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Human trafficking in Israel

Human trafficking in Israel

Bet none of the US Congressman AIPAC sent to Israel will ask about the above!:

AIPAC Sends Congress to Israel:

From Meltdown to Mayhem: Are You Prepared?

From Meltdown to Mayhem:
Are You Prepared?

KINGSTON, NY, 19 August 2011 — Back on June 13th, we issued a Trend Alert warning Trends Journal subscribers of a looming “Collapse.”

Two months later, the equity markets are in freefall, the economy is failing and the predicted collapse is fully underway.

On June 13th, gold was trading at $1520 and I was forecasting a continuing gold bull run.

As this is being written, gold is trading at $1850 and closing in on the $2000 mark I have long predicted. Will there be a significant pull-back? Quite possibly, but as the economic situation continues to deteriorate (right on schedule) $2000 is not necessarily the ceiling either.

The vaunted “recovery” is proving to be, as we called it back in 2008, nothing but a cover-up. A headline today reads: “Stocks Plunge As More Signs Of Economic Weakness Emerge.”

This is total nonsense. “Emerge”? There are no “emerging” signs. The signs are, and have been, in plain view – and we described and analyzed them years ago!

What that telling headline actually signifies is that the signs are now so obvious that even the shills, politicians, pundits and presstitutes can no longer go on pretending they are not there.

Here – again – are the “signs”. Despite tax incentives and record low interest rates, the housing market plummeted, as predicted. We said the much vaunted “Green Shoots,” fertilized with tens of trillions of Fed and DC stimulus dollars, would never bloom and, sure enough, they have withered.

We said the job market would worsen and that nothing Wall Street and Washington did would reverse the Great-Depression-bound US economy, and that Europe would follow suit. We forecast that the old wars would rage on, with no victory, and that the newly launched wars would ultimately end in yet more US/NATO defeats.

All of this is a matter of record. While some forecasters and pundits will get one bit right, and newsletters and magazines will get another bit right, nobody has got so much so right over so long a time. And there is no magazine in the world like the Trends Journal

The proof is not only in the forecasts but in the feedback:
I have printed out every Journal for a couple of years now and go back and read them again and again. I share what I have learned with friends, most in denial. Thanks for enlightening me and helping me through these incredibly stressful times. I am empowered and know my family will get thru this, because we have prepared ourselves. Teri O’Rourke, Crested Butte, Colorado
Others, like Thomas Naylor, Professor Emeritus, Economics, Duke University, credits us with alerting him to the Gold Bull Run, when it was around $300 an ounce:
I taught economics for 30 years and gold was taboo. It was not even politically correct to talk about it. Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal forecasts pushed me over the brink, and gold has been the only investment I’ve made since 2002. Thomas Naylor, Charlotte, Vermont 
Each day, grateful emails come in, thanking us for inspiration, encouragement and for our prescient, useful forecasts and timely warnings. Among the trends we’ve forecast are the booms in bottled water, health food stores, organic/clean foods, gourmet coffees, and the rising importance of social networking … way before these trends went mainstream.We also correctly predicted the stock market Crash of ’87, the bursting of the dotcom/real estate/bailout bubbles and, most recently, we called the Panic of ’08, the wave of global rioting and revolution and the impending descent into the Greatest Depression.Today, the equity markets are in meltdown mode. From the EU to the US, nothing policy makers do, or dream of doing, will reverse the trends in play or shield us from the social unrest, civil wars, and geopolitical instability that attend them.Are you prepared? Are your friends and family prepared?You won’t find our mix of compressed, objective analysis, trenchant writing, inspired graphics and, of course, accurate forecasts anywhere else. Renew your Trends Journal subscription now.   Sincerely,Gerald CelenteP.S. We understand that many people are experiencing difficulty making ends meet during these tough economic times. If you cannot afford the full subscription price of the Trends Journal please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your situation. (Click hereto inquire about a discounted rate)
Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente says US heading for the Greatest Depression (which will be even worse than the ‘Great Depression’):

20 Signs That The World Could Be Headed For An Economic Apocalypse In 2012

Peter Schiff says no ceiling for gold prices

Roach: China May Stop Buying U.S. Debt

One in Four California Families Can’t Afford Food for Their Kids

Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012
Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire:

DEBORCHGRAVE Commentary: New world disorder

Commentary: New world disorder

UPI Editor at Large

LONDON, Aug. 22 (UPI) — From a record-breaking drought that has devastated much of the U.S. South and keeps getting worse, to the U.S. economy and what Time magazine’s cover story calls “The Decline and Fall of Europe (and maybe the West)”; civil wars in Libya and Syria; renewed terrorism in Iraq and endless fighting in Afghanistan, the good news was hard to detect.

The sudden uprising of jobless youth from poor families in what is arguably the most unequal society in Europe left London ablaze, shook the British establishment to its foundations and spotlighted the widening gap between rich and poor all over Europe.

The 27-nation European Union and its 17-nation common euro currency appear to be unraveling. Some 20 percent of European youth are jobless.

Income disparities throughout the European Union and in the United States show roughly 1 percent of the population controlling 42 percent of a nation’s wealth and taking in a quarter of the country’s income.

When the rising tide lifted all boats, the wealthiest could take credit for building bigger and better boats. But the current global receding tide has beached 14 million in the United States (excluding those who no longer qualify for compensation), while in the European Union the number, currently at 10 percent, is expected to crest at 16 million by 2013.

Worldwide, the current labor stats indicate 180 million looking for work. In Israel , normally a highly disciplined country of 6 million, 250,000 echoed the British underclass with popular anger against a government unable to deliver the goods. And in the Arab world, from Libya to Egypt to Syria , the Arab Spring is now a distant memory.

After 42 years in power in Libya , Moammar Gadhafi’s regime is history but unmentioned during NATO’s five-month bombing campaign is that the victorious rebel regime of Benghazi is heavily infiltrated by Islamist extremists.

In Cairo , the Muslim Brotherhood is consolidating its dominant position, albeit with the army still in charge.

For the British media, U.S. President Barack Obama’s two-week vacation in Martha’s Vineyard symbolized a declining superpower adrift between two warring parties that threw caution to the wind, accumulating irresponsible — and inaccurate — statements.

The 2012 election campaign is already under way. Reasonable ideas are shot down before they make the evening news.

Presidential hopefuls are flip-flopping from one interview to the next. A proposal for an immediate 40 percent cut in federal spending is quickly escalated to accuse Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke of treason if he prints more money between now and Election Day.

It is hardly surprising that there is high anxiety on both sides of the Atlantic ; that banks are shaky and some even on the edge of the precipice.

The United States has clearly been living beyond its means, funding the Iraqi and Afghan wars ($1.5 trillion and counting) by growing the federal deficit to pay for them.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta notwithstanding, defense spending is clearly overdue for a proper haircut, not a trim.

The current plan is for a $400 billion cut in defense spending over the next 10 years after it almost doubled over the past 10 years.

The Pentagon’s war planners say that such a cut — only $40 billion per year for a decade — will make it impossible to fight two wars at the same time. But that kind of strategic planning was based on a Cold War turning hot with the Soviet Union while retaining the ability to fight a lesser war in another part of the globe.

Time to think forward to the age of robotic warfare where the United States already has a decisive edge. The U.S. Air Force Academy is graduating more drone pilots than fighter and bomber pilots.

The Predator unmanned aerial vehicle program is adding three more active duty squadrons over the next two budget cycles. In 2001, the United States had 167 UAVs; in 2011, more than 5,500. Almost half of UAV squadrons are manned by fighter pilots.

Robotic warfare has reached cruising altitude and by 2015, one-third of the U.S. Army’s ground systems will be unmanned.

Robots are already being planned in the role of suicide bombers. They have no substitute for surprise attacks and recon.

They have tripled flight time and are cheaper than conventional fighters and bombers. 

An F-18 fighter bomber costs $70 million and a couple of million for pilot training. An equivalent drone runs $4.5 million plus $70,000 per guided missile.

The tab to deploy one soldier for a year in Afghanistan is $400,000.

For robotic warfare, chaplains and psychologists have been assigned to help fighters cope with the daily stress of killing remotely and then returning home in time for dinner with their families.

Air-to-air combat drones will soon join the robotic arsenal. Boeing is also testing a drone submarine that will be capable of torpedoing an enemy ship anywhere in the world.

Robotic warfare detractors fear that we will create a race of beings more capable than ourselves who will kill us and take over the world — known as the “Singularity.”

Ray Kurzweil , who wrote “The Singularity is Near,” posits that moment in history, 25 years hence, when the human brain will have reached 60 percent of its capacity (up from today’s anemic 25 percent usage) and potential parity with the supercomputer that is capable of several quadrillion operations per second.

Like it or not, robotic warfare will soon assume a dominant role in warfare.

There is also the fear of robots carrying nuclear weapons to a distant enemy. Robotic “soldiers” already guard stockpiles of nuclear materials and other nuclear secrets. They can cover more ground and are radiation proof.

The transition to robotic warfare requires a high degree of bipartisanship in Congress, now sadly lacking. Obama has demonstrated that this is beyond his capability.

Meanwhile, he has lost the mantle of leader of the free world. What he says has little impact on either side of the Atlantic — or the Pacific.

Arnaud de Borchgrave is editor-at-large of The Washington Times and United Press International.

US troops to stay in Afghanistan much longer than expected: report

US troops to stay in Afghanistan much longer than expected: report

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

NATO forces facing deadly Taliban assaults

Why the Afghanistan quagmire won’t end soon:

US support for Israel against Palestinians motive for worst attack on CIA

12 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To War With Syria

12 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To War With Syria 

Keep in mind that the Israel first neocon warmongers would love to continue the rest of their ‘Clean Break’ agenda ( into Syria to involve Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon to take down any threats to their beloved Israel no matter how many Americans have to die/get horribly maimed for such like they already have in Iraq which was in accordance with their ‘Clean Break’ agenda as well!:

US neo-cons seek war on Syria, Iran

Eileen Fleming wrote: My friend in Syria just informed me that the Philippine government has called for all their nationals to leave the country. He spoke to the British council and was told the British government is gearing up to evacuate …all Brits to Turkey at a days notice and the money has been sent and is deposited. He added, “With September right around the corner I have no doubt that something very bad is brewing and will probably be here before the U.N. vote for Palestinian statehood…”MUCH MORE on this coming asap on my website:

Call for Larry Toenjes and USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney on his ‘Your Voice Counts’ show this past Saturday (mentioned what Eileen Fleming said about Syria above):

Syria’s WMDs: The Scaremongering Begins Anew (for another war for Israel)

Iran warns NATO against entering Syria “quagmire”:

D-Day for Damascus?

Call for regime change signals Libya replay

Assad warns against foreign intervention

Neoconned Bachmann Criticizes Obama’s Action on Syria (scroll to links at bottom of following URL):

If there is a military intervention is Syria, then we are in for an extended war, which goes from the Mediterranean right to the Chinese border

Unfolding the Syrian Paradox:

Young Americans flock to Israel to join army

Young Americans flock to Israel to join army

At a time when the US Army cannot find volunteers, these “Americans” show their true loyalties.