All Of Ron Paul’s Questions & Answers at Iowa GOP Debate 8/11/11

Ron Paul clearly wins the debate last night!

 All Of Ron Paul’s Questions & Answers at Iowa GOP Debate 8/11/11
Breaking: Fox News ignores and pulls post debate poll that Ron Paul WINS
Ron Paul sticks it to the neocon war agenda at the Iowa Straw Poll as Fox ‘Neocon News’ Channel cuts away to commercial:

Ron Paul censures US policy on Iran
Is Ron Paul the American Churchill:
Ron Paul was right! 1998-2002 predictions

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  • Patriot says:


    John Hibbs wrote:

    Ron Paul was the ONLY one with a truly, truly important message –which the rest were AFRAID to put forth, —although the audience sure clapped. Basic message

    1. You, general public, you fellow candidates are all STUPID!! You eye should be on these balls.

    2. We are going broke with all these UNNECESSARY, TRUMPED UP wars! Come home!!!

    3. Iran threat, vs. Soviet Union? — Are you kidding?

    4. At war with Iran — Yes we are — since 1954 when we installed the Shaw

    5. Iran have a case for Nukes? You kidding? Israel — at least 250. Pakistan – 50? India? 100? America 20,000? Russia 10,000. China? — 500?

    6. Israel? In the fucking national interest???? Why? Could it be The Lobby?

    7. Three Trillion on wars from 2001-2011 — and what have we got to show for it?

    There was more. But how much can you say in one minute?

    A great big kabuki dance…How hard is it to pander with

    “Lower taxes. Lower taxes, lower taxes.”
    “Support the Bomb Makers — whoops, I meant, support the troops.”

    Santorim, Palin, Bachman, a BUNCH of idiots.

    The only one with brains, besides Ron Paul? Gingrich.

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