotilla to Gaza which Senator Kirk would like US and Israel to attack:

USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors send message to Texas governor Rick Perry:


Activists prepare to set sail for Gaza

The High Cost of Subservience to Israel:


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