Ron Paul sticks it to the neocon war agenda at the Iowa Straw Poll as Fox ‘Neocon News’ Channel cuts away to commercial

Ron Paul sticks it to the neocon war agenda at the Iowa Straw Poll
Ron Paul Censures US Policy on Iran
Mainstream media’s blackout on Ron Paul
Excellent points, Earl. I just watched Ron Paul speak at the Iowa Straw Poll as Fox ‘Neocon News’ Channel had him on and conveniently cut away to commercial just before he spoke about the (neocon driven) wars and how much they have cost US in blood and treasure. Fortunately C-SPAN aired Ron Paul’s entire speech as it should be added to and/or before long if not already. I am sure will have a video link for it soon too.
PS: Keep in mind that Frank Luntz is part of the pro-Israel lobby (which the neocons are part of) so it comes as no surprise that he would try to thwart (and distort) Ron Paul as well (see Frank Luntz mentioned as being associated with ‘The Israel Project’ near bottom of following URL) as he just mentioned on Fox ‘Neocon News’ Channel that he didn’t agree with Ron Paul on ‘national defense’ for obvious reasons because Ron Paul doesn’t want the US fighting unnecessary wars (for Israel of course!):
Push by pro-Israel fifth column for harsher action against Iran
On Sat, 8/13/11, Earl  wrote:

From: Earl
Subject:  An uphill battle
Date: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 11:04 AM

Liberty Supporters,
We saw it in the 2008 campaign, and we are seeing it again.  Ron Paul has held steadfast on his principles, they are the same today as they were in 2008.  The difference is that the 2012 candidates have moved towards Ron Paul; they see that his ideas of freedom are resonating with Americans.  But the core GOP insiders and the media have not moved.  As we know Gary Johnson is being pushed out of the race by the GOP and media, much like they tried to with Ron Paul in 2008.  And now they are trying to twist what Ron Paul says, ignore his support, and minimalize/marginalize him.  Frank Luntz was a big part of that negative spin in the 2008 campaign; and he’s back again.
Here’s just one example:
Google keeps search statistics, and the day after the Iowa debate Ron Paul was the most searched candidate:
It’s an uphill battle, but Americans are catching on.  The media can spin what Paul says, and outright lie to the people. But if WE continue to show the people the truth and let them research what Paul is talking about, they will become wiser and understand that Paul understands more about economics and foreign policy than all the other candidates.
Please watch this video of Ron Paul’s predictions given before the House of Representatives in 2002.
Share it with your friends.  It’s not that Ron Paul has some special knowledge; it’s just that he does his research, listens to the experts, and doesn’t pander for votes.
In liberty,

13 Responses to “Ron Paul sticks it to the neocon war agenda at the Iowa Straw Poll as Fox ‘Neocon News’ Channel cuts away to commercial”

  • Strayhorse says:

    American art students were seen photographing Israel strategic points of interest; American students were seen videotaping the Israel Wailing Wall from the lst Temple of Soloman; American CIA agents were captured within Israel with explosives near the Knesset; American war planes attacked an unarmed Israel intelligence ship off the coast of Virginia explaining that the ship was mistaken as an enemy ship; mercenaries hired by the American contractor companies Dynacorp and Bechtel were captured in Israel carrying weapons in white vans marked as moving vehicles – what would Israel be doing to protect itself?
    Why, they would do what America did – they would send members of the Israeli government; members of the elected cabinet and members of the corporate elite to Washington? NOT!
    Israel would send the Mossad to retaliate against America – covertly of course.
    So why in G-d’s name are American tax dollars going to Israel despite their flagrant violations against American soveriegnty? And why aren’t Sayanims in America listed as foreign agents of the Israeli government. Why isn’t the ADL listed as a foreign agent and a terrorist organization of Israel considering some of their members have been arrested and convicted of terrorist activities in America. Why is Israel being protected? 9/11

  • pauly says:

    The same paul whom subscribes to the gov’s story of 911, and voted for the Afghan. invasion.

  • George says:

    Ron paul is awesome. He has more credibility and honour and decency then all the low life neocon zionist dual israeli congress and supreme court justices and politicians put togeather.

  • Oris says:

    Actually the C-SPAN live Iowa speech coverage of Ron Paul was interrupted by “technical difficulties” just as he started talking about needless wars and they didn’t come back until the closing sentences of his Iowa speech.

    Didn’t happen to any other candidate.

  • Tim says:

    Ron Paul- Gary Johnson
    There’s your ticket.
    Make it happen, even in the face of bad press.
    Pass the word, peeps.

  • Dustin says:

    Paul did not vote for the war

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