7,000 miles for the USS Liberty


7,000 miles for the USS Liberty

By Larry Toenjes
Special to The Daily News

Published August 20, 2011

I’m on my sailboat in Valetta, Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, on my way to perform a memorial service for American servicemen killed in action almost 45 years ago.

With Texan crew members Joe and Sherrie Wagner, I’ve sailed 7,000 miles from Galveston. We’re going 1,000 miles more to the exact spot where Israeli forces perpetrated a ruthless, two-hour assault on the USS Liberty, killing 34 and injuring 174.

Israel said it was a “tragic mistake.” The survivors said it was deliberate. Lifeboats were shot up and stretcher-bearers machine-gunned.

The attack occurred in international waters off the coast of Egypt while the Liberty was monitoring communications during Israel’s Six Day War. Most Americans are unaware of that attack because the cover-up began even before the smoke had cleared, the wounded cared for and the dead counted (see ussliberty.com).

The cover-up occurred because President Lyndon Baines Johnson did not want to embarrass Israel, thus alienating the powerful Israel lobby that would then pour money into his opponent’s campaign.

The cover-up continues to this day, which is why I undertook this voyage. I’m planning to commemorate the victims as best I can and to support their shipmates, sons, daughters and widows (most of the mothers and fathers are now gone) in their demand for the investigation that never happened.

Congress never formally investigated the incident because members are intimidated by the pro-Israel lobby. That same lobby is picking up the travel expenses for 81 members of Congress to visit Israel this very month.

Apparently, new members need to be oriented before voting on the appropriation that gives $8 million per day to Israel.

Refusal to participate in the trip would mark a member as unfriendly to Israel and the lobby would work to defeat him or her in their next election.

Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold is among the 81.

Now that we’ve sailed across the Atlantic and halfway across the Mediterranean without any serious problems, there is one more obstacle.

Israel has continued its practice of harassing Americans at sea. Survivors Joe Meadors of Corpus Christi and Jim Ennes, who wrote the first book about the attack, have been communicating with U.S. embassies in Tel Aviv and Cairo, trying to ensure the Israeli navy will leave me alone.

The U.S. gives Israel $3 billion a year, but then must plead with the country not to harass, injure, or kill innocent Americans!

I merely want to exercise my right as an American citizen to proceed to a point in international waters where a grave injustice was perpetrated against U.S. sailors and express my dismay that injustice is being extended by Congress’s timidity.

Members of Congress never miss an opportunity to say to a U.S. service man or woman, “We thank you for your service!”

But their service is not praised if doing so would embarrass the state of Israel, the pro-Israel lobby or diminish campaign contributions.

Larry Toenjes lives in Clear Lake Shores. His progress can be followed at: http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/followlarry.html


(today, Sept. 8th, 2011) from the Mediterranean Sea…………..


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Jean and Larry Toenjes on the RBN Network


You can see additional videos linked at the Investigate Liberty youtube channel via the following URL:


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Survivor and president of the Liberty Vets Assn, Joe Meadors wrote
open letter to Texas governor Rick Perry on July 3, 2011:

Governor Perry, why are you recommending prosecution of the Amer-
icans trying to deliver humanitarian supplies but not of those who
machine gunned our life rafts in the water or ordered us to be
abandoned while we were under fire?


John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!



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Scroll down to link for George Washington’s ‘Farewell Address’ (warning US to avoid passionate attachments and entangling alliances for foreign nations like we have with Israel which is taking US down as conveyed via http://tinyurl.com/motivation911 and http://tinyurl.com/motivation911  as well) to read  at bottom of http://astandforjustice.org

 Read via following article by former Republican Congressman Paul Findley why the USS Liberty attack/cover-up still matters even to this day:

The High Cost of Subservience to Israel (by Paul Findley):


Why They Attacked US on 9/11: http://tinyurl.com/WhyTheyAttackedUSon911

42 Responses to “7,000 miles for the USS Liberty”

  • Jim says:

    Not sure if telling Israel was a good thing. Al Jazerra told the US military where it was in Baghdad and they shot them. I think the odds of something dastardly happening increases.

  • HHM says:

    104 Americans, 18-22 years old, recently immigrated to Israel to enlist in the Israel “Defense” Forces and would possibly shoot non-violent American peace activists on command.

    When will we have had enough?

  • Patriot says:

    Young Americans flock to Israel to join army

    At a time when the US Army cannot find volunteers, these “Americans” show their true loyalties.


    Why They Attacked US on 9/11 (scroll down to comments as well)


    “It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”):


  • Robert H. Stiver says:

    I certainly won’t feel comfortable for this brave crew and its sailboat until it completes its voyage and is safely anchored at whatever final port it uses. That boat is especially vulnerable from below — whether enroute, on scene, or afterward! — and the godless psychotics running the “ship” in Zionist Israel are proven, diabolical murderers.

    The Liberty massacre and its sordid aftermath are a particular sore spot for me. I’m an enlisted Army vet who was discharged on May 14, 1967, just three weeks before LBJ and his military cowards abandoned honor and justice for the sake of complicity with evildoers who, to this day, bludgeon the hapless people of Palestine with a sadistic frenzy that can only be termed demented.

    I’m glad to note that at least the Galveston Daily News is providing a media platform for this difficult, fraught-with-suspense mission.

    Godspeed to Larry Toenjes and Joe and Sherrie Wagner!

  • Ron says:

    I was the POIC of body recovery and identification after the attack. Years ago public hangings took place and served as a reminder to those who would break the law. I wish now after over forty years that the American people could have seen first hand what I saw with my own eyes. I guarantee you that the apathetic attitude most Americans have on this would change. Now the younger generation is flocking to join the IDF? The very force that killed their own kind aboard the USS Liberty? This makes me want to throw up.

  • Patricia says:

    The US Government continues to betray its own people. I think that is treason!

  • Mary Hughes-Thompson says:

    Godspeed to Larry Toenjes and his brave boat. As a co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement I have learned there are no depths to which israeli pirates will sink to show the world how brave they are against unarmed civilians who sail even a hundred miles from israel’s territorial waters. When we sailed our first two boats to Gaza, exactly three years ago, we hoped our boat LIBERTY would be safe from harm because israel would not (we hoped) want to attack a second LIBERTY. Since then israel has attacked many boats to Gaza… perhaps we should name them all LIBERTY.

  • Jeanne says:

    Richard Helms was the Director of the CIA during the time of the murderous Israeli attack on the USS LIBERTY. In his book, he states that the Israeli attack was deliberate. Israel planned to sink the USS LIBERTY and make it look like Egypt killed our servicemen which would have brought the US into the war on the side of Israel.

    Israel not only murdered our boys but has received billions and billions from the US to steal Palestinian land and water and murder them when they resist the theft.

  • Patriot says:

    Exactly right, Jeanne. Richard Helms (along with McNamara) was interviewed in the BBC ‘Dead in the Water’ documentary (produced by friend Dick Thompson who passed away a few years ago) linked at the following URL:

    James and John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)


  • Ron says:

    There were 15 people who were in some type of office who said that the attack was deliberate. Richard Helms, Dean Rusk, Admiral Thomas Moorer,
    Admiral Merlin Staring, just to name a few. The whole list is on the USS
    Liberty web site. Ken Helliwell’s USS Liberty Inquiry site is full of facts with no political lacings to try to change ones mind. After forty some years of the LVA trying to tell our government the truth, I have come to the conclusion that they don’t want to hear it. Talk about pride before a fall.

  • Jim David says:

    Here we have 104 American Jews enlisting in the Israeli army when American Jews make up one of the smallest percentages of any group serving in the U.S. military.
    Can you imagine the news coverage the American media would’ve given if these were Muslims enlisting in an Arab military service? Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. would have a field day. As a matter of fact, I tried getting in on the Rush Limbaugh show, being hosted by Mark Davis, and almost got through the preliminary screening before disclosing the identy of the military as being Israel’s military. It didn’t take long before I was cut off. And it was just a day earlier where Mark Davis was so up tight about the political correctness in our society in our efforts not to offend Muslims. This double standard seems to never end.

  • Patriot says:

    General (Ret) James (Jim) David who posted the above comment was excellent with his call on Phil Tourney’s ‘Your Voice Counts’ radio program (which can be heard via http://www.investigateussliberty.info/index.php?special=morris as James Morris was guest hosting) about the illegal Israel settlement building:

    Israel to build new houses in annexed East Jerusalem (can also see the illegal Israeli settlements in the ‘Miral’ film – http://tinyurl.com/miralfilm):


    Talking about the Israel Lobby with Brig. Gen. James David on the Liberty Hour as General David is mentioned on the cover of former Republican Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the power/influence of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC and similar) on the US political system and media
    Talking about the Israel Lobby with Brig. Gen. James Davidon the Liberty Hour. The Lobby’s power blocked President Carter from speaking at the Democratic National Convention


    Passionate Attachment to Israel (by General James David):


    Scroll down to George Washington’s ‘Farewell Address’ (warning US to avoid passionate attachments and entangling alliances for foreign nations like we have with Israel which is taking US down as conveyed via http://tinyurl.com/motivation911 as well) to read via the link at bottom of http://astandforjustice.org

    Paul Findley says it all in the following article:

    The High Cost of Subservience to Israel:


  • Patriot says:

    Eileen Fleming wrote:

    My friend in Syria just informed me that the Philippine government has called for all their nationals to leave the country. He spoke to the British council and was told the British government is gearing up to evacuate all Brits to Turkey at a days notice and the money has been sent and is deposited. He added, “With September right around the corner I have no doubt that something very bad is brewing and will probably be here before the U.N. vote for Palestinian statehood…”

    MUCH MORE on this coming asap on my website: http://wearewideawake.org/

    Record crowds protest in Israel (this Russia Today segment mentioned that Palestinian statehood vote is coming up on September 20th but the AIPAC/Neocon influenced US government is pressuring the Palestinians not to go forward with it at the UN):


    ‎12 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To War With Syria


    Call for Larry Toenjes and Phil Tourney on ‘Your Voice Counts’ yesterday as above situation with Syria mentioned):



  • Ron Kukal says he he was in body recovery for the men slaughtered aboard USS LIBERTY yes he was.
    America we are in body recovery of our nation if we don”t wise up very fast!!!
    America first not israel not in 1967 not in 2011 not ever if you care about our way of life!!
    Thank you you WHORES in congress you BASTARDS.
    Phillip F Tourney
    Author “WHAT I SAW RHAT DAY”
    republicbroadcating. org
    Saturdays 5 oclock MST, 4 PM PT, 7 PM ET

  • Patriot says:

    USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney (who posted the comment above) had an excellent phone call for C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ which can be heard via clicking on picture of Eric Margolis at following link as the response by Eric Margolis was excellent as well!:

    Remember what Israel did to the USS Liberty and what our government did to us.



  • Jean Garst says:

    Thank you to all the supporters of my husband, Larry Toenjes, who is sailing to the exact coordinates of the attack on the USS Liberty. Larry wants to conduct the first memorial service at the site of the attack. I am very proud of him and of Rusty but also very scared for them. I am following the developing events in the Middle East so I can keep Larry informed. He cannot surf the internet from the boat but he does have email. So I send him the news in emails.
    As a Marine veteran Rusty is very brave. Larry is fortunate to have such an competent crew member.
    Thanks so much to James Morris and Phil Tourney for letting Larry tell his story on YOUR VOICE COUNTS. The more people who know about Larry’s voyage the more likely it is that they will be safe. Defective reasoning? Maybe but as his soulmate I hang onto any rational that they will be safe. Many thanks to all of you who are following Larry and Rusty’s voyage.

  • Paulina says:

    Dear Jean, Excellent reasoning… I agree that the more people who know about your husband Prof Toenjes’ voyage.. the safer they will be. Godspeed and bless them.


  • David B. Strader says:

    Larry, Joe and Sherrie, you’re in my prayers as you embark on this courageous endeavor. You are true blue heroes. I wish you well and a safe return. Thanks go out also to James for his devotion to this cause in getting the Liberty story out. Thank you for all you do, sir. God Bless you all. My hope is that this story gets heard by every ear.

  • Patriot says:

    Call for Larry Toenjes who is currently sailing to USS Liberty attack site:

    Sailing to the Scene of the Crime: ATTACK ON THE USS LIBERTY:


    Jean and Larry Toenjes on the RBN Network


    You can reach the Investigate Liberty youtube channel here:


  • Ken O'Keefe says:

    I can only say, nothing but love and respect for Larry, Joe and Sherrie. Every single American citizen needs to know the full truth about Israel and what is has done and continues to do to, who is behind it and what its real purpose is. Love and respect, nothing but love and respect. People take note, if you believe in a cause, do something about it! TJP

  • Ron says:

    Wish that would happen Ken. Seems like lighting a fire under the American
    people is a lost cause and I can say this with complete confidence. Myself anad a few others have tried to tell the world about the deliberate attack ont he USS Liberty for over forty years. Why stop now?????

  • Cat says:

    ALRIGHT–WHERE IS THE MAJOR NEWS MEDIA COVERAGE FOR THIS MONUMENTAL, HEROIC, AND HISTORICAL EVENT ABOUT THESE THREE AMERICANS WILLING TO RISK THEIR OWN LIVES TO GIVE A MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR THOSE LOST ON THE LIBERTY–OVER FORTY-FOUR YEARS AGO, ON JUNE 8, 1967, AND WHERE IS THE BACKUP FROM OUR GOVERNMENT TO ENSURE THEIR SAFETY? If LBJ and his “Cover-up Crew” had been loyal to their own US Military–and not only to Israel (because of the demented reason that he did not want to embarrass Israel), and had immediately come to the aid of the Liberty and her men, instead of wanting them dead and gone–there never would have been this horrific loss of life and great injury to these men of the Liberty–and if these men who ran the cover-up would have been brave enough to tell the truth, and give the men of the Liberty their justice and prosecute those responsible—-this trip that is being made by these three brave people would not have to be made today! I TRULY HOPE that Israel realizes that they are being watched closely, and that if they chose to attack a small vessel with only three peaceful, gentle people–who are only trying to give the men of the USS Liberty some greatly overdue appreciation and gratitude, that this will not go unnoticed, and that this ongoing “war-game” that they play without any consequences–someday will be blown wide open. When the American people are finally made aware of the Israeli’s involvement and control over the US government and policies–and when some brave members of Congress finally dare to change over to the American people’s side–and work for their own country, they will help to stop these barbaric attacks, and then will take control against the Israeli’s brutal, and murderous tactics! They just keep “digging a deeper hole”, filling it with what they consider “useless lives”. How can these monsters even be considered “human”? Just Look at all the death and destruction of human lives that they are continuously causing, without any remorse. How can the world just turn its head the other way, and pretend this is not happening? WHO WILL FINALLY STOP THEM? Will they just this once stay away? I wish for you, Larry, Rusty, and Sherrie–that the high powers will guide and protect you, and that you are able to return home safely and unharmed!

  • Patriot says:

    Cat (who kindly posted the above comment) sings the beautiful USS Liberty song which plays during USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney’s ‘Your Voice Counts’ radio show (Phil Tourney’s excellent call for C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ can be seen/listened to via clicking on picture of Eric Margolis at http://tinyurl.com/philoncspan)!:

    USS Liberty song on USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney’s ‘Your Voice Counts’ RBN radio show




  • Jean Garst says:

    Just a clarification, please, from Larry’s wife. Wonderful people following Larry’s voyage, please note Joe and Sherrie Wagner went home to Corpus Christi, Texas from Malta in mid-August. The person making the voyage right now from Malta to the attack site with Larry is Rusty Glenn, 39, a Marine veteran. Rusty is an experienced Gulf of Mexico sailor who owns his own boat. There are only 2 fellas on the boat. Yep, both very brave.

    Joe and Sherrie Wagner sailed with Larry when he crossed the Atlantic and through the Mediterranean to Malta, their final destination.

  • Patriot says:

    Thank you for the update, Jean.

  • When I read this, I really do believe their are some American patriots left.

  • Patriot says:

    I agree, Rachael!

    Sailing to the Scene of the Crime: ATTACK ON THE USS LIBERTY:


    Israel’s deadly attack on USS Liberty emerges from the past


    Americans sail across Atlantic to commemorate USS Liberty:



  • Here is the original footage in 1967 of the uss liberty attack. http://www.ussliberty.org/

  • Journalist and son of a Liberty survivor, James Scott wrote in “The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship”

    “More than twenty minutes before the fatal torpedo strike killed twenty-five sailors; Israel’s chief air controller conclusively identified the Liberty as an American ship.” [8]

    Many years after the attack, Lieutenant Colonel Shmuel Kislev, the chief air controller at general headquarters in Tel Aviv, confessed that he knew the U.S.S. LIBERTY was an American ship as soon as an Israeli pilot radioed in its hull numbers.

    Two months before the sailor’s mass burial at Arlington Cemetery, Navy analysis also uncovered that the Israeli torpedo boat gunners had targeted the spy ship with 40-mm tracer rounds made in the United States.

    In 1967, the Republican representative from Iowa, H.R. Gross rose up in The House and asked:

    “Is this Government now, directly or indirectly, subsidizing Israel in the payment of full compensation for the lives that were destroyed, the suffering of the wounded, and the damage from this wanton attack? It can well be asked whether these Americans were the victims of bombs, machine gun bullets and torpedoes manufactured in the United States and dished out as military assistance under foreign aid.” [9]

    By November 1967, lawmakers were willing to spend six million USA tax dollars to build schools in Israel but during the debate, Representative Gross spoke with the voice of conscience and introduced an amendment that “not one dollar of U.S. credit or aid of any kind [should] go to Israel until there is a firm settlement with regard to the attack and full reparations have been made [and Israel] provides full and complete reparations for the killing and wounding of more than 100 United States citizens in the wanton, unprovoked attack.

    “I wonder how you would feel if you were the father of one of the boys who was killed in that connection-or perhaps you do not have any feelings with respect to these young men who were killed, wounded and maimed, or their families.” [10]

    Gross’s amendment failed, justice remains delayed and American taxpayers continue to support the apartheid state.

    But I am a citizen of conscience for US House of Representatives, District 5, Florida and if I am elected my first act of Congress is to invite all the LIBERTY Vets who want to speak on The Congressional Record about what they saw and what they want Americans to know about that day in infamy when the LBJ Administration failed to support the troops.


  • rexw says:

    To Larry and crew,

    To me, the USS Liberty “tragic mistake” (to quote the Israeli propaganda machine in 1967) was the slow beginning of the end of the decency of the US administration/s. Anyone, even a corrupt President, who can do the things he did and ignore the things he didn’t do, all for the protection of an arrogant state like Israel, should have been taken through the court system and received the same treatment as did the Rosenberg’s of Atmomic Bomb fame. All the Presidents since then have been no better adding to the orrogance and deceit since that date. The US was sold out and has been sold out every day since then until one could be excused for thinking that your country can never purge its soul on this matter until it desists with the current policies granted to tyhe parasitic state of Israel.

    Do it someone, and get back some respect for the US, once again.

    As as Australian, I consider the USS Liberty matter to be the most evil act of perfidy in my lifetime. How anyone can think differently, I will never understand.

  • David Martin says:

    We can now put the name of Larry Toenjes on the honor roll of American heroes standing up against the evil designs of the aggressive, ethnic-supremacist state of Israel along with such people as Rachel Corrie and Furkan Dorgan. Let us hope and pray that he does not meet their fate. See my latest effort in the cause, “The USS Liberty Song,” at http://www.dcdave.com/poet15/110724.htm.

  • Cat says:

    The more I learn about the Liberty attack, and talk to survivors–and see, and learn about the men that were on that ship—the more I’m feeling such a powerful bond—in my mind and my heart–with these men, and I now can imagine more than ever–the thoughts, feelings, and horrific fear that they were feeling on that dreadful day, and are still feeling to this very day! Every day, I feel their never-ending sadness, restlessness, and their desperation to make this murderous betrayal known to the world, and to finally get their justice for this severe injustice!

  • Cat says:

    The above mentioned post is titled,”GIVE RESPECT TO THE MEN OF THE USS LIBERTY!”

  • Cat says:


  • Patriot says:

    (today, Sept. 8th, 2011) from the Mediterranean Sea…………..


    US Navy brushes off man sailing 8,000 miles to honor veterans


    U.S. Navy Won’t Protect Americans From Israel’s Terrorists


  • peacelily says:

    The most shameful situation in recent American history, the disgraceful way that an American ship and the sailors were treated. No ceremonies to honor them, the damaged ship was not shown, and the men were threatened if they told what happened. Lyndon Johnson was a traitor to his country and to those on the USS Liberty. He should have been prosecuted. My late husband, a physician, knew the man and did not hold him in high regard. He had treated him at one time. Johnson also behaved very strangely after the JFK assassination, according to a book by the physician who saw JFK right after, when he was brought into the ER. The doctor was fearful of publishing his book for a few years for fear of a reprisal. We met with some of the USS Liberty people in the
    late 80s, and heard the stories. Appalling situation and almost surreal to think of how this was handled, in an obvious cover-up.

  • Ron says:

    After forty some years of trying to tell our government the truth of what we saw on June 8, 1967 I feel that even though they won’t listen that this country is suffering anyway. Maybe it is BECAUSE they won’t listen. There are things happening to this nation that I love that really have never taken place before. What happens to a country when you turn your back on your own people? I think we are finding that out as we speak. It is uncharted territory for all of us, but if there are unwritten laws of the universe our government is definetly violating them.

  • Patriot says:

    USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney responds to Cindy McCain email


    Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.” :



  • Patriot says:


    [[Big, big articles by AFP re interviews with Phil Tourney and James Morris]]



    Michele Bachmann Called Out (following referenced in above article):



  • David Evans says:

    McCain’s father and McCain have consistently put Israel ‘s wants above the needs of the United States . Both covered up Israel ‘s heinous attack on the USS Liberty:


    Now McCain is leading the AIPAC-cowed and corrupted Congress in pushing US involvement in yet another costly war for Israel . Wars and other actions for Israel have cost US taxpayers $3 Trillion to date:


    Syria and Iran are being simultaneously undermined by Israeli and US covert forces in order to sever the conduit of defensive rockets flowing to Israel ‘s victims in Gaza and Lebanon . These vital weapons give Israel pause before it launches other wars of aggression like those it launched in 2006 and 2008 on innocent unarmed people as it continues illegally expanding its yet-undeclared borders.

    The US can no longer afford legislators like McCain, who support the crimes of Israel , crimes that are making ever-more enemies of former US allies.

    David Evans
    Former Sergeant, USMC
    Veterans For Peace Member
    Israel/Palestine Working Group

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