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Obama Sold Israel Bunker-Buster Bombs (for Iran?)

Obama Sold Israel Bunker-Buster Bombs,7340,L-3956902,00.html


Bunker Busters:

U.S. Sells Bunker Busters to Israel:


According to author and historian William Blum, the increased co-operation between the Israeli and the US is all about Obama’s election campaign funding.

“The US has been giving Israel arms for decades and decades. This is nothing new,” Blum said. “It is not based on logic. If you ask for a rational explanation, that is not what [Obama] does. He is pro-Israel because of the money he gets in the US for his election campaigns. He gets a fortune from the Jewish lobbies and Jewish individuals.”


Breaking from

U.S. Supplying Israel With Bunker Busters for Iran Threat

A confirmed military hardware sale from the United States to Israel will not only strengthen the Jewish state’s security, it is expected to bolster President Barack Obama’s odds of luring more American Jewish voters in 2012.
As reported in The New York Times, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency confirms the United States government has sold to Israel bombs which have the ability to incinerate buried targets, including suspected sites in Iran which are believed to be part of Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.


Why did Obama give bunker-buster bombs to Israel?

USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney responds to Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain’s email to James Morris:

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 22:23:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: James Morris
Subject: Reply from Cindy McCain (she doesn’t care about the Liberty cover-up)
To: Phillip Tourney (and many others)
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Cindy McCain
Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 6:06 PM
Subject: Re: Re:
To: James Morris

The fact that you continue to talk about my dead father in law is incredible. PLEASE! I don’t care about this issue. Do you want me to email garbage about your mother and father. Really James. Use your manners. My father in law was a 4 star Admiral of great distinction and a fine man. I loved him dearly. Please leave my family alone. I realize you hate my husband Your perogitive. But my dead father inlaw is off limits and in very poor taste. James i have asked and begged a thousand different ways. If you want your book…stop.

On Sep 12, 2011, at 03:53 PM, James Morris  wrote:

As soon as I send you the youtube (mentioned in the prior email send below) which includes my call about John and his Father’s part in the cover-up of the USS Liberty I won’t contact you again. I just want you to receive the youtube from me first after it is finished soon rather than have someone else send it to you after seeing it on the Web somewhere. It is going to be powerful and will be sent to John’s office as well as to other Congressional reps demanding that they stop covering up for Israel’s murder of American sailors and marines and investigate the USS Liberty to take testimony from the survivors while they are still alive. I just saw last night (via the following URL from a Coronado newspaper) that Captain Boston’s wife passed away earlier this year which saddened me:
Emma Boston:
What I mentioned in the call for the memorial (you can listen to the memorial to include my call via clicking on the John Gidusko link at the following URL if interested):
USS Liberty Memorial Service:
Again, I won’t contact you again after I send you that youtube link in the next email. It will be added to the youtubes linked in the right margin of investigateliberty as well. I do hope you go through (at your convenience) what is linked and posted at the following URL since John and his admiral Father were/have been involved with the USS Liberty cover-up which is a disgrace:
James and John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)
Incredible how John and his Father covered up the Israeli murder of American sailors and marines after reading what Liberty survivor Lloyd Painter (whom I am in touch with as well) wrote via the following declaration (especially at the end):
Read the following by Lloyd Painter who was an officer on the USS Liberty and saw the Israelis machine gun the Liberty’s liferafts but such testimony was left out of the sham Naval Court of Inquiry which John and his Father stand/stood behind for Israel and the Israel firsters in the USA (will be interesting if you have your son continue the cover-up or seek justice for the crew while at least some of them are still alive):
John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!
Take care.

The following can be found after doing a Google/Yahoo search for ‘Cindy McCain USS Liberty’:

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney responds to Cindy McCain email in following youtube:

Cindy McCain on the LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”

Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Israel murdering US Navy sailors & marines

USS Davis’ Larry Broyles’ response to Cindy McCain on not caring about USS Liberty cover-up (USS Davis was first ship to get to the USS Liberty after she was deliberately attacked by Israel) as Larry’s response to Cindy McCain is included near the end of the youtube:
Interview with Larry Broyles (part 2) as Cindy McCain’s email mentioned as well:
USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Interviews Larry Broyles on the RBN NETWORK(Part 1):

USS Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney and James Morris hosted the Officer Jack McLamb program Thursday night where they had the opportunity to discuss Cindy McCain’s email:

Following is the direct URL to the youtube linked at the above URL:
Following is an archive link for the entire broadcast:
James Morris confronts John McCain about his ongoing association with the USS Liberty cover-up & Media Accomplices:

[[Big, big articles by AFP re interviews with Phil Tourney and James Morris]]

McCain, Bachmann Confronted Over USS Liberty ‘Incident’

Michele Bachmann Called Out (following referenced in above AFP article):

McCain, NeoCons, the Israel Lobby Ron Paul Weekly Standard (John McCain and Captain Ward Boston mentioned)

Humanitarian Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Palestinian children starving in Gaza (USS Liberty mentioned too):
Additional at following URL:
 USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Interviews Tom Gosinski about Cindy McCain’s painkiller addiction (USS Liberty cover-up mentioned as well):
USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney’s YOUR VOICE COUNTS program of 10/22/2011 with
guest Tom Gosinski (Cindy McCain’s USS Liberty email mentioned as well) can be listened to in its entirety via the ‘archive’ link at top of
Former US Navy JAGC Merlin Staring said USSLiberty attack deliberate
James Scott and his USS Liberty survivor Father John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)
John McCain praises Father’s whitewash of USS Liberty attack:
Cindy McCain and her neocon (Israel first) advocate husband (who basically conveyed that it was okay for the US to fight wars for Israel as mentioned on page 112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book) need to scroll down to the link at the bottom of the following URL for what is mentioned about George Washington’s Farewell Address warning to avoid the passionate attachment for foreign countries like the US has for Israel:
Read what former Republican Congressman Paul Findley mentioned about the USS Liberty cover-up:
The High Cost of Subservience to Israel (by Paul Findley):
Phil Tourney’s call for C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ (click on picture at following URL):
Following is the Cindy McCain URL via
Disrespecting the Troops, the McCain’s and Hillary

McCain, NeoCons, the Israel Lobby Ron Paul Weekly Standard:

7000 Miles for the USS Liberty:

DoD Offers ‘Error’ Headline for Disputed Attack (scroll through comments section at bottom of following URL):

Phil welcomes a young veteran named Bryce to share his experiences on duty in Afghanistan, and the long-lasting effects on his life. Bryce is a special guest; he is Phil’s son (my call for Bryce comes near the end of the broadcast) as Phil mentioned Cindy McCain at the beginning:
Following is a youtube of the above interview with Bryce Tourney:

John and Cindy McCain (and as well!) couldn’t care less about the following either!:

USS Liberty hero dies without seeing justice:

911 Motive & Media Betrayal:

Operation Detain McCain – Phoenix – Pete Santilli Speaking (1 of 2):

Operation Detain McCain – Phoenix – Pete Santilli Show (2 of 2):

Protesting McCain – Stopped At The Gate: