Israel backers worried about Murdoch’s pro-Israel media empire

Israel backers worried about Murdoch’s pro-Israel media empire

How Murdoch Ran Britain:

4 Responses to “Israel backers worried about Murdoch’s pro-Israel media empire”

  • Rabbit says:

    Good. May they lose lots of sleep over it and let it be for good reason.

    Murdoch is a scumbag, and so are all Zionists.

  • David Evans says:

    That’s ok Israel; You may have lost a venue but you still control US Congress. No problem. You can continue murdering people and stealing their lands with impunity, as Congress will still assure US vetoes at the UN Security Council. Not to worry, my dear killer state.

  • Harry A Boniface says:

    To all readers: I am a gentile. Please do not use too broad a brush when painting your image of the the ‘Jewish question’. The quality of life that we, today, enjoy is, significantly, as a consequence of the brilliance and dedication of Jewish researchers. The ( Jewish) ZIONIST BANKERS, of course, are an entirely different prospect. So financially powerful, they control the world’s media and credit – subverting/dictating government foreign and domestic policy – and fermenting/financing wars. The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrations reflect public resentment of being governed by a foreign aligned administration. An enemy within! So, please direct your passions towards the one target that represents the cancerous source of all international stress-WALL STREET- and the captive White House.

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