NY Times Iraq bureau chief Tim Arango blames Iran for increased US troop casualties in Iraq

NY Times Iraq bureau chief Tim Arango blames Iran for increased US troop casualties in Iraq as he also mentioned that Chinese companies (and not US companies) got most of the oil deals in Iraq (so the Iraq invasion was for Israel and not oil as the US oil companies were actually against the Iraq invasion in favor of stability in the region as Saddam Hussein was willing to sell the US as much oil as it wanted):


However, US troops wouldn’t be getting killed/wounded in Iraq if they hadn’t gone into Iraq for Israel to begin with in accordance with the JINSA/PNAC/AEI Neocon ‘Clean Break’ (war for Israel) agenda (http://tinyurl.com/cleanbreak)  which Dr. Stephen Sniegoski discusses as well in his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book (http://tinyurl.com/thetransparentcabal). Ron Paul foreign policy advisor Phil Giraldi mentions that the same neocons who got US into the Iraq quagmire are now advising Rick Perry (George W. Bush II) as the neocon inspired Iraq ‘Surge’ has hardly been a ‘success’ what with the recent bombings that hit this week as it is only going to get worse!

Rick Perry and the Neocons (by Philip Giraldi):


 PS: Simply click on the pic of Tim Arango to watch the interview as pro-Israel biased US media and neocon/AIPAC influenced US government officials are using such to set the stage for an attack on Iran by the look of it! With either Israel starting such via Lebanon trying to draw in Syria and then Iran or against Iran directly! I saw that US Marines were training with the Israelis as well. What a disgrace after Israel murdered at least one US marine during its treacherous attack on the USS Liberty as I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel does something to the following American sailor as well!:

 Texas man making dangerous voyage to site of 1967 Israeli attack on USS Liberty



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