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U.S. cuts funding for UNESCO after Palestinian vote approval

‘Palestinians are changing the rules of the game’

U.S. cuts UNESCO funding after Palestinian membership vote

“Palestine’s UNESCO membership further isolates Israel and USA.”


SYNOPSIS – Stuart Littlewood hails the decision by the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to admit Palestine
as a full member, and points out that membership brings important benefits,
including protection of Palestinian heritage from Israel’s malicious

“The Zionist lobby’s First Lady in US Congress.”


SYNOPSIS – Alan Hart profiles Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Israel’s First Lady in the
US Congress and the woman behind legislation requiring the US administration to
cut off funds to any UN agency recognizing the Palestinians, and one of her
major backers, Irving Moskowitz, a Florida businessman who is a major funder of
illegal Israeli settlements Palestinian territories.


Following received from General (Ret) James David who is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of former Republic Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the power/influence of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC) on the US media and political system:

U.S. cuts funding for UNESCO after Palestinian vote approval

Monday, October 31, 2011 12:56 PM
From: James David
U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called UNESCO’s acceptance of a Palestinian state “anti-Israel and anti-peace.”
I wonder what she calls demolishing innocent Palestinian homes, or stealing their land, or uprooting their olive orchards, or raiding their towns and villages, or assassinating their political leaders, or expanding Jewish settlements in Arab East Jerusalem, or blockading all of Gaza, or building apartheid walls, or restricting their travel, or unnecessary border harassment, or burning their mosques, or bombing their hospitals, bridges, energy plants, schools, etc. ?  Or even worse, the killing of men, women, and especially children?  Why is this never mentioned by our U.S. Congress or from the White House?  Instead, it is wrong for a people to want their independence and to be considered a State just as any other people would like to be recognized?  Why has the United States Congress let itself get so corrupted by the zionist movement just to protect their political careers? 
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen represents a highly populated Jewish district and receives some of the highest amounts of AIPAC lobby money.  And she is Chairman of our House Foreign Affairs Committeee?  This should tell you something about our so called “balanced” Middle East Policy.  I spent 40 years, active and reserves, in the U.S. Army but have never been more ashamed of my government and the corrupt politicians who run it as I have now.
Published 18:31 31.10.11 Latest update 18:31 31.10.11

U.S. cuts funding for UNESCO after Palestinian vote

White House says approval of Palestine as member of the UN cultural body undermines goal of a comprehensive Mideast peace plan; Germany also says move hinders peace.

By Natasha Mozgovaya, The Associated Press and DPA Tags: Palestinians Middle East peace


The Obama administration has decided to cut off funding for UNESCO because it approved a Palestinian bid for full membership.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says Monday’s vote triggers a long-standing congressional restriction on funding to UN bodies that recognize Palestine as a state before an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is reached.

Barack Obama - AP - 1/2/2011 Barack Obama speaking about the situation in Egypt at the White House, Feb. 1, 2011.
Photo by: AP

What Motived the 911 Hijackers? See testimony most didn’t!:

 911 Motive & Media Betrayal:

Battlefield 3 video game conditioning America’s youth for another war for Israel (against Iran)?!

Check out the following comment from the comments section at the bottom of following link:

Window into World War III – EA’s Battlefield 3 Announces US Invasion of Iran and War with Russia

From the ghosts of Tom Clancey’s 2001 release of Ghost Recon, with its single player campaign plot involving the exact, prophetic, Georgian invasion of South Ossetia with Nato backing that later occured in 2008, comes the latest, greatest, First Person Shooter Video Game from EA: Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 features the latest gaming engine, Frostbite 2. It looks real. but what is so interesting to me about this game is that not one reviewer chose to comment on the plot of the Single Player Campaign, with most of them preferring instead to devote the majority of the substance of their reviews to praising how wonderfull it is to blow each other up in such great detail in multiplayer and co-op mode. Not even the prestigious site’s Video Review host Chris Watters could be bothered to tell you what armies you are representing in multiplayer or co-op mode during his 5 minute commentary.

The multiplayer mode storyline has the Pacific Asian Coalition led by Russia invading Europe in France and battling NATO with American troops on the ground in France. In other words WW III. This article will focus on the storyline of the Single Player Campaign. The story is told in a disconnected, non-intuitive way, revolving around the protagonist’s flashbacks that he recounts as he is interrogated by Homeland Security. In fact the two DHS interrogator characters actively and forcefully push the protagonist and in so doing you the player to constantly reinforce your casual dismissal of the plot.

The story features US Marine Sgt Blackburn, the protagonist, and has you the player live through his quest to capture an Iranian PLR agent named Solomon who has 2 Russian suitcase nukes that he plans to detonate in Paris and New York City. As the story unfolds, US Marines conduct small scale black ops incursions into Iranian cities in order to secure strategic intel objectives. One of these missions involves your in-game character and it consists of a force of 50,000 US Marines invading Tehran, Iran without provocation to look for suspected Russian double agent/terror mastermind Solomon. You get to be the navigator/gunner in an F-18 airstrike on Tehran’s main airport. This mission allows you to discover that Solomon acquired 3 suitcase nukes. One of them is still there, and you see maps for Paris and New York City. Next thing you know Paris gets nuked. Yes you read that correctly. The suitcase nuke goes off in Paris and kills 80,000.

In response a full scale invasion of Iran is launched, and in the next mission you participate as a tank gunner in a full scale tank battalion assault into Iran as part of a multi-pronged air, land, and sea operation. Meanwhile Sgt Blackburn is desperately trying to catch up with PLR leader Solomon before he detonates the third suitcase nuke in New York City. The war escalates in Iran as US Marines engage Russian Paratroopers dropping out of Russian heavy troop transports all over Iran by the tens of thousands and backed by Russian Migs in the air and tanks on the ground in full scale war. In the end Sgt Blackburn stops New York City from getting nuked, but not before you the player are forced to shoot a fellow Marine dead or the proverbial “millions will die” scenario will happen and the door is left wide open for future Downloadable Content to weave more tales of world destruction behind a foreground of very realistic fire and brimstone.

What adds to the eerieness factor in this campaign is the way they use their disconnected, flashback method of story telling blended with the establishment view that the Homeland Security characters promote from start to finish to totally marginalise, minimise and in fact dismiss the fact that the story line is about war with Russia in Iran with nukes going off all over the West.

Below are links to the main game site and youtube clips of some of the scenes I described earlier.

I strongly recommend that you look at each link, and while you watch those video clips, think about the fact that this blockbuster, number one game was released Oct 25, 2011, while Israel is openly green lighted to strike Iran, and we are massing troops in Kuwait after conquering Libya, and major figures in our government have said that we are preparing for a major military offensive in the near and middle east, to include Iran, Syria, and Pakistan in November.

For those of you that don’t play PC or Gaming Console (XBox) games you probably don’t realise that movies are obsolete. In the same way that the internet made non-interactive TV obsolete, computer games have made non-interactive movies obsolete because in a computer game you don’t just watch, you are the protaganist in the movie. And many of todays games have plots that are determined by your actions withing the game. The point being that in the same way that movies promote mass mind control and show glimpses of the future, games accomplish the same but to exponential proportions. There are entire virtual worlds built to tell you what they are about to do, and you can go inside and actually be there. [See Fallout or Rage and especially Deus Ex, the original (Deus Ex is actually an anti-Illuminati game showing the future with good intentions)]

The way that this game (Battlefield 3) generates cognitive dissonance by turning the plot line into a picasso to distract the player from the actual plot content, i.e. the invasion of Iran and nuking of Paris, not to mention the beginning of open hostilities with Russia, will produce millions of young males with an affinity for war whose memories will blend Iran with Iraq and therefore they will eventually come to believe we have always been at war with Iran, and they will think its fun. In fact if you play the game, or just watch the mission video clips, you will see how they casually present each new major invasion of Iran and escalation of the conflict, and they are major escalations, headed straight for total global war, as if it was just routine and had always been happening. The plot never addresses a beginning of hostilities. In fact it implies that we have been fighting on the ground in Iran since as far back as you can remember. But they use all
the authority of the top game in its genre with the latest, cutting edge engine. backed by the military industrial complex, to bestow upon their version of history, present and future not only the appearance of legitimacy, but the a-moral high ground. lol

So in short, if you want to know what the beginning of World War III will look like, those video links below are your oracle into the future. And the oracle of the military industrial complex produced video game has always been right so far. I had a foreboding feeling as I anticipated the release of this game, and when I saw the plot, I was not pleased. I can’t imagine how all the Iranians must feel about the West as they watch millions of us gleefully pretend to blow their ancient capital city to rubble in Frostbite 2 3D. Could you imagine a Chinese game where the goal is to conquer as much American territory as possible, and capture as many slaves as you can catch in the process? Think it won’t happen? lol Think again.

Release Date: Oct 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 Official Website:
“Better Engine: Frostbite 2
BF3′s new technology allows you to experience superior animation, unparalleled lighting and special effects, epic scale and incredible sound design.”

Gamespot Review Page:
“Americans and Russians collide. Our Battlefield 3 Walkthrough gets you ready for the fight with info about online multiplayer, kits and equipment, and unlockable goodies.”

Video Review (Chris Watters downplays the single player campaign plot while promoting the online killing mode saying “that reason is all you need” to buy his game):

Single Player Campaign

12 Missions in all

Mission 4 – Go Hunting
Bomb Tehran, and take out the Tehran Airport in Iran with airstrikes and Iranian bogies in air combat over Iranian capital (before Paris gets nuked)

Mission 5 – Operation Guillotine
You are part of a 50,000 strong US Marine force that invades Tehran, Iran with armor support and air superiority in order to attempt to capture Solomon. During this mission you don’t catch Solomon but you find a suitcase built to house 3 suitcase nukes and two are missing (before Paris gets nuked)

Mission 6 – Comrades
Nuke in Paris (last minute of video)

Mission 7 – Thunder Run
Follow up interrogation, 80,000 Parisians dead, tank invasion of Iran

Mission 10 – A Rock And A Hard Place
US Marines engaging Russian infantry in Iran

Mission 11 – Kaffarov
Scene where they make the player shoot a fellow Marine dead or the proverbial “millions will die” scenario will happen (at 11 minutes and 45 seconds)

In the end New York is spared the detonation of the suitcase nuke. But the war with Russia and Iran is on, with a lot more Downloadable Content waiting in the wings.

Watch each mission of the game here (mission numbers on this youtube playlist do not correspond exactly with actual mission numbers in the game):

U.S. Planning Troop Buildup (for Iran) in Gulf After Exit From Iraq

U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq

US Begins Huge Military Manuevers Aimed at Iran

Coming Israeli attack on Iran:

Ron Paul: Declare Victory & Bring Them Home!

Syria says Western meddling could set Middle East on fire

Syria says Western meddling could set Middle East on fire

WMD in Syria?! ‘Nuke plant’ a ‘fig leaf for Iraq-style intervention’

Why the Israel lobby wants the U.S. to protect the Syrian people

John McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria:


Legendary investor Jim Rogers- “Ron Paul is the only politician that has a clue”

Legendary investor Jim Rogers- “Ron Paul is the only politician that has a clue”

Ron Paul: Declare Victory & Bring Them Home!

Gerald Celente Predicts Ron Paul Can Win The Election (10-31-11)

Ron Paul ignored by major media:

Las Vegas GOP debate: Ron Paul says aid for Israel should be cut 

Ron Paul spot on with 911 Motivation during CNN ‘Tea Party’ debate: 

Ron Paul Resists AIPAC/Neocon push for Iran war (for Israel) with former AIPAC Newsletter editor Wolf Blitzer on CNN

Ron Paul won’t rule out a run as an independent

Israeli prisoner swap may be prelude to attack on Iran

Israeli prisoner swap may be prelude to attack on Iran

CIA Veteran: Israel to Attack Iran in the Fall:

James Morris and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley about coming war with Iran

Coming Israeli attack on Iran:

U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf (for Iran) After Exit From Iraq

Former Obama envoy George Mitchell comes out as ‘Israel’s lawyer’

Former Obama envoy George Mitchell comes out as ‘Israel’s lawyer’

ADL’s Foxman wants Congress to sign pledge stifling debate on Israel in election debate

ADL’s Foxman wants Congress to sign pledge stifling debate on Israel in election debate

Obama Declares Victory, but Will It Win Votes?

Obama Declares Victory, but Will It Win Votes?

Posted By Philip Giraldi On October 26, 2011 @ 11:00 pm In Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Over two years ago, President Barack Obama, who had campaigned declaring that Iraq was an unnecessary war, doubled down on the war that he declared to be a vital interest, Afghanistan. Today, the United States is departing Iraq and Obama is acting like it is his decision to go, but it is only because the local government sealed the fate of Washington’s gross misadventure by refusing to grant some thousands of American military “trainers” immunity from prosecution for crimes they might commit locally, a move that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki knew would be a deal-breaker.

The United States military will beat a hasty retreat at the end of December, admittedly leaving behind a small army of 7,000 State Department security personnel to defend the mausoleum embassy in the Green Zone and at least a dozen other consular posts throughout the country, with a total U.S. diplomatic presence of 17,000. Why are they staying at all? To maintain [.pdf] “situational awareness around the country, manage political crises in potential hotspots such as Kirkuk, and provide a platform for delivering economic, development, and security assistance.” “Situational awareness” is one of the new buzz expressions used whenever a government spokesman has nothing relevant to say. You will be hearing it again and again.

Now that we are leaving, someone should tell former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz that we taxpayers are still waiting for the war’s estimated $5 trillion costs to be repaid from Iraqi oil revenue. The 4,479 American dead won’t be coming back, unfortunately, nor will the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis. The hundreds of children deformed from all the depleted uranium used in pounding Fallujah will probably have lives that are both short and tragic, as will the U.S. soldiers missing arms and legs. But it was a glorious adventure, wasn’t it? And the Iraqis will be so grateful someday.

So what is happening in Afghanistan, seat of the “real war that had to be fought”? Obama approved a surge in U.S. forces, raising the American total to 100,000 in addition to the 41,000 NATO and non-NATO forces organized as the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). There is also an increasing number of poorly trained and motivated Afghan policemen and soldiers, many of whom desert after receiving their first paycheck. All this has been accomplished at great expense, one might note: the escapade currently costs $10 billion per month, the U.S. death toll is running above 1,800, and there are an estimated 20,000-40,000 dead Afghans with at least 250,000 more having fled their homes in just the past two years.

Some are arguing that the Afghan presence was necessitated by the proximity to America’s number one enemy, al-Qaeda, both in Afghanistan and in adjacent Pakistan. They would point to the number of al-Qaeda leaders killed, including the head of the organization, Osama bin Laden. However, that argument does not hold water, as the killing of al-Qaeda leaders, which has likely not been as effective as the CIA claims, has mostly taken place in Pakistan with drones and special operations launched from bases in that country. Afghanistan has had little to do with it, and it is fair to note that the collateral damage has been incredibly high. Pakistan now has a government noted primarily for corruption. It has largely lost control of its tribal regions adjacent to Afghanistan, and there are increasing concerns about the country’s nuclear arsenal. By some estimates, 10 civilians have been killed by drone for every militant, resulting in the United States being viewed unfavorably by nine out of 10 Pakistanis.

But the White House is preparing to proclaim victory, fold its tents, and go home. Or at least it might be, depending on whom one talks to. Obama, knowing that the war is unpopular and that it could be an albatross around his neck, has pledged to begin the withdrawal of U.S. troops by the end of next year with a target for completion in 2014, a date that is conveniently after the presidential election in case he decides to change his mind. His official statement on the 10th anniversary of the war melded the usual jingoism with a little hope for a better tomorrow sprinkled in: “After a difficult decade, we are responsibly ending today’s wars from a position of strength. As the rest of our troops come home from Iraq this year, we have begun to draw down our forces in Afghanistan and transition security to the Afghan people, with whom we will forge an enduring partnership. Thanks to the extraordinary service of these Americans, our citizens are safer and our nation is more secure.” We are stronger, we are safer, we have friends everywhere, and we are acting responsibly. If it sounds like an election slogan, it should.

In the recent retirement ceremony for Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, held on the day when the president succeeded in killing his first U.S. citizen by drone, Obama boasted, “[Rest] assured our military is stronger and our nation more secure because of the service you have rendered. Today, we have renewed American leadership in the world. Today, we see the remarkable achievements of our 9/11 generation of service members. They’ve given Iraqis a chance to determine their own future. They’ve pushed the Taliban out of their Afghan strongholds….” Obama reiterates that we are stronger and safer. We lead the world.

So the White House is officially upbeat about prospects in Afghanistan, and who can’t forgive a little bit of self-promotion that is at odds with the facts? The Taliban have been pushed out of some areas, to be sure, only to enter into provinces that were previously peaceful. That’s called guerrilla warfare, going where the more powerful enemy is weakest. A United Nations report issued in September stated that violence is 40 percent higher countrywide this year than last.

And there are others who are more knowledgeable of developments on the ground than the president who are also not so sure. Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who was the champion of the counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan before he was fired for insubordination, has recently stated his belief that that only 50 percent of the military mission in Afghanistan has been successfully accomplished despite 10 years of effort. McChrystal notes correctly that the security problem is linked to the failure to establish a government in Kabul that is not corrupt and in bed with warlords and drug traffickers.

Even Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who heads that corrupt government, would probably agree with at least a part of McChrystal’s assessment. In an interview with the BBC, he said, “We’ve done terribly badly in providing security to the Afghan people, and this is the greatest shortcoming of our government and of our international partners. What we should do is provide better and a more predictable environment of security to the Afghan citizens, and in that the international community and the Afghan government definitely have failed.”

A senior British commander, Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith of the UK’s 16th Air Assault Brigade, declared in October 2008 that the war is unwinnable, a view shared by fully 71 percent of the British people in a recent opinion poll. Fifty-seven percent of the British want their government to immediately withdraw from the conflict. Apparently Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet are also coming around to a negative assessment. A British government report warns that there are “significant risks” of civil war or a Taliban takeover of the south and east of the country after NATO withdraws the last of its combat troops at the end of 2014.

Germany’s now-retired most senior general has also offered a pessimistic view of the conflict. Harald Kujat believes that 10 years into the Afghanistan War the mission has clearly failed, saying that the Taliban will retake the country “within just a few months” after foreign soldiers depart. So it seems that both the British and the Germans agree that the outcome in Afghanistan will be bad, meaning that the entire venture was a terrible waste in lives and treasure, not to mention the ruin it brought down on the Afghan people.

And even the current U.S. commander in Afghanistan appears to disagree with what his commander in chief is stating publicly about an American withdrawal timetable, suggesting that the Pentagon knows that the situation is much more unstable than the White House is revealing. Gen. John Allen, in an interview with 60 Minutes, disavowed the 2014 Lisbon Conference date for ending the war, saying “we’re actually going to be here for a long time” and that the troop levels beyond 2014 have not been decided.

So who is conning whom? Obama, who has long since given up on any pretense of government for the good of the American people, desperately wants to spin all his wars to make them look like successes. He is claiming that he made the decision to leave Iraq even though he wanted to stay and it was actually the Iraqis who forced his hand. Libya is being touted as a bargain with replace-a-despot for only $1 billion. The spin on Afghanistan seeks to make it look like a mission of mercy that will be ending soon with victory hugs all around. Winning overseas means re-election for Obama in 2012 so he can finish bankrupting the country while destroying the Constitution. But apart from the president’s claque, no one else is seeing Afghanistan quite that way, it appears, and there might even be a longing in the country for a president who will speak frankly about how badly the war is going as a prelude to getting out of the quagmire. Will Obama be able to hold on with the plausible fiction that he is presenting, or will enough of the media and public finally see through the game that is being played and vote him out of office? Or will he only be able to survive because the Republican candidate, whoever that might be, is perceived as being even more dangerous than he is? That is the true dilemma of American politics: Bad is invariably succeeded by worse in a dizzying line-up of the ruthlessly ambitious but mentally and morally challenged who seek the highest office in the land.

Read more by Philip Giraldi

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‘Humanitarian’ Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Palestinian children starving in Gaza

‘Humanitarian’ Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Palestinian children starving in Gaza:

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