“It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)

“It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)
Helen Thomas, 1 year later

The High Cost of Subservience to Israel:


A July Fourth Shame on the Founders


Death of American Democracy:


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney (http://tinyurl.com/philoncspan) mentions USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors on Audacity of Hope ship to Gaza and discusses John McCain (& Father) & wars for Israel too!


USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors sends message to Texas governor Rick Perry:


Joe Meadors, Flotilla, and “Will Israel Kill Americans Again?” Open season on Americans with US Government approval again by Israel?


Even General David Petraeus conveyed that US support for Israel against the Palestinians was/is a threat to US troops in theater!:

General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:


Ray McGovern mentioned General David Petraeus as well near the end of the following article:

Will Israel Kill Americans Again (by Ray McGovern)?:


Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law


Israel Lobby Prepares for War with Pakistan:


I don’t agree with what the above post mentioned about Bin Laden being dead for ten years but do agree that the Israel lobby (to include AIPAC and the neocons) would love for US to go after Pakistan as well!

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