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DEBORCHGRAVE Commentary: Global con (US backs Al Qaeda in Libya?!)?


Commentary: Global con?

Published: Sept. 1, 2011 at 8:21 AM

UPI Editor at Large

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 (UPI) — Were the United States, France, Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Qatar and the United Arad Emirates — the NATO-led coalition that set out to overthrow Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s regime — snookered by al-Qaida? A preposterous scenario with some disturbing factual elements.In the early 1990s, when James Woolsey was the director of the CIA, Gadhafi appealed to his U.S. interlocutors for assistance against “Islamist extremists” in the Benghazi region.Today, Woolsey is one of the leaders of a campaign to expose a clandestine Islamist plot to bring Shariah law to America, which he describes as more threatening than Communist subversion during the Cold War.The investigative reporter behind uncovering the gigantic Libyan con is Brazilian-born Emilio (Pepe) Escobar, a reporter for the online Asia Times. From North Africa to the Middle East to Pakistan, he is well known for breaking stories in the Arab and Muslim worlds.In a piece Escobar wrote for The Maldon Institute, a private investigative organization that publishes “information on matters ignored or misrepresented by the media,” he says “the story of how an al-Qaida asset turned out to be the top Libyan military commander in still war-torn Tripoli is bound to shatter — once again — that wilderness of mirrors that is the ‘war on terror,’ as well as deeply compromising the carefully constructed propaganda of NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ intervention in Libya.”His name, says Escobar, is Abdelhakim Belhaj. Few in the West and across the world have ever heard of him. Gadhafi’s fortress of Bab-al-Aziziyah, originally his army headquarters when he seized power in 1969, was “essentially invaded and conquered 10 days ago by Belhaj’s men — who were “at the forefront of a militia of Berbers from the mountains southwest of Tripoli.”The militia, this account says, is the so-called Tripoli Brigade, secretly trained for two months by U.S. Special Forces. This turned out to be the rebels’ most effective militia in six months of tribal/civil war.Abdelhakim Belhaj, also known as Abu Abdullah al-Sadek, is a Libyan jihadi, Escobar’s account claims. Born in May 1966, he honed his skills with the mujahedin in the 1980s anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan.Belhaj is the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and its de facto emir — with Khaled Chrif and Sami Saadi as his deputies. After the Taliban captured Kabul in 1996, the LIFG kept two training camps in Afghanistan, one of them, 19 miles north of Kabul — run by Abu Yahya (a high-ranking member of al-Qaida) — was “strictly for al-Qaida-linked jihadis.After Sept. 11, 2001, Belhaj, still according to this account, moved to Pakistan and then to Iraq, where he befriended Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — all this before al-Qaida in Iraq pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.The LIFG, writes Escobar, has been on the CIA’s radar since 9/11. And in 2003, Belhaj was arrested in Malaysia and transferred, rendition-style, to a secret Bangkok prison and tortured.In 2004, according to the same account, U.S. intelligence decided to send him “as a gift to Libyan intelligence — until he was freed by the Gadhafi regime in March 2010, along with “211 terrorists, in a public relations coup advertised with great fanfare.””The orchestrator was no less than Saif Islam al-Gadhafi — the modernizing/London School of Economics face of the regime,” says Escobar. LIFG’s leaders — Belhaj and his deputies Chrif and Saadi — issued a 417-page confession dubbed ‘corrective studies’ in which they declared the jihad against Gadhafi over (and illegal), before they were finally set free.”In 2007, Zawahiri (bin Laden’s deputy) officially announced the merger of LIFG and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. “So, for all practical purposes since then,” says this version of events, “LIFG/AQIM have been one and the same — and Belhaj was/is its emir.”Before year’s end in 2007, LIFG was calling for jihad against Gadhafi and also against the United States and Western “infidels.”

Every intelligence agency in the United States, Europe and the Arab world knows where Belhaj is coming from,” writes Escobar. Belhaj has made sure in Libya that he and his militia will only settle for Shariah law.

The assassination of rebel military commander Gen. Abdel Fattah Younis — by the rebels themselves — seems to point to Belhaj “or at least people very close to him.”

Younis, before he defected from the regime, was in charge of Libya’s Special Forces as they battled the LIFG in Cyrenaica near Benghazi between 1990 and 1995. It was in 1993 that Gadhafi asked this reporter to tell the CIA director that he wanted to work with the United States against Islamist extremists in Cyrenaica.

Escobar reports that all the top military commanders working with NATO are LIFG, from Belhaj in Tripoli to Ismael as-Salabi in Benghazi and Abdelhakim al-Assadi in Derna. The key asset sitting at the core of the pro-NATO Transitional National Council is, according to this source, Ali Salabi. It was Salabi who negotiated with Gadhafi’s son Saif the “end” of LIFG’s jihad, “thus assuring the bright future of these born-again ‘freedom fighters.'”

Escobar concludes that “it does not require a crystal ball to picture the consequences of LIFG/AQIM — having conquered military power and being among the war ‘winners’ — not remotely interested in relinquishing control just to please NATO. Meanwhile, amid the fog of war, it is unclear whether Gadhafi is planning to trap the Tripoli brigade in urban warfare or to force the bulk of rebel militias to enter the huge Warfalla tribal areas.”

Gadhafi’s favorite wife belongs to the Warfalla, Libya’s largest tribe, with up to one million people and 54 sub-tribes.

“The inside word in Brussels,” writes Escobar, “is that NATO expects Gadhafi to fight for months, if not years; thus the bounty on his head and the desperate return to NATO’s plan A, which was always to take him out.”

Libya, according to this prediction, may now be facing the specter of a twin-headed guerrilla Hydra; Gadhafi forces against a weak TNC central government and NATO boots on the ground; and the LIFG/AQIM nebula in a jihad against NATO.”

A harum-scarum scenario of NATO snookered by al-Qaida affiliates that can only please China.


Keep in mind that Woolsey is a member of JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) Neocon crowd which Colin Powell conveyed (in Washington Post editor/correspondent Karen DeYoung’s bio book about him) was in control of the Pentagon via JINSA/PNAC/AEI associated Dick Cheney of course as it was the JINSA/PNAC/AEI crowd which pushed US into the Iraq quagmire as well via their agenda (see following youtube as well!):

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American taxpayers subsidize Israel’s ascendancy over the US

American taxpayers subsidize Israel’s ascendancy over the US

Israel’s Jerusalem Post newspaper recently published an article calling Israel “The New Golden Country” for young people from around the world. It reports that Israel boasts an ever-increasing GDP, a strong currency, and a lower unemployment rate than the US.”

The article fails to mention the well over $3 billion a year that American taxpayers have given Israel for years, nor the fact that some of this money has been used to develop industries that compete with US companies, costing thousands of American jobs and adding to the American unemployment rate.

The story also omits the fact that Israel has periodically stolen US technology, hurting the US economy still more, and fails to note that support for Israel has cost Americans in the range of $3-$6 trillion and that these costs continue to escalate.

The article reports that many young Jewish American singles “are realizing that their future is in Israel. Since 2002, over 7,000 students and young professionals have made Aliyah [“ascended” to Israeli citizenship] from North America and the UK… bringing with them their skills…”

Many of these new Israeli citizens, the article reports, then “telecommute to their home countries, commute to Europe or consult globally,” adding to Israel’s economy.

The Israeli story states: “Many students and young professionals are drawn by the incentive of free tuition for a bachelor’s or master’s degree,” comparing this to the United States, where obtaining a degree can put many into significant debt.

According to the article, “Israel sits, quite literally, at the nexus of the world.” The newspaper reports: “This tiny nation is not only in the geographical heart of the globe and at the center of international attention. Israel is also at the very core of innovation, a leader in global commerce and technology.”

Again, the story fails to report the US subsidy of such “innovation.”

In the past ten years alone, Americans have given Israel the equivalent of approximately $200,000 per Israeli family of five. In addition, there have been weapons subsidies, loan forgiveness programs, special trade preferences, and other generous gifts from American taxpayers to Israel. In fact, despite being one of the world’ smallest nations, Israel receives more US tax money than any other country.

On top of this, a multitude of organizations contributing money and assistance to Israel have been given tax-deductible status in the US, removing still more money from the American economy. For example, donations to the “Birthright Israel” program that takes Jewish American students on fun-filled holidays to Israel, convincing many to then “ascend” to Israeli citizenship, are deducted from taxes owed to the U.S.

When Americans become Israeli citizens they retain their U.S. citizenship, allowing them to continue to vote in US elections. Such dual citizenship used to be illegal in the U.S., where it was felt that a citizen could have only one primary national loyalty (for example, in a war or other situations where interests diverged between two nations an individual would have to choose which to support). It was only after Israel became a nation and many Jewish Americans wished citizenship in both countries that a 200-year American tradition was changed.

The Jerusalem Post article also neglected to mention Israel’s attack on a US Navy ship that killed and injured approximately 200 Americans and caused the ship to be scrapped. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Israel termed this a “mistake” and gave the U.S. $6 million “compensation” for a ship valued at $40 million, another blow to the U.S. economy.

While US news media, which are highly Israel-centric in their coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict and portray Israelis as victims, the Jerusalem Post reports that “a recent Gallup survey on global wellbeing ranked Israelis seventh in the world in terms of happiness and satisfaction with their lives” (well ahead of the U.S.).

In considerable contrast, the Palestinian Territories, where the population has been living under Israeli occupation for almost 45 years, is listed as the 12th lowest population in this wellbeing survey.

Miami Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the extremely pro-Israel head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (it is unknown whether she has dual citizenship) and who has just introduced yet another bill on Israel’s behalf, has proposed that the U.S. end assistance programs to the Palestinian population, despite considerable poverty among Palestinian families, while continuing the American dole to Israel, even though Israel is listed among the world’s wealthiest nations.

The Jerusalem Post crows, “The back pages of daily newspapers are overflowing with last minute vacation deals within Israel and abroad, and it is completely normal to find that your friend or coworker has just found a great deal to fly off to Europe for a long weekend.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to suffer a growing economic crisis, numerous Americans have lost jobs and homes, schools are being closed, businesses have gone bankrupt, and many military families are subsisting on food stamps.

An increasing number of Americans are calling for an end to US taxpayer subsidies to Israel. Some go even further, suggesting that it is time to reverse the money flow and demand that Israel begin sending back some of the billions of dollars it has received from American taxpayers over the past 60-plus years.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Israel’s current account balance is 29th in the world; the U.S. comes in at 196th.


Alison Weir is president of the Council for the National Interest. This article was published on, Sept. 1, 2011, as “American Taxpayers Subsidize Israel’s Prosperity.” Ms. Weir is also founder and executive director of If Americans Knew.