Ron Paul Interview On CNN’s AC 360 About US Debt Crisis

Ron Paul Interview On CNN’s AC 360 About The Boehner Bill 7/28/11

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

China losing patience with America’s default dithering (scroll down to Peter Schiff video link as well as he was Ron Paul’s financial advisor during the 2008 presidential run)

Remember the candidate (Ron Paul who founded the Tea Party before it got hijacked by neocons – see who predicted the coming economic crash which took place in 2008 and Neocon (‘war for/because of Israel’) advocate John McCain simply smirked at him during the Republican debate at the Reagan Library!?

‘Neocon John’ McCain reads from Neocon influenced Wall Street Journal editorial page (no surprise for any of us in the know though):

Tea Partiers Slam McCain Over ‘Hobbit’ Reference

US Wastes Billions in Overseas Conflicts:

Max Keiser – ‘America will lose its sovereignty’

US must make cuts or risk economic failure — RT​m/2011/06/11/us-must-make-​cuts-or-risk-economic-fail​ure-%e2%80%94-r​nomicaldebtcrisis

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