Robert Gates Says Israel Is an Ungrateful Ally

Robert Gates Says Israel Is an Ungrateful Ally (by Jeffrey Goldberg)

Why They Attacked US on 911:

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  • Jim David says:

    Isn’t it funny how politicians and government leaders, after leaving their jobs, suddenly acquire this openness to speak out and say what they actually feel about the state of Israel without any fear of retribution? I wonder what it is that brings out this change of attitude once they leave their jobs? Could it be the fear of being labeled “anti-Semitic” no longer a threat? The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has effectively silenced many critics of Israel by smearing the character of anyone who opposes aid to that country. The Jewish controlled media continues to verbally crucify those who speak out against the anti-democratic power of the Israeli lobby threatening the careers of any of these brave political leaders who speak out. The extortion tactics and the exploitation used by some of these zionist groups to silence these critics is astonishing. Truth has become socially illegal in America and that is not healthy for any so-called “democracy.” I hope things change fast or we are all in trouble.

  • janet marsh says:

    What in thunder is anti semitic???? Those jew [so called] are not semitic. The Palestinians are the true semites. kennybent
    Those so called jews in Israel are Kathars. Look it up if you got the guts to.

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