Syria’s WMDs: The Scaremongering Begins Anew (for another war for Israel)

Syria’s WMDs: The Scaremongering Begins Anew

WMD in Syria?! ‘Nuke plant’ a ‘fig leaf for Iraq-style intervention’

Posted By Jason Ditz On August 28, 2011 @ 7:56 pm In News | No Comments

What do a 1995 attack on a Japanese subway system, the crumbling security at Libyan military bases and al-Qaeda’s putative ambitions to create a “dirty bomb” have in common? They all sound scary, and therefore all fit (albeit with no small handwaving) into the latest narrative of the “threat” of Syria.

With the ink barely dried on the latest calls for NATO intervention in Syria, the Washington Post has emerged with an article brimming with unrelated factoids, most of which have not even a cursory relation to Syria, arguing that the nation’s WMD arsenal is something to be greatly feared.

The timing is brazen, being paired with another Washington Post article on rebel calls for NATO to attack the nation. It also comes just days after Dick Cheney, busily parlaying his book and the media’s notoriously short term memory into a restoration from hawkish caricature to “gravitas” wielding elder statesman, lamented his inability to start a war in Syria.

The fast and loose effort to cram anything and everything into the article is equally telling, as vague mentions of “dirty bombs” using fuel rods that Syria does not possess in particularly useful numbers combine with theories about nerve gas somehow polluting the world’s drinking water and food playing equal roles in a familiar game: frightening the public about an illusory enemy on the eve of dropping a bomb about the administration’s intentions to drop literal bombs on them.

That such a fanciful tale worked in the past was shameful enough. That it is being tried again while the occupation of the last “WMD threat” is still going on is nothing short of shocking.

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Eileen Flemming wrote:

My friend in Syria just informed me that the Philippine government has called for all their nationals to leave the country. He spoke to the British council and was told the British government is gearing up to evacuate all Brits to Turkey at a days notice and the money has been sent and is deposited. He added, “With September right around the corner I have no doubt that something very bad is brewing and will probably be here before the U.N. vote for Palestinian statehood…”

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Call for Larry Toenjes who is currently sailing to USS Liberty attack site (what Eileen Fleming conveyed about Syria above was mentioned as well):

Keep in mind that the Israel first neocon warmongers would love to continue the rest of their ‘Clean Break’ agenda ( into Syria to involve Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon to take down any threats to their beloved Israel no matter how many Americans have to die/get horribly maimed for such like they already have in Iraq which was in accordance with their ‘Clean Break’ agenda as well!:

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If there is a military intervention is Syria, then we are in for an extended war, which goes from the Mediterranean right to the Chinese border

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  • Pity that Antiwar doesn’t want to know about the hardcore Zionists supporting dissidents in Syria as they have done elsewhere throughout the so-called Arab Spring…’-strange-bedfellows/

  • Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich says:

    If they (neocons and political decision makers) believe that the American people will fall for the same lies, then America is in trouble. Whether the public is truly so gullible and misinformed, or whether the leaders think they are does not matter; either way, it is a very unhealthy place for a nation to be.

  • Todd says:

    Once all of the land, money and power in the world is given to Israel, they will find something else to bitch about.

  • jerry says:

    There’s a special spot in hell waitin’ for the Dick!! A piece of garbage that sought out five (5) deferments so he wouldn’t have to serve in Vietnam!! Forever to our shame, we let that thing drag us into a war!

  • DaVid says:

    What is the difference between a NeoCon and a NeoLib? What is the difference between Obama and Bush? Between Democrats and Republicans?

  • Tony Clifton says:

    The Synagogue of Satan, Talmudic terrorist “Jewish” zionazi psychopathic State called “Israel” is not inahabited by the descendents of the Children of Israel. The “Jewish” Narrative is a Lie. The stool sculpture deity cult, – – is inhabited by the Ashkenazim/Khazar “Proselytes” to talmudic Judaism, an Anti-Christ, Anti-Israelite, anti-Truth, stool sculpture deity cult, literally a SATANIC CULT of the Synagogue of Satan. That is why “THEY” {from THEY LIVE} Print the Currency and OWN the Media, and operate a Crackhouse called CONGRESS….to mock the Braindeadgoy, and Blaspheme the Almighty, that is what makes a –;article=138497 – “Jewish”..90% of the “JEWS” don’t have to be. Shouldn’t Americans be telling the Truth, instead of repeating LIES ??? …like you hear on Talmudvision, and “JEWPOO” radio. Free Palestine, Free America…Free The World…TELL THE TRUTH…to a “JEW” ! ! !

  • Chili says:

    I’m not very impressed with these “intelligence” think tanks who can’t even think up one fresh lie to invade other countries.
    Back in the olden days, there were skips on LP records that would play the same section over and over until you jarred the needle past the scratch. Reminds me of that.

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