Alan Sabrosky 911 interview with Press TV host Susan Modaress

Alan Sabrosky 911 interview with Press TV host Susan Modaress (Susan mentioned James Morris at at 21 minutes and 35 seconds or so into the broadcast):


With all due respect to Alan I disagree with him on Building 7 as debris did indeed damage it which ignited the diesel fuel for its generators that weakened the steel which brought it down (If there isn’t a problem with steel being weakened from intense heat why is steel insulated then?), but I definitely agree with Alan on what he conveyed about the ‘dancing Israelis’, the neocon war for Israel agenda ( & and the Israeli/Zionist occupied US Congress as well!:


WTC 7’s structural integrity and its footprint


WTC 7 was severely damaged on the south side of the building and was on fire for about 7 hours

9/11 Charlatans EXPOSED Denying Building 7 Damage


Facts “9/11 Skeptics” don’t want you to see: REAL 911 Truth


On 9/11, WTC7 Collapse Was Firemen’s Concern (controlled demolition debunked)


See How Richard Gage Dupes People: 9/11 Truth FRAUD


9/11 Charlatans EXPOSED Denying Building 7 Damage



Gage Tells 9/11 Lies, See Bowing Debunks ‘Controlled Demolition’


This leaves ZERO doubt in my mind that US murderous support for Israel’s numerous crimes was the primary motive behind events on 9/11:

“God knows it did not cross our minds to attack the towers but after the situation became unbearable and we witnessed the injustice and tyranny of the American-Israeli alliance against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, I thought about it. And the events that affected me directly were that of 1982 and the events that followed – when America allowed the Israelis to invade Lebanon, helped by the US sixth fleet.
In those difficult moments many emotions came over me which are hard to describe, but which produced an overwhelming feeling to reject injustice and a strong determination to punish the unjust.
As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me punish the unjust the same way [and] to destroy towers in America so it could taste some of what we are tasting and to stop killing our children and women.”  – Osama bin Laden
This view was also expressed by Khalid Shiekh Mohammed:
See Los Angeles Times article at and see ‘What Motivated the 9/11 Hijackers?’ youtube at as well!


Why They Attacked US on 9/11 (scroll down to comments as well):


Bin Laden: Palestinian Cause Prompted 9/11:

Also read Bin Laden’s own words:

9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal

 Former CIA Bin Laden unit head Mike Scheuer on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ (call and his response included as what he said near end about Al Qaida bankrupting US was spot on as well):

Hatred of Israel was reported motive for San Bernardino shooting, but US press politely ignores the story:

General Petraeus and Centcom warned Congress of Israel threat:

I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress:

Pandering Congress listens to Israel Lobby instead:

The Israel Lobby (vpro backlight – 2007) – YouTube:

Ron Paul spot on with 911 motivation in CNN’s Tea Party debate


What Motivated the 9/11 Hijackers? See testimony most didn’t!

Even General Petraeus conveyed to Congress that US support of Israel against the Palestinians is a threat to US troops in theater:


General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:


See what Ray McGovern mentioned (about what General Petraeus conveyed) near end of following article:


Will Israel Kill Americans Again?:


Israel and 9/11 (General Petraeus mentioned as well):


9/11 Hijackers were absolutely driven by US support of Israel vs. Palestinians



US support for Israel against Palestinians motive for worst attack on CIA

Did Israel allow 241 American marines to die in Lebanon?:

Victor Ostrovsky’s  ‘By Way of Deception’ book (mentioned at the above URL) can be ordered via the following link:

Five Israelis Were Seen Filming As Jet Liners Ploughed IntoThe Twin Towers On September 11, 2001

Were they part of a massive spy ring which shadowedthe 9/11 hijackers and knew that al-Qaeda planneda devastating terrorist attack on the USA?

The Israelis Next Door – Hustler Magazine–%20Hustler%20April%202010%20–%20final.pdf

Carl Cameron’s Fox News ‘Israeli Spying’ series

You can listen to Chris Ketcham’s interview via following link as well:



9-11 Cop Breaks Silence | American Free Press

The New Jersey police officer responsible for capturing five Israelis who filmed and celebrated while the World Trade Center towers burned has broken his silence, agreeing to a Sept. 16 exclusive interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

Israeli spy rumors and 9/11:




The FBI vs. (Israel 9/11 spies mentioned):


JINSA Behind Drive To Cover-Up Israeli Spy Scandal

The Anti-Semitism ‘trick’ (courageous American Jew Amy Goodman and former Israel government official talk about the ‘anti-Semitism’ trick on her ‘’ program via the following youtube):


Additional at as well.

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