U.S. official: Obama won’t cut military aid to Israel

 General (Ret) James David (who is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the power/influence of the pro-Israel lobby on the US political system and media) sent through the following as well:

Our politicians on both sides are discussing ways to cut spending, including social security, medicare, defense, veterans, etc. and each side seems to get blasted for their suggestions.  In order to compromise and agree on keeping our government from defaulting, both sides will make compromises and sacrifices but there is one area that neither has the nerve or authority to suggest cutting.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing if just one person had the nerve to ask why?  I think the oath that these politicians took to AIPAC shortly after their election forbids them to ever question the aid we give to Israel. Ron Paul is one exception.  Our founding fathers would never approve of such a massive giveaway of national wealth or tolerate the heavy handed influence of the Israeli lobby. 

U.S. official: Obama won’t cut military aid to Israel – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
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Official says $30b promised over next decade will not be harmed by world financial crisis.

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U.S. President Barack Obama will not cut the billions of dollars in military aid promised to Israel, a senior U.S. administration official said Wednesday.

The $30 billion in aid promised to Israel over the next decade will not be harmed by the world financial crisis, the official told Israel Radio. He spoke on condition of anonymity.


The Obama Administration however expects the next government of Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu to continue peace negotiations with the Palestinians, he said.

The increased military aid was promised to outgoing prime minister Ehud Olmert by then-under secretary of state for political affairs Nicholas Burns in August 2007.

Israel Radio also quoted the official as saying that if Hamas joins a Palestinian unity cabinet but does not accept the conditions of the Quartet of Middle East peace sponsors – the U.S., European Union, United Nations and Russia – the Obama Administration would have no dealings with that government.

The radical Islamist movement ruling Gaza is holding talks in Cairo with the secular Fatah party of moderate President Mahmoud Abbas and other factions on forming a unity government.

The talks in Cairo are a bid to reconcile between the rivaling factions, which have been locked in a bitter power struggle since Hamas beat Fatah in January 2006 elections and culminated in the Islamist group violently seizing sole control of Gaza in June 2007.

After the Hamas elections victory, the Quartet said it would boycott Hamas, unless it recognized Israel’s right to exist, endorsed past interim peace deals calling for a two-state solution to the conflict, and renounced violence.


In a message dated 7/24/2011 5:23:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, bobaslone writes:
we need to cut all foreign aid to every country
General David responded with following:
I disagree.  We need to cut all foreign aid to the countries who don’t need it and give more to the countries who do need it.  We need to take the “political” out of the game of giving.  The U.S. has been corrupted by the Jewish lobby.
This is the way Israelis live, and the U.S. gives nearly two thirds of our aid to Israel, or $30 billion.
One Of Israel s Most Beautiful Homes
Israel apartments rent
 This is one of thousands of Palestinian homes recently demolished by the Israelis, leaving thousands of children homeless.  Congress just recently passed a bill halting any aid to the Palestinians.  Most of U.S. aid goes to Israel that helps them build more illegal Jewish homes, and provides the Caterpillar bulldozers to demolish Palestinian homes.
Children at houses in Gaza which were destroyed during Israel's 22-day offensive
This is a starving child in East Africa.  The U.S. gives very little, if any, aid to these countries. 
Malnourished: A child from southern Mogadishu, lies on a wooden table at Banadir hospital, in Mogadishu, Somalia
Africa famine experts: 800,000 children may die

And we wonder why we have a terror problem!

What Motivated the 9/11 Hijackers? See testimony most didn’t!


See Los Angeles Times article near beginning of following URL:


Even General Petraeus conveyed to Congress that US support for Israel against the Palestinians is a threat to US troops in theater:

General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:


Israel and 9/11:


Ray McGovern mentioned what Gen Petraeus conveyed as well near end of following article:

Will Israel Kill Americans Again?:


19 Responses to “U.S. official: Obama won’t cut military aid to Israel”

  • Brian says:

    The Jews who own and control the Federal Reserve can just print out more monopoly money and the rest of us will pay in the form of inflation and reduced purchasing power. There is a place in hell for all of these politcal leaders who ALLOW this to go on

  • Richard says:

    Israel is not our friend, evidenced by the attack on the USS Liberty.
    We should stop being Israel’s lap dog and cut off all foreign aid to everybody and bring all of our troops home.
    There is nothing in the Middle East or any where else other than our borders that is worth another American life.

  • Jim David says:

    In a message dated 7/9/2011 6:30:25 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, unknown writer writes:
    In the last months we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile , Pakistan, Lybia, Egypt and Turkey .. And now Japan
    Literally, BILLIONS of DOLLARS!!!
    I agree with the above but if you exclude our support for the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan there is one country missing from this list who gets more aid than all others combined, Israel. Since 1967 the U.S. has given Israel more than $200 billion. And much of this aid has been used to free up money for Israel to continue building illegal Jewish settlements on confiscated Palestinian land, which is the biggest threat and obstacle for peace in the Middle East. Not only is it a threat to peace but Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of Palestinian territories has been the primary reason for the war on terror causing deaths to thousands of Americans. And Israel, per capita, is one of the richest nations on this planet. Our country is going bankrupt but because of political extortion, we won’t cut back a cent. Please read the following.

  • Patriot says:

    More about General (Ret) James David who kindly posted the above comment:

    Talking about the Israel Lobby with Brig. Gen. James David on the Liberty Hour


  • Bruce Hayden says:

    We are at war with the wrong nations in the Middle East. Israel is the elephant
    in the room, the emperor with no clothes, and a whole lot of unprintable other things. I am not an Israeli serf (which is by proxy a serf of the City of London.)Our enemy has been within the gates for many years. Only the most lazy and ignorant brainwashees don’t know (and don’t want to know)who pulled off 9/11. Chey should have been tortured long ago to get at the full truth. I have no remorse about saying this because he is a reptile not a human being.

  • peacelily says:

    The only way to stop this is for enough people to send snail mail letters to politicians and explain to them the jig is up, we know about the bribes most of them accept from representatives of a foreign government, in fact, one that is rich and nuclear armed, not needing ANY funds from Americans. We are going down the drain while Israel continues building settlements in confiscated lands – the State Department Country Reports for years called those settlements illegal – what changed that? Bribes from lobbies. Why are they legal? And yet our tax money is supporting things that would be jail time over here. For example, in Israel, if a Palestinian leaves their home to visit relatives and goes to another country, hundreds of them have literally lost their homes while they were gone!!! It is documented now. Can we do that here? Of course not? So why do we reward these crimes in Israel with billions of dollars? It is so absurd that it seems unreal. Dr. Ron Paul is the only one honest enough to speak out and he should be in the White House! He has the integrity needed. He stands head and shoulders above anyone else planning to run.

  • no says:


  • Ron says:

    I blame a lot of this on the majority of the Christian people in this country who are insistent that Israel can do no wrong, and now they are literally selling us down the road just handing out more and more money. This has to have a climax and right now I can’t think of anything but the destruction of the greatest nation under God on this earth.

  • kapoore says:

    I just watched a stupid news show with all the talking heads pretending to be so wretched over the Congress not passing the debt ceiling. It’s amazing that Israel accept aid from us. Aren’t they an economic super power? I almost vomit when I read one of those articles about how well Israel is doing compared to the U.S. I know from personal experience how much the Israeli people loathe Americans because my husband has Israeli cousins who would come visit and tell us what a horrible country the U.S. is, especially compared to their fabulous and amazing country. I wish I could have recorded those conversations. They talked about Palestinians as if they were animals, claiming, for example, that they had sex with goats and other nonsense. So, while the talking heads wring their hands over the debt ceiling, I am miserable because we as a nation are in the clutches of a country that robs us blind and spits on us. When will it end?

  • EILEEN KUCH says:

    Which country in the Middle East possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads derived from the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, who had demanded of its leadership to allow UN inspectors into its nuclear facility to check for illegal nuclear weapons technology? Which Middle East country waged wars of aggression against its neighbors and attacked the USS Liberty in international waters back in June of 1967, killing 34 US sailors and injuring some 171 others? It is ISRAEL, the MORTAL ENEMY of the US; yet, today, the Obama White House – along with both Houses of Congress – continues giving away STOLEN CITIZENS’ MONEY to this deadly enemy. Does any citizen know what this crime is called? HIGH TREASON, folks. While these TRAITORS quibble like four-year-old TODDLERS over spending cuts, our MORTAL ENEMY continues to EXTORT $3 BILLION ANNUALLY from US taxpayers against their will! “Christian” ZIONIST TRAITORS – apostates to their Christian Faith – add to this ignominy through BILLIONS of donations to this enemy, showing a total lack of loyalty to their religion, as well as to their fellow US citizens.

    Well, these traitors will soon learn the hard way, that Karma does exist; and, what goes around comes around.

  • EyesWideOpen says:

    The appauling hypocrisy of the US, UN and it’s NATO allies is enough to make anyone spit chips, if you are not OUTRAGED you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!

  • Jim says:

    They say that they will not cut aid because of a promise made in 2007 to Israel . What about the promise they made US taxpayers with Social Security in 1937!!
    Social Security is not a gift from the government. We spend a lifetime paying in for the guaranteed payment at a designated age.
    The solution is not more taxes but stop the wars, keep our money in this country!

  • Tony Clifton says:

    FIRST – “Israel” has never been “JEWISH”. The Talmudic Terrorist “JEWISH” state has cost America – HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS – not a few hundred Billions. It would be helpful to study the History of the Children of Israel who have NEVER BEEN “JEWISH”. 2] 90% of so-called “JEWS” are in fact Ashkenazim PROSELYTES to talmudic Judaism, a STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT. The Source of Bad Faith on Planet Earth, THERE IS NO TRUTH in the “JEWISH” narrative. “Israel” has never been “JEWISH” [http://www.israelect.com/reference/Willie-Martin/was_index.html]..”Israel” is people NOT a PLACE a Company of European/Caucasian NATIONS…Try reading some factually accurate information on the Zionazi TALMUDIC TERRORISTS in TALMUDIA…[http://www.palestine-encyclopedia.com/EPP/TOC.htm] . . [http://www.henrymakow.com/jacob_schiff_ordered_murder_of.html] These TERRORISTS have Mass Murdered over 300 MILLION PEOPLE in the last 100 years, and stolen QUADRILLIONS…from the Braindeadgoy/Jew Worshipping Morons..!! Who won’t study History, but will watch Talmudvision and repeat LIES VERBATIM..!!!

  • Jeanne says:

    Obama – like every other president – is powerless to reign in Israel. We need only remember that several months ago the PM of Israel — in a humiliating scene — lectured the President of the United States. How could that be? Well, several days later we had the answer — Congress gave Bibi 26 standing ovations. And remember, Cong. Eric Cantor had recently told Bibi that the Republicans would protect Israel from Obama. The one time that a US President had the power to stand up to Israel was after 9/11 — WHEN HE HAD THE ATTENTION OF ALL AMERICANS WHO WERE DESPERATE TO UNDERSTAND “WHY????”. We all know that “because they hate freedom” was an outrageous lie. However, Bush did announce support for a Palestinian state — until 89 Senators signed a letter (written by AIPAC) stating that Israel should not be asked to make any concessions. Even with that, Bush had the ear of each and every American and with 90% support in the polls, he could have explained the problem to Americans — Congress would have have been powerless in that situation. But that opportunity was lost, and now we will have to wait for the world to “take on” Israel by recognizing a Palestinian state and the isolation Israel will then begin to experience.

  • Todd says:

    Nothing is going to happen until the soccer moms of America are outraged.

  • Jeanne says:

    Todd, the soccer moms do not understand that our outrageous aid to Israel has caused rage in the Muslim world — BECAUSE NO ONE WILL EXPLAIN THIS SITUATION TO AMERICANS. Immediately after 9/11, President Bush had the ear of all Americans and all were asking “WHY?” — he told them “they hate freedom”. Only those of us who are interested in foreign policy understand that the US is supplying Israel with billions and billions to steal Palestinian land and water. Any prominent person who attempts to explain this to Americans will be targeted by the Israel Lobby — it is all described in former Cong. Paul Findley’s book THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT.

  • Anonymous says:

    The soccer moms should be outraged.

    There are NO jobs for their sons and daughters, unless they want to die as cannon fodder for the zionist MIC.

  • wayne says:

    If they cut my monthly check but continue to give to Israel, then THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

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