‘US must declare autonomy from Israel’

‘US must declare autonomy from Israel’


 Flot of Bother: Gaza-bound aid flotilla grounded in Greece


‎40-50 Americans being held in a barbed wire pen in Greece at behest of Israeli and (apparently) US governments


Death of American Democracy:


3 Responses to “‘US must declare autonomy from Israel’”

  • Joseph Chase says:

    The terrorist state of israel is getting desperate & of course the zionist money changers that created israel have corrupted Greece also. Israel everyday exposes themselves as the creators of the Nazis.

  • hgarner says:

    Get used to it YOKS. This is the dawning of Greater Israel. They own you and are controlling you. Chertoff is an alien. His dad was a member of Irgun Zvai Lyumi, the first terrorists of the world and is going to be your Rudolf Hess……..He has been dispatched to the frontier to take care of the worker ants, when they get angry. The recolonisation of the USA is a fait acompli. We dumb yoks didn’t see it coming……..and don’t even realise it’s happened.

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