Big Brother Has Arrived

Big Brother Has Arrived

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Leading neoconservative Richard Perle has said that one of the many reasons he admires the Israelis is the moral clarity that they exhibit on the issue of terrorism. What exactly that means is not itself clear, but it would appear to be a carte blanche for any and all Israeli punitive responses to groups that question Tel Aviv’s legitimacy. Perle has never criticized Israelis for disproportionality or for committing war crimes. He has only admonished them when, in his opinion, they have not gone far enough.

By that standard, the past 10 years have seen a major victory for Perle and for those who think like he does by delivering moral clarity to the people of the United States. The Global War on Terror has undeniably simplified thinking about serious issues. As President George W. Bush put it, you are either with us or against us, which means that you either support legislation passed by Congress to catch bad guys or you are a terrorist sympathizer and should yourself be put in jail. That is the meaning of the laws criminalizing terrorist support, which stretch and transform the definition to such an extent that expressing a viewpoint favorable to a group that the United States government has defined as terrorist can land someone in court. Even providing medical assistance to someone in an area controlled by a terrorist group or advising a terrorist leader that he should stop killing people can result in criminal charges.

But even Americans who understand the serious consequences of the legislation that diminishes liberties don’t always appreciate the extent to which the change in the legal landscape driven by fear of terrorism has also led to a proliferation of mechanisms in the state security apparatus that are being used to diminish the freedoms of each and every American citizen. If the federal government wants to know more about you, it has all the tools readily available because information is being collected on citizens every day, while computer capacity and speed are now capable of storing and analyzing everything that comes in.

Few Americans are aware of the threat posed by the greatly increased law enforcement use of GPS to carry out searches that once would have been considered illegal without a court order. To cite one recent example, in October 2010 a mechanic servicing a car owned by a student in California discovered what appeared to be a transmitter, possibly connected to a GPS tracking device, attached by two magnets to the vehicle’s wheel well. The student posted a picture of the device on the Internet to try to learn what exactly it was. Soon thereafter he was pulled over by two hostile federal agents wearing bulletproof vests who demanded the return of “government property.” The student, an Arab-American, had no criminal record, was born in the United States, and was not linked to any radical organizations. The GPS was attached to his vehicle without any search warrant and without any allegation that a crime either had been or was about to be committed.

Currently federal, state, or local law enforcement can attach a GPS unit to a vehicle in any “public space,” i.e., a parking lot or the street, without any judicial authority because, in their view, no one should have any expectation of privacy outside of his or her home. As a result, the use of geolocation systems by law enforcement is becoming increasingly common, largely because it is a resource multiplier. Instead of a surveillance team of four to six officers having to follow a suspect around, it is possible to attach a GPS unit to the suspect’s vehicle and monitor his movements through a computer back in the office. And, since it is so easy and cheap to do, the police are doing a lot of it, including in many cases for obvious fishing expeditions where a surveillance would not normally be authorized because of lack of any probable cause.

The government claims that it has no numbers on how many GPS units have been deployed by federal law enforcement, which suggests that the use is widespread and completely unregulated. But the use of such devices has become so common that Sens. Ron Wyden and Mark Udall have raised questions regarding the extent to which such technologies are being used against American citizens when there is no suggestion of any actual wrongdoing. Because the program is both secret and classified, the senators have been unable to reveal what they know explicitly, but they have suggested that there is a massive unacknowledged program operating under the auspices of the PATRIOT Act that enables the government to collect whole categories of cellphone data, which can be used to geolocate, without any oversight.

When there is a legal challenge, the courts generally go along with the police arguments and support the technical monitoring, though defense attorneys have questioned whether prolonged use of a GPS unit might violate the Fourth Amendment’s “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” In their view, collecting a large mass of information changes the quality of what is being obtained because it provides a full picture of an individual and what he or she has been doing, and this massive invasion of privacy takes place without any judicial or regulatory oversight. A month of GPS reporting, far from being just another acceptable investigative tool, could easily reveal nearly every movement made by a person outside  his or her own home.

Generally speaking, a person’s home and telephone have been regarded as off limits to technical intrusion without a warrant, but recent court rulings suggest that even what you think to be your personal space or property is not necessarily safe. In a related GPS case, a court in California ruled that law enforcement’s attaching a tracking device to a vehicle parked in a driveway outside one’s house does not require a warrant because a driveway, like a parking lot or a city street, is also considered to be a public space that anyone can walk or drive into. In several Michigan cases, the authority to invade privacy through technical means was also expanded. When police asked suspects to hand over their cellphones during routine traffic stops and the owners complied, the officers involved construed that as being consent to have the phone searched and used an extraction device to copy the call histories and text messages.

Phones are increasingly serving as tracking devices. Cellphones send out their messages to transmission towers that in return ping all active phones in their area at regular intervals. As the towers cover an area from several directions, it is easy to triangulate and locate a phone and the phone’s owner. A German parliamentarian became curious about the extent to which his travels were being recorded and discovered that he had been located by the cellphone carrier no less than 35,831 times, and all of the information was recorded and retained.

All of this means that the government now believes that it has the right to know where you are 24/7. Further, it thinks that it can exercise that right without any recourse to the courts and without any probable cause. President Barack Obama, who called for greater transparency and accountability in government when he was running for office, now supports the right of his administration to invade the privacy of every American without any due process at all. It is perhaps not a stretch to speculate how this technological invasion of the United States is blowback from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where biometrics, tracking devices, and other features of population control and electronic warfare have been tested and improved. Certainly the willingness of the American public to accept systematic invasions of privacy is a tribute to the selling of the narrative about the Global War on Terror as a rational response to an existential threat. Perhaps it is time to start offering a different narrative, one without Richard Perle’s moral clarity, that sees a bit of nuance and accepts that constitutional liberties must be preserved even in times of perpetual and global warfare. Especially in such times. Ironically, the only war that the Obama administration is winning at the moment is the one against the American people.

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  • Patriot says:

    JINSA/PNAC/AEI Neocon Richard Perle pushed US into the Iraq war for Israel per the ‘Clean Break’ agenda ( agenda that he co-authored as Dr. Stephen Sniegoski discusses Perle and company as well in his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book ( as I would assume Perle is fine with the Israeli torture tactics (that the neocons pushed for in Iraq and at Gitmo too via JINSA/PNAC/AEI associated Dick Cheney) that we saw in the recently released ‘Miral’ film as well: see

    We also saw General David Petraeus (now head of the CIA) basically endorse the neocon torture tactics during his CIA confirmation hearing perhaps because of the apparent influence that neocon warmonger (and torture advocate) Max Boot had/has over him (see following article from the UK New Statesman and scroll down to the comments section there as well):

    General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:

    Above UK New Statesman blog entry was mentioned in the following interview as well:

    Pro-Israel biased media threat to US security:

    Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern (who used to give the daily intel brief to Bush, Sr. when he was the VP under Reagan) also mentioned the email exchanges with Petraeus near the end of the following piece:

    Will Israel Kill Americans Again (by Ray McGovern)?:

    Senate Confirms David Petraeus as CIA director:

    Bottom line is that US support of Israel got the US tragically attacked on 9/11 (and earlier at the World Trade Center in 1993 as well – one just has to look up ‘Israel as a terrorist’s motivation’ in the index of James Bamford’s ‘A Pretext for War’ book and read former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s third edition of his ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book as well):

    What Motivated the 9/11 Hijackers? See testimony most didn’t!:

    See the Los Angeles Times article referenced near the beginning of the following URL:

    Israel and 9/11 (Petraeus mentioned as well):

    US support for Israel against Palestinians motive for worst attack on CIA

    Barbarians with Blackberrys

  • What I see, and what I see described here is the US is a Panoptic Maximum Security State. This is actually a definition of a police state the power of which has only been imagined by speculative fiction.

    And yet, when I speak to this outside of a circle of analysts that I am involved with, all I get is denial. Some may say “The US may be nearing becoming a police state, but bla bla bla”

    As I have discovered from deep history, the US has been a police state since the Industrial Revolution. Yes, the arch of control has been one that has increased via technology – but the intent of the rulers {and I mean those that actually control policy} has always been despotic.

    Every generation there have been those conditioned to their present circumstance to proclaim that ‘a police state is on the way’, what they fail to comprehend is they mean only that a WORSE one than they have endured is on the way. And so it has gone until it has reached this extreme point. The brakes have never been applied in earnest – it has just been drip by drip for generations.
    ~Willy Whitten

  • Rob says:

    There is the distinct threat of economic collapse in the air and the police force and the army are preparing for a showdown on Main Street but we can’t afford to go over that cliff. Violence will only empower more violent leaders. We can see down through history that the outcome of violence is violence. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. How many times must we repeat this scenario before we learn that this way of violence only perpetuates the attitude of violence as a means to an end. We must reach deeper into ourselves for the resources that we all posses as multidimensional beings. Our thoughts create our reality and we have barely scratched the surface of our creative and intuitive nature. It has been proven through scientific process that human thought, properly focused, can affect and change physical mass. This is well documented in Quantum Physics. It has also been displayed by a group of meditators who travelled from city to city with the intent of decreasing the crime rate with meditation during their stay in each city. The results were remarkable! They decreased the crime rate by between 40% to 60% during their stay in at least 69 cities, of which Washington DC was one. It is time to understand the power and the nature of the power we all posses. It is time for a transformation of consciousness. A consciousness that is both individual and cosmic in every moment. It is time for an unveiling of our true nature. And how do we deal with the tyranny we are apparently faced with? With the most powerful energy in the universe which every one of us posses. Love. From the depths of the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Gnostic gospels, the Torah, the Vedas, from the works and writings of Plato, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, Thomas Jefferson, from the Zohar to Noetic Science to the Egyptian Mystery Schools to the Shamanic texts to the Pistis Sophia all describe the power that the mind and heart posses and the power of the collective consciousness. It is time to use that collective consciousness to our collective advantage. To create a world that better represents our true and spiritual nature. A world where Love conquers all. So let us use Love via the collective consciousness to influence positive change and unveil a world that better suits all of Life and all of Earth. We have the power within us to affect this change. It has been scientifically proven that the power of human thought “grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought.” In psychology, it is described as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It seems that the time is upon us to join together around the world with a singular healing intent and what better focus for this intent then Love. This is not a fairytale. It is the truth we are becoming. Let us, as individuals, consciously join together around the world as a collective consciousness and focus our intent to Love for all the world. Let us evoke change with this power. That will be our justice!
    Rob Gordon

  • Willy Whitten is Write says:

    Switch phones. Put BB on ignore. Play at your own risk. Good _uck.

  • JohnZ says:

    Better yet…why do you really need one of those goddamn cell phones in the first place?
    I don’t have one and have absolutely no intention what so ever of owning one of those goddamn things.
    ” When tyranny and oppression come to America, it will come in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” James Madison.
    “They who would give up essential liberty for the illusion of safety deserve neither and will have none.” Benjamin Franklin.
    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and fearful master.” George Washington.
    ” The tree of liberty must, from time to time, be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson.
    “In the age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell, “1984”
    All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
    As long as there are those who obediently put up with this crap then it will continue. As long as there are politicians who sell themselves like prostitutes, betray their own constituents, lie, cheat and generally kiss the asses of the zionist jew who are responsible for the mess we are in , nothing will change.
    Time to vote new people into government….those with integrity, morals and who do not bow down to israhell, AIPAC and the Wall St. gangsters who now own congress…..but I’m not allowed to say things such as this because It’s anti Semitic.

  • Jeff Mint says:

    Lets see if I have this correct. If we all get in a pile and think positive thoughts love and peace will break out in the world and every one will play nicey nice. That is everyone except the psychopaths who run the world.
    In any case send your 5th dimention thoughts to Great?!! Britian. They really need it as the monkoids from the lower dimentions are doing their thing.

  • little guy says:

    Hmm…Philip Giraldi? Isn’t he the “X” CIA guy who is a champion of the official US government version of 9/11? Yes, I do believe he is that ‘Philip Giraldi’.

    I skipped the article cause I really don’t give a flying f#ck what that chump has to say about anything!

  • Spartacus says:

    Rob Gordon’s post cracks me up.
    He claims “our thoughts create our reality” but later says “this is not a fairy tale”.

    I’m a realist. While Rob sits home thinking happy happy thoughts, I will be fighting back at the evil knocking down my door.

    Bully’s are immune to your happy thoughts Rob.

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