Israel Prepares for War with Egypt in Sinai Desert

Israel Prepares for War in Sinai Desert:

Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:27AM GMT

An Israeli military convoy along the Egyptian border (file photo)
The former head of Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) urges military action by the regime in the Sinai Peninsula, following growing tensions with Egypt.

Uzi Dayan told Israel’s Channel 7 on Friday that Israeli military and security forces should prepare for a period different from the past in dealing with the new Egyptian government.

He claimed that the military effort would aim to target those that represent a threat to the Israeli regime.

“This is the time for the Israeli army to prevail its control inside Sinai,” Dayan went on to say.

Israeli troops are banned from entering the Sinai Peninsula under a 1979 peace treaty with Egypt.

Tensions have escalated between Cairo and the Tel Aviv regime after Israeli soldiers killed several Egyptian military and security personnel on Thursday.

Dayan also revealed that a meeting was held in the presence of Israeli Army Chief of Staff Benny Jants last week to discuss issues related to Sinai Peninsula but he did not elaborate on details of the talks.

Stressing on preserving the US-sponsored peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, he proclaimed that Israeli officials should “maintain the security of their civilians whilst ensuring that no tensions between Israel and Egypt escalate.”

Israeli military must “respond strongly by pursuing the terrorists and to inform the Egyptian government that we may militarily intervene in Sinai” to prevent the Israeli border from becoming a vulnerable zone for militant attacks.

On Saturday, Egypt decided to withdraw its ambassador to Tel Aviv as relations between the two governments remain strained.



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40 Responses to “Israel Prepares for War with Egypt in Sinai Desert”

  • spktruth says:

    Zionists want the whole world in a blaze! The Palestinans have not “retaliated” against the daily brutal antics of Israel…they have been protesting peacefully and even that has not stopped the zionist brutality against them.

    Israelies have lost all credibility in the world. They have held the US hostage by buying off their congressman and senators. As we speak 51 Congressman are in Israel led by zionist Eric Kantor and some democrats led by Steny Hoyer. Israel wants to be assured when the vote comes to give Israel another $3.l billion…they get that money.

    Israel is a paronoid, schizoid population with no soul,compassion, or interest in decency, fairness, or democracy. Israel wants to attack Iran, they have their puppets all over american tv lying to the american people about Iran….which is why they will support a GOP teabagger evangelical nutjob for President!

    Obama has been hogtied to do anything. Kantor has insisted Israel get another $3.l billion, but when Obama told him NO we cant afford it…Kantor went ballistic…which is why Kantor got AIPAC to give free passage not only for the Congress person, but their families and staff.

    The world must condemn Israel…in the US if “we dare speak ill of Israel we are called anti semites”….this is being done on purpose even to the Jewish group, Jewish Voices for Peace. The american Jews who do understand are being villified by other zionists.

    What to do, I dont know. The UN has been zionized….so no help there. I guess its up to the people on this planet to en masse protest against Israel at every embassy on a particular day to show our disapppoval and disgust at this tiny illegal apartheid nation that holds the world hostage.

  • Ron says:

    spktruth took the words right out of my mouth. No need to type them again.
    The warmongers that want control of the world are at it again.

  • Lydia says:

    Spktruth, I recall the number of congressmen being wined, dined, and “strongly encouraged” for their undying support of Israel is 81, not 51.

    The American people of the US has effectively, for lack of a better term, been held hostage to this rouge occupation called “Israel” for decades. What’s worse is that too many either have no idea why, or they embrace it completely out of shear ignorance and deceptions within their own beliefs. The rest of us who know better, are outnumbered and at their mercy.

    We must continue to speak out and spill the truth, forget about the phony tactic of the benign name calling “anti-semite”. Even these so called “jews” admit that the term in itself is a tactic to get people to shut up over any criticism them. We are the last bastion of free speech, and even that is running out. Europeans can no longer speak out without being thrown in jail. It’s time the world condemn Israel and it’s crimes once and for all, and not back down.

  • Patriot says:

    AIPAC arranges for 81 Congressional members to visit Israel (scroll down to comments section at bottom of following link):

    It’s Still Occupied Territory (by Philip Giraldi)

    Calling someone anti-Semitic is a ‘Trick’ according to former Israeli government official (see youtube linked via following URL):

    Must watch youtube video (with close to 4 million views) by Alison Weir of which Tom Murphy (of made as can be seen via

  • I agree with what Ron said from above comment. Also I agree also that if Israelis strike Lebanon or Syria, its another distraction form what theyre doing worse in Palestine. As much as im not a fan of Obamas, Im at least glad he told them to go back to the pre-67 borders. But now this will be interesting to see if the Jewish lobby has the power to keep him a one term Presdent. I think they want Michelle achman as im sure shes a jew and the fact that she lived in Israel and lived on a Kubbutz.

  • Patriot says:

    Neoconned Bachmann Criticizes Obama’s Action on Syria (scroll down to bottom of following article to see post about how Michele Bachmann had indeed lived on a Kibbutz and is very pro-Israel biased as a result!):

    Netanyahu: Gaza Strikes ‘Only the Beginning’ of Retaliation

    ‘Gaza raids seek to hide Israel woes’

    Israel stokes Lebanon conflict fears to distract from protests and Palestine

  • It seems that the NED-sponsored Egyptian “Revolution” has provided the perfect pretext for Israeli expansionism — “self-preservation.” See this edited Press TV interview for a brief sketch of Israeli support for the so-called “Arab Spring”:

    For a more detailed analysis, see my articles on the subject at

  • GREAT! artical as always James, Ths will be a very intersting election…

  • Nothing new in the middel east and Israel, Israels oyster is the world. When Israel can Murder Americans on the high seas as they did with our ship USS LIBERTY June 8 1967 they can and will do any thing they please to hell with every one else.Just ask our bought and paid for 81 flunkies going to Israel to get there orders from Israel.They know who the boss is and it sure is not the Americans that voted them into office.
    Phillip F Tourney
    Three Time Liberty President
    Author “WHAT I SAW THAT DAY”

  • Patriot says:

    Exactly, Phil. The Israelis better not do anything to this brave American sailor from Texas:

    Texas man making dangerous voyage to site of 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty

    PS: Phil, you have been doing an excellent job of getting out the truth with your new ‘Your Voice Counts’ RBN show which I look forward to listening to again today at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET via the ‘listen live’ link at the top of as I heard that you have a Code Pink guest on the show today to discuss the following:

    CODEPINK calls for investigation into ‘AIPAC loophole’ for Israel junkets

    Israel and 911 (Petraeus mentioned as well to Congressman Garamendi near beginning of following youtube):

    Turns out Garamendi was one of the 81 Congressional reps who went to Israel (scroll down to comments at bottom of following):

    AIPAC arranges for 81 Congressional members to visit Israel

    I think the wife of the Texas sailor interviewed in the following Press TV segment would also make for an excellent guest as well on ‘Your Voice Counts’:

    Americans sail across Atlantic to commemorate USS liberty


    Israel’s deadly attack on USS Liberty emerges from the past

    James and John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)

  • Tom says:

    Libya : The News [Eng][10-08-2011]

    Nato Slaughter BY ZIONISTS

  • I agree! Phil has been doing an excellant job getting the message across on Liberty Hour. Keep up the good work and you too James!

  • I couldnt agree with you more Phil!

  • Mary Hughes-Thompson says:

    I hope israel does decide to take on Egypt. And Lebanon, and Syria and Iran. The zionist empire is riding for a fall. No more are people around the world fooled by the zionist hasbara. Israel got away with horrendous human rights abuses and crimes against humanity for decades because it was always able to challenge genuine criticism by hauling out the old holocaust pity-us mantra. The holocaust was terrible, for all its victims and not just the Jewish ones. But it’s over. It’s history. Time to move on as the others moved on. The holocaust industry has been exposed by Norman Finkelstein. Some of us thought the zionist claws only reached to the borders of Palestine, but after the way israel, with its benevolent uncle in the U.S., was able to bully and blackmail the Greek government into preventing our flotilla boats from sailing to Gaza, the truth is out. Phil, we will never let the voices that speak out against the tragedy and injustice of what happened to you and your comrades on the U.S.S. LIBERTY be silenced. When I sailed to Gaza three years ago I was proud that one of our boats was named LIBERTY as a tribute to our brave sailors on the original LIBERTY. Israel’s days as an apartheid zionist state are numbered. We will prevail. Palestine will be free!

    Mary Hughes-Thompson, co-founder Free Gaza Movement

  • Robert says:

    St. Paul called the Jews “the enemies of mankind” maybe soon people will see who has been behind near all the wars for profit and geo-political gain – who are the same people now stealing the wealth of the west – Judeo/Freemasonry.

  • It makes me proud to be on the same site with all of you God Bless you!!
    Phillip F Tourney

  • I think Israel would run into trouble in the US with a war against Egypt considering the fact that the mainstream media has touted the “Arab Spring.” The Israel Lobby would have to go into overdrive to get all the media on board (Congress, of
    course, would be relatively easy). Moreover, there would be considerable international opposition. In short, I don’t think Israel will launch a full-scale war–some additional frontier skirmishes, maybe.

  • Jeanne says:

    Many, many years ago (around 1975) I got into a big argument with Iranian students who claimed that Israel was expansionistic and were going to take over the West Bank etc. I loudly and emphatically declared that Israel was not expanionistic and would not steal Palestinian land. I wish that I could apologize for being so naive — I never, for one minute, believed that Israel would steal the land and water of the Palestinians and kill them when they resisted. What a fool I was! What fools Americans are for supporting Israel. Now, because of Israel, we have 1.5 billion Muslims in 57 countries who hate us for supporting (with our $$$, arms etc.) the thieves and thugs in Israel.

  • Ron says:

    This country is paying dearly for what we have supported in the past. I think the pulpit should rethink the way they preach.

  • Frank says:

    If you’re in Egypt, Syria, or Iran, well, good luck.

  • Patriot says:

    Thanks for posting your comment above, Steve. Very glad you had a chance to call in for the debut broadcast of Phil’s ‘Your Voice Counts’ RBN radio show which can be heard via clicking on the audio mp3 link near the bottom of the following URL as anyone interested can see your Press TV interview about your ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book on how the neocons pushed US into the Iraq war for Israel via the link near the top of the URL:

    Phil’s debut broadcast of ‘Your Voice Counts’ with guest James Morris (and Dr. Stephen Sniegoski who called in) can be heard via clicking on the audio mp3 link near the bottom of following URL:

    Thank you for calling into last week’s ‘Your Voice Counts’ show as well (can click on the following URL to listen as the audio should start playing automatically):

  • Michael Shearer says:

    According to Jewish religious writings, the whole world was made only for the Torah and the Jewish people. All the rest of us are subhuman beasts made only to serve the Jew.

    It goes downhill from there…..once they have enslaved or committed genocide against all non Jews, they will become the “Messiah” in their own flesh and blood bodies and rule the Earth with an iron rod. Even the soul of the Jew is different than the soul of a non Jew, according to their Rabbi’s and writings:

    Indeed, we are facing a beast like entity in the Jewish people, and the one eyed Djall rolled into one with them. We can either fight and prevail against them, or we can be enslaved…..Christianity will be destroyed and it’s followers killed, according to the religious writing of the Jew. We can see their plans in operation, as they wage war through deception and through economics.

    We must arise, wage war against them, and set their plans back for all eternity. It is our only hope and our only salvation.

  • Patriot says:

    Michael, one has to keep in mind though that there are many good Jews who are decent human beings and also can’t stand what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians! And one has to also keep in mind all those ‘Christian’ evangelicals who are fine with what Israel has been doing to brutally oppress the Palestinian people as well!

    Video was censored:

    What Motivated the 9/11 Hijackers? See testimony most didn’t! :

    See Los Angeles Times article near top of

    Even General David Petraeus (now head of the CIA) conveyed to Congress that US support of Israel against the Palestinians is a threat to US troops in theater:

    General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel (scroll down to comments at bottom of following link if interested further):

    Israel and 9/11 (General Petraeus mentioned as well):

    Will Israel Kill Americans Again (General Petraeus mentioned as well by Ray McGovern as the links after Ray’s article are worthwhile clicking on as well)?:

    US support for Israel against Palestinians motive for worst attack on CIA

  • Mohamed Mahrous says:

    Till now the Egyptian people didn’t accept your government fake apology, I just warning you guys take care from the anger of the Egyptian people they are living in the phase of ( for every Action there is a reaction which is going to be much bigger in magnitude and effect) they are all demanding the government for revenge and believe me, the Egyptian soldier was born ready (hint: we are 85,000,000 among us 20,000,000 youth, how many are you?), try to avoid the unity of decision of those 85,000,000. Simply express your real sorrow and regret, judge the killers living among you who were responsible of this massacre and accept the International punishment willingly or you will receive the Our Punishment where, (Hell Is Much Better)….. That was a last Piece of advice..

  • Harvey Oswald says:

    can we just get it over with and get on with ww3!!!?

  • Jen says:

    If the delusional Israeli government wants to take on Egypt, we should let it go alone and see how long it lasts before the Israeli people themselves, who have been demonstrating against the housing shortage in pre-1967 Israeli territories (because the government has been financing housing outside those territories, hint, hint) and the shrivelling expenditure on education and social services, revolt and refuse to fight any more expansionist wars against Palestinians, Lebanese and others.

  • Michael Shearer says:

    That is one of the mysteries, Patriot, that many Jewish people believe in loving all others and do their best to be decent people in the world. The fallen away Christian Church feeds the Jews who do think and behave like murdering, land stealing megalomaniacs bent on doing what they doing to the world as they’ve done to the Palestinians.

    Israel has, and always has had a choice in how they would treat non Jews, yet they chose to be brutal and hostile. I have Israeli’s come into my shop, and quite frankly they’re some of the rudest people I’ve ever met. Maybe I haven’t met the nice Israeli’s yet, but the ones who come through this tourist area are hideous and I’m very glad when they leave.

    Judaism needs a make over, and this false racist/religio supremacist Israel needs to fall and fall hard. It is they who have bought our government, our media and banking system, and are bankrupting and destroying America.

    And no, Patriot, 9/11 was a pretext attack, as called for in the Jewish Neo Con PNAC plans for full world domination. 7 of the 19 Hijackers are alive and well, and still living in Saudi Arabia. We are living in the biggest charade humanity has ever known, and organized Jewry is the stage master.

  • BJ says:

    IF isreal starts another war with Egypt I hope the whole World comes down on them! IF there is a God I wish God would start the world anew without any relegion!

  • Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich says:

    I wonder how many Americans will be murdered by Israel this time around.

  • Andre in L.A. says:

    Egypt should pull all gas pipelines going to Israel out of the ground. As a conciliatory measure, offer to sell them the pipe for use elsewhere. I’m sure China would be glad to purchase at a fair price what the shysters have been stealing at a submarket rate.

  • Patriot says:

    Michael, pushing the 9/11 Conspiracy theorist line is counter-productive to getting at the truth (US support for Israel vs the Palestinians as even General Petraeus conveyed to Congress via and as to why we were tragically attacked at the World Trade Center on 9/11 and earlier in 1993 as well. Take a look at the youtubes posted in response to Dr. Alan Sabrosky via the following link:

    Dr. Alan Sabrosky on Press TV about 9/11 conspiracy:

    I suggest you read the following article all the way through!:

    Will Israel Kill Americans Again (General Petraeus mentioned as well by Ray McGovern as the links after Ray’s article are worthwhile clicking on as well)?:

  • Tracey J says:

    OMG!! Thanks for posting James! I didn’t know this was going on!

  • Patriot says:

    Congressman says, I’m going to Israel, and his site is flooded with ragefilled comments about ‘sucking teat of AIPAC’ to serve ethnocratic, apartheid state

  • Gino Santana says:

    What would happen to those 81 Congressmen in Israel if they never made it back to the U.S.? Would it be such a great loss? I think not.
    That’s a terrible thought to have, but at the same time, these politicians are nothing less than traitors. Judgement is upon on them. They have not only sold their souls, but rather, have elevated Israel to the level of godlike worship.

  • Patriot says:

    Call for Larry Toenjes who is currently sailing to USS Liberty attack site:

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