Rape shame of the US military (as a result of the war for Israel in Iraq)

Rape shame of the US military

A US female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by an enemy. Yet most cases go unreported



Iraq invasion was for Israel based on the neocon ‘A Clean Break’ agenda:

One can simply read pages 110-112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book (http://tinyurl.com/thetransparentcabal) about how the neocons pushed US into Iraq for Israel via their advocates such as John McCain as well.

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney with guest James Morris and caller Dr. Stephen Sniegoski of http://tinyurl.com/thetransparencabal discussed John McCain and how he pushed the neocon war for Israel  agenda (http://tinyurl.com/cleanbreak) and how he and his Father helped to cover up Israel’s treacherous attack on the USS Liberty (http://tinyurl.com/USSLiberty) and how he doesn’t oppose Israeli torture of Palestinians either as seen in recently released ’Miral’ film (http://tinyurl.com/miralfilm) as well – click down to audio mp3 audio file at following link to listen:


Warning: Neoconservatives Are Pushing Their War Agenda in the Middle East


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