Does Your Congressperson Represent You — Or Israel?

Does Your Congressperson Represent You — Or Israel?–_or_israel

Greatest elected body that money can buy (UPDATED)

One-Fifth of U.S. House leaves for Israel amidst economic crisis

One-fifth of Congress takes a vacation to Israel

CODEPINK calls for investigation into ‘AIPAC loophole’ for Israel junkets

AIPAC arranges for 81 Congressional members to visit Israel

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  • Patriot says:

    Just saw Congressman Garamendi on list before of those Congressional Reps who went to Israel courtesy of AIPAC! No wonder he responded to the latest C-SPAN ‘Washington Journal’ call in the way that he did (can hear his response at beginning of following youtube of it):

    Israel and 9/11:

    — On Fri, 8/12/11, Alison Weir (of wrote:

    here’s a partial list of the 81 Congressional reps!:

    Mo Brooks R-5 AL
    Eric Cantor R-7 VA
    Russ Carnahan D-3 MO
    Steve Chabot R-1 OH (went last month)
    David Cicilline D-1 RI
    Yvette Clarke D-11 NY
    Mark Critz D- 12 PA
    Scott DesJarlais R- 4 TN
    Chuck Fleischman R-3 TN
    John Garamendi D-10 CA
    Kay Granger R-12 TX
    Michael Grimm NY-13
    Janice Hahn D-36 CA
    Jaime Herrera Buetler R-3 WA
    Mazie Hirono D- 2 HI
    Steny Hoyer D-5 MD
    Jesse Jr. Jackson D-2 IL
    Kevin McCarthy CA-22
    Gwen Moore D-4 WI
    Bill Owens D-23 NY
    Steven Palazzo R-4 MS
    Ed Perlmutter D-7 CO
    Tom Price R-6 GA
    Peter Roskam R-6 IL
    Loretta Sanchez D-47 CA
    David Schweikert R-5 AZ
    Adam Smith D-9 WA
    Steve Southerland R-2 FLA
    Betty Sutton D-13 OH
    Scott Tipton R-3 CO
    Allen West R-22 FL
    Frederica Wilson D-17 FL
    Kevin Yoder R-3 KS

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