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Dear Friend:

For more than 22 years CNI has been exposing the machinations of the Israel Lobby: how it dominates America’s foreign policy, the stranglehold it has on the US political system, and why Washington’s best interests in the Middle East are being subverted. Thanks to your support however, our information about the Lobby and action items to counter its influence are reaching broader audiences and new constituencies. 

Now a new wrinkle has been added to the Lobby’s number one agenda item—funding the Israeli government. As you will read in the attached article by CNI’s executive director Phil Giraldi (just published today), the US State Department has awarded a grant to a private interest group, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), to conduct research on anti-Semitism around the world. The amount of the grant is not significant when compared to the billions Washington sends to Tel Aviv, but it is worrisome as it sets a president of new ways to empower Israel’s supporters

The premise of the grant, according to Phil’s insightful analysis, supports “… the never-ending search for anti-Semitism as confirmation of the perpetual victimhood of the state of Israel, justifying whatever action Tel Aviv chooses to take to ‘protect itself.’” 

As Phil points out:

“Just like the untouchable Pentagon budget, it is more important to recognize the political context of the MEMRI contract, that the money is being provided at a time when every other program is being cut. It is a token of commitment on the part of Hillary Clinton and her cohorts, revealing a constituency that she and the White House consider to be so important that it must be appeased.”

One other thing you should be aware of. According to Phil’s research, MEMRI was founded by former Israeli intelligence officers.

This article should be distributed far and wide: it is another strong argument for the the larger issue of US priorities being misplaced—no, manipulated—by the Israel lobby. Please contact yourRepresentative and US Senators and to the media.

As always, I appreciate your partnership with CNI both financially and as an activist. 


Alison Weir
Alison Weir,
Council for the National Interest

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  • Patriot says:

    Whose White House and State Department (by Philip Giraldi):

    The High Cost of Subservience to Israel (by Paul Findley):

  • Paulina says:

    What a racket. Priming the wells… initially payoff and blackmail the elected officials… then pump this country dry.

    Remember this.. too ?
    State Department Opposes New Antisemitism Office
    By Josh Richman
    Published August 06, 2004, issue of August 06, 2004.

    Read more:

    More than 100 religious leaders, former US officials, writers, artists, and academics, have written to US Secretary of State Colin Powell to protest the State Department’s opposition to a congressional bill that would require the department to set up an office dedicated to combating anti-Semitism, and issue an annual report on anti-Semitism around the world.

    (The bill is Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act H.R. 4230, authored by Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), the only Holocaust survivor serving in the Congress.)

    The State Department has said it opposes the bill because it would show favoritism by “extending exclusive status to one religious or ethnic group.”
    State Department Opposes New Antisemitism Office –

  • Mr. Weir,
    I am an American citizen, born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and a 38 year vetran of Federal service, 8 years as a U.S. Marine,from Pvt. in 1957 to Captain in 1964, and a 30 year Agent and Executive with the FBI from Special Agent to Associate Deputy Director-Investigations, 1964-1994. I also happen to be a Protestant. I am one of the founders of MEMRI and currently serve as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Yigal Carmon was the principal founder and is the President, but he had been retired from the IDF for several years when we founded MEMRI. MEMRI was established in the United States as a 501C3 organization and does not take money from the Israeli government, nor does it take direction from any sort of Jewish cabal in Israel or the United States.
    If you would have brothered to read the MEMRI reports you would find that many have reported negative information from Israel and positive information from Middle-East and South-Asia publications. No one has ever been able to show any misinterpretation by MEMRI translators or show any attempt by MEMRI staff to misreport the facts.
    Further, if you would have taken the time to contact just a few of the outstanding multi-national members of our Board of Advisors or any of our Board of Directors you could have easily ascertained that MEMRI is a true international asset for all who want the straight facts from the Middle-East and South Asia. MEMRI has nothing to do with a Zionest Threat and your assertion that it does is a total fabrication.
    Oliver “Buck” Revell

  • Tony Clifton says:

    Palestinians are Semitic, “Jews” are Not. – – The so-called STATE of Israel is not inahabited by “Israelites”, Nor Hebrews, Nor Judahites. FACT ! – Not that Truth has any relevance in “Amerika”. “In order to form a more perfect Union do establish JUSTICE” When should We reassess “OUR” position ?-;article=138426;title=APFN – How is Justice acquired without TRUTH ?

  • aubreyfarmer says:

    Israel is founded on a lie perpetrated by counterfeit Semites, funded by Zionists. The most incredible and diabolical fraud in history. Zionist money machinates WWI. Nowhere is their a good reason for that war unless you look at what it wrought for the Zionist. Zionist diplomats are architects of Treaty of Versailles and this sets up the next world war. Zionist money puts Hitler into power and Zionist bankers through intimidation get Roosevelt to make it impossible for holocaust survivors to immigrate to US. Zionist controlled media manipulate US into war and Zionists declare world wide boycott of German goods to create the atmosphere of hate needed for a holocaust to come about. Masters of manipulation and deceit. The Vatican is the hand of evil and Zionism is the thumb on that fiendish hand.

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