Last update on Gaza flotilla for July 1st, 2011

Last update for July 1st

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July 1 – 9 pm (NYC time)
Sorry for the delay in getting this to you all.
As you know, earlier today the U.S. Boat to Gaza – The Audacity of Hope – was stopped by the Greek Coast Guard. After a stand off that unfolded over several hours a 2nd Greek Coast Guard boat arrived. This boat carried heavily armed Greek commandos and this shifted the dynamic. Soon after a decision was made to bring the boat back to a dock in Athens, not the same one the boat had previously been at.
Once docked we learned that the Greek authorities are most likely going to bring some type of charges against the captain of our boat, and that should happen tomorrow (Saturday) morning. In solidarity with the captain, most of the passengers and other crew members decided to spend the night on the boat. We do not yet know what their plans are for tomorrow, or what the next steps in all of this will be. As soon as we find out we will get word to you all.
The good news today was the tremendous outpouring of calls and emails sent to the Greek Embassy in Washington, DC as well as Greek consulates around the country. Many people have also contacted the U.S. State Dept. urging them to stop supporting the Israeli efforts to undermine the flotilla.
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Via Twitter @MaxBlumenthal American Captain of @USBOATTOGAZA jailed in “shocking conditions,” US consulate says and does nothing #flotilla2

Via Twitter @USBoattoGaza Call US Embassy in Athens: 011-30-210-721-2951 Insist they fulfill their duty and pressure Greece to release our captain & boat #flotilla2

 Via Twitter @USBoattoGaza Email US Embassy in Greece! – fasting American members of #flotilla2 are spending the night by the Embassy gate.

 Via Twitter @USBoattoGaza Washington voicemails are getting full! Keep the pressure on! call 202-647-4000 ask for Overseas US Citizen Services Duty Officer #flotilla2

Via Twitter @blakehounshell Uh-oh. RT @USBOATTOGAZA: 100′s of activists marching to Israeli embassy in Athens. #flotilla2

Via Twitter @DemocracyNow Follow Democracy Now! producer @aaronjmate who will report from the @USBOATTOGAZA. Watch his reports: #gaza #flotilla

7 Responses to “Last update on Gaza flotilla for July 1st, 2011”

  • We should be out there protesting this.

  • Back in 1941, there was this foreign nation, Japan, which was illegally occupying other peoples’ lands in China and Indonesia.

    There were Americans in close proximity to that foreign nation, in the then-territory of Hawaii, and even though the Americans had not actually done much of anything, that foreign nation decided it had the right to attack and kill Americans just on the off chance that somewhere down the road, they might be in inconvenience.

    Thus came about the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Now, just for a moment imagine that instead of declaring immediate war on those who attacked Americans, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had rushed over to the League of Nations to explain why Japan’s attack on Americans was really no big deal, and that Japan had good reason to attack and kill Americans! Imagine if Roosevelt, instead of the “Day of Infamy” speech, had made countless excuses why Japan was perfectly right to attack and kill Americans. Imagine that the US Congress, instead of voting war against the nation that attacked Americans decided to punish those who criticized the nation that attacked Americans?

    Quite an amazing fantasy isn’t it? Yet this is exactly what we have seen the present government do over the last year ever since Israel’s attack on the aid flotilla!

    Israel, citing grounds of national security, occupies the lands of Palestine, just as Japan, citing national security, occupied China. The Americans in the aid flotilla had not actually done anything to threaten Israel, just like the Americans sitting in Pearl Harbor had done nothing to threaten Japan.

    1941 Japan attacks Americans in the middle of an ocean and the US goes to war against Japan.

    2010 Israel attacks Americans in the middle of a sea and the US Government protects the attacker.

    In 1904, American businessman Ion Perdicaris was taken prisoner by Mulai Raisuli. Now, from Raisuli’s point of view, he had good reason to take Perdicaris prisoner as Raisuli was fighting against foreign occupation of his homeland. Even Perdicaris conceded that Raisuli was acting from what Perdicaris considered justifiable motives.

    But President Roosevelt did not view the affair from Raisuli’s point of view. He viewed it from the point of view of a President of the United States. Under the slogan “Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead!” Roosevelt sent 7 US Battleships with orders to destroy Morocco if Perdicaris was not released. Perdicaris was sent home.

    Today is different. Today we have a President and a Congress that, even as the United States crumbles around them, are obsessively concerned with protecting Israel, no matter what it does.

    Last year Israel attacked foreign flagged ships in international waters (the very activity the 6th fleet is killing Somali coastal patrol crews for), hijacked a US-flagged ship, and kidnapped 12 Americans, shooting one of them in the head 4 times. At present, it appears Israel is ready to do so again.

    A real President, who remembers that his job is to take care of America and Americans, would not rush to the UN to protect the nation that just attacked Americans.

    A real Congress, who remembers that their job is to take care of America and Americans, would not hand Israel a license to murder more Americans anywhere in the world Israel decides they are an inconvenience!

    No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people.

    A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

    America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

  • allen heart says:

    Japan and Pearl Harbor were in no way alike. FDR was keen on getting into the war after promising during his campaign that he would keep America out of the war that had begun in Europe. He challenged Japanese enterprise by shutting down the commodities they needed to develop their industries. Commercial shipping was rerouted to avoid the route the Japanese were expected to take. FDR NEEDED a first strike from the Axis and he orchestrated one. His economic embargo was tantamount to a declaration of war.

    Unlike the Japanese who attacked ships and sailors, the IDF attacked civilians.

    The rest of Michael Rivero’s analysis is much more accurate and cogent. An American President and Congress have a responsibility to protect civilians from attack by a foreign power and Israeli values are very foreign to American values, and Israel is a powerful bully that needs to be put on a leash not rewarded for aggression and murder.

  • Ann McCoy says:

    Greece and Israel are making a big arms deal. Stopping the flotilla was part oft his corrupt militarism. Money rules/ democracy is a joke for them.

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