Activists prepare to set sail for Gaza

‘The Audacity Of Hope’ waits to sail for Gaza
The ‘Palestinians’ transition to non-violent protests’ deeply concerns the Israeli government and its US backers.

Activists prepare to set sail for Gaza

Greece seizes Gaza-bound US boat

Gaza flotilla ship turned around by Greek coast guard

Flot of Bother: Gaza-bound aid flotilla grounded in Greece

‘US must declare autonomy from Israel’

Holocaust Survivor Sails to the Gaza Strip

Gaza and Thoughts of a Starving Ireland (by Ray McGovern)

Flotilla 2.0 (UN representative Chris Gunness speaks about Palestinians starving in Gaza):

Will Israel Kill Americans Again (by Ray McGovern)?

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney mentions fellow USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors who is also on the Audacity of Hope boat to Gaza:

Joe Meadors, Flotilla, and “Will Israel Kill Americans Again?” Open season on Americans with US Government approval again by Israel?

USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors sends message to Texas governor Rick Perry:

Activists prepare to set sail for Gaza

Where’s US mainstream coverage of this?: Hillary Clinton greenlights Israel’s use of force against Americans

 It gets even worse!: Senator Wants US-Israeli Op Against Flotilla

 Former Bush Speechwriter Says He’s ‘Cool’ With Israel Shooting Americans On Gaza Flotilla:

Was Israeli unit behind sabotage of flotilla ships?

Israel pushes Greece to halt Gaza flotilla

Israeli campaign stops Gaza flotilla leaving port

 Via Twitter: @barakravid Bibi (Netanyahu) has put a lot of effort in his relations with Greek PM And now it’s paying off with the stopping of the #flotilla2 ships

Via Twitter: RT @aaronjmate: Captain refuses to turn back. Passengers preparing for troop raid of ship. #flotilla2

 Via Twitter @PhilBlackCNN Under threat of armed boarding, @USBoatToGaza The Audacity of Hope is following Greek Coast Guard back to port. #flotilla2 #Gaza

Via Twitter  @WRH_Mike_Rivero Call the Greek Embassy in Washington, DC at 202-939-1300 ask that The Audacity of Hope be granted passage out of Greek waters #flotilla

Via Twitter: @WRH_Mike_Rivero National Jewish Group Condemns Israeli Attempts to Block #Gaza #Flotilla #israel #palestine #freegaza

Via Twitter @MaxBlumenthal 40-50 Americans being held in a barbed wire pen in Greece at behest of Israeli and (apparently) US governments  #flotilla

Via Twitter @DemocracyNow Follow Democracy Now! producer @aaronjmate who will report from the @USBOATTOGAZA. Watch his reports: #gaza #flotilla

Gaza Flotilla boat stopped by Greek coast guard

Gaza-bound boat: Greek commandos forced us back,7340,L-4089905,00.html

Via Twitter @USBoattoGaza Protesters heading to @StateDept now chanting “hey hey @BarackObama let the boats sail to #Gaza#Flotilla2

Last Update on Gaza Flotilla for July 1st, 2011


Greece arrests Gaza-bound American boat captain

Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law

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