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Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria

Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria

Report: Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike

Syria’s Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike

Report: Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike,7340,L-4131259,00.html

Going after Syria next for Israel would be in accordance with the rest of the neocon ‘A Clean Break’ agenda that the Iraq invasion was based on:

A Clean Break:

US neo-cons seek war on Syria, Iran

Turmoil in Syria may spill out into war for Israel

Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran

Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran

 By Ray McGovern, October 3, 2011


Obama Sold Israel Bunker-Buster Bombs (for Iran?)

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran (but doesn’t want the blame):
911 Motive & Media Betrayal:

Haaretz: Panetta Arrives in Israel for ‘Urgent Consultations’ to Prevent Israeli Attack on Iran

Israel weighing attack on Iran?

Israel warns West: Window of opportunity to thwart Iran nuclear program is closing (Netanyahu wants to bomb) – Haaretz

Will Israel bomb Iran without notifying the US?:

‘Yellow Light’ Enough for Israel to Attack Iran:

CIA Veteran: Israel to Attack Iran in the Fall:

Israel determined to attack Iran (& draw US into probable WWIII):
Israeli prisoner swap may be prelude to attack on Iran


US Gives  Israel Green Light for Iran Strike

James Morris and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley about coming war with Iran


Israel and the March to War, Tikum Olam, Richard Silverstein, October 14, 2011:  “I don’t know if Fishman, Oren, Caspit, Dagan and others are right about the oncoming war.  But their views are too sobering NOT to take seriously.  I would rather be wrong and have spoken out, than be right and not have said anything for fear of being wrong.”


Haaretz: Panetta Arrives in Israel for ‘Urgent Consultations’ on Iran, Tikun Olam, Richard Silverman, Oct. 3, 2011:

 I have been writing for more than two years about the possibility of an Israeli war against Iran (make no mistake, an Israeli attack on Iran will not be just a single discrete operation, but involve an ongoing, and regional war).  And I’ve never felt closer to the idea it was going to happen.  If it does, all of the political developments that led up to it should be fodder for an international studies colloquim on national conflicts, how they start, how to avoid them, and how needless and futile they are.
Today, Haaretz blares a headline (Hebrew print edition only) for a story by Amos Harel:
Second Meeting in Two Weeks:
U.S. Defense Secretary Arrives for Urgent Consultation on Iran
This is no ordinary meeting.  As Harel’s story notes, it’s the second meeting between Panetta and Barak in two weeks.  His first was in Washington DC, during which he also met with the new CIA director, David Petraeus.  Tomorrow’s meeting threatens to be a make or break one, during which Israel will argue for an attack and Panetta will (hopefully) attempt to dissuade them:
Barak and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are believed to favor an Israeli strike on Iran, while the Obama administration has gone out of its way to voice its objection to such a move. Panetta’s predecessor at the Defense Department, Robert Gates, has repeatedly reiterated his objection to an Israeli strike, claiming that such a move would have severe consequences.
Admiral Michael Mullen, who last month stepped down from his role as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, has passed numerous messages to Netanyahu, clarifying that Israel does not have a “green light” to attack Iran.
Lately the administration has refrained from direct remarks about a possible Israeli strike.
Gee, why do you think that is?  Because Obama, with falling popularity ratings especially within the Jewish community, doesn’t feel strong enough to step in front of this oncoming train (wreck).  And possibly because he doesn’t oppose it nearly as strongly as he should.  Obama’s seen his poll numbers rise with his lethal approach to alleged anti-American terrorists.  Part of him at the least, must believe that unleashing Israel on the Iranians can’t hurt him with security-hawk voters.  Of course, Obama forgets or doesn’t care about the impact it will have on his progressive-liberal base.  He either takes them for granted, believes they have nowhere else to go, or thinks they’re insignificant.
I’ve been reporting here on numerous Israeli media sources who’ve noted the increasing apocalyptical rhetoric from both Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu concerning the Iranian threat to Israel.  Never have a I read so many Israeli commentators reporting virtually the same portraits of leaders ready for war, and at the same time.  It’s ominous, I tell you.
Yaakov Katz, who is a veteran hawkish military correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, also reports today:
One of the last times Leon Panetta came to Israel was to stop the country from attacking Iran.  It was May 2009 and the then-CIA chief was reportedly sent to Israel to ensure the new government in Jerusalem was not planning unilateral action against the Islamic Republic.
…On Monday, Panetta will again arrive in Israel, although this time as secretary of defense…When he sits down for talks with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Iran will again feature prominently on the agenda.  What he will find, though, might not be to his liking.
According to some estimations, the chances of an Israeli strike against Iran might be growing…Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan’s recent warning that with him, former IDF chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi and former Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yuval Diskin no longer in office there is no one left capable of standing up to Barak and Netanyahu if they should decide to take action.
…Panetta will likely use this visit to try and [sic] ease Israeli concerns and tensions…He will also look for assurances that Israel will not surprise America.
Katz claims that Israel hasn’t yet given up on the efficacy of sanctions.  But U.S. defense secretaries don’t meet their Israeli counterparts twice in two weeks and fly half way around the world in order to discuss sanctions.  I smell war in the air.  God, I hope I’m wrong.  So many will die if I’m not, and needlessly so.

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Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran

 By Ray McGovern, October 3, 2011

Obama Sold Israel Bunker-Buster Bombs (for Iran?)

US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran 

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran (but doesn’t want the blame):
911 Motive & Media Betrayal:

Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”

Cindy McCain’s email to James Morris:

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 22:23:17 -0700 (PDT)

From: James Morris  Subject: Reply from Cindy McCain (she doesn’t care about the Liberty cover-up)

To: Phillip Tourney (USS Liberty Survivor & three time USS Liberty Veterans Association president as he mentioned in youtube at


———- Forwarded message ———-


From: Cindy McCain

Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 6:06 PM

Subject: Re: Re:  To: James Morris

The fact that you continue to talk about my dead father in law is incredible. PLEASE! I don’t care about this issue. Do you want me to email garbage about your mother and father. Really James. Use your manners. My father in law was a 4 star Admiral of great distinction and a fine man. I loved him dearly. Please leave my family alone. I realize you hate my husband Your perogitive. But my dead father inlaw is off limits and in very poor taste. James i have asked and begged a thousand different ways. If you want your book…stop.


On Sep 12, 2011, at 03:53 PM, James Morris  wrote:



As soon as I send you the youtube (mentioned in the prior email send below) which includes my call about John and his Father’s part in the cover-up of the USS Liberty I won’t contact you again. I just want you to receive the youtube from me first after it is finished soon rather than have someone else send it to you after seeing it on the Web somewhere. It is going to be powerful and will be sent to John’s office as well as to other Congressional reps demanding that they stop covering up for Israel’s murder of American sailors and marines and investigate the USS Liberty to take testimony from the survivors while they are still alive. I just saw last night (via the following URL from a Coronado newspaper) that Captain Boston’s wife passed away earlier this year which saddened me:

Emma Boston:

What I mentioned in the call for the memorial (you can listen to the memorial to include my call via clicking on the John Gidusko link at the following URL if interested):


USS Liberty Memorial Service:


Again, I won’t contact you again after I send you that youtube link in the next email. It will be added to the youtubes linked in the right margin of as well. I do hope you go through (at your convenience) what is linked and posted at the following URL since John and his admiral Father were/have been involved with the USS Liberty cover-up which is a disgrace:

James and John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)

Incredible how John and his Father covered up the Israeli murder of American sailors and marines after reading what Liberty survivor Lloyd Painter (whom I am in touch with as well) wrote via the following declaration (especially at the end):

Read the following by Lloyd Painter who was an officer on the USS Liberty and saw the Israelis machine gun the Liberty’s liferafts but such testimony was left out of the sham Naval Court of Inquiry which John and his Father stand/stood behind for Israel and the Israel firsters in the USA (will be interesting if you have your son continue the cover-up or seek justice for the crew while at least some of them are still alive): exhibit%252010.pdf

John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!


Take care.




Cindy McCain selected as spokesperson for Blue Star Mothers of America as I assume USS Liberty survivors might have something to say about such after what she conveyed in the email to James Morris at as one can read about her new role at following link if interested further:

Cindy McCain selected Blue Star spokesperson:

See Philip Tourney’s email to Blue Star Mothers of America (via Judy Dorsey who is the current president) at following link:

Cindy McCain selected Blue Star Mothers ( spokesperson:

Cindy McCain’s new role at top of following Facebook page for Blue Star Mothers of America:

Following is the direct link to the post which one can get to via clicking on it after signing into their Facebook account if you would like to post a comment there as well in support of the USS Liberty crew:

The Facebook page for Blue Star Mothers of America is censoring posts and even ended up deleting the above post after comments about Cindy McCain and John McCain betraying USS Liberty Sailors and Marines were posted to it. The following was posted to the Blue Star Mothers of America Facebook page but comments are already being deleted from it as well and any poster is then prevented from making any additional posts:

Cindy McCain/Blue Star Mothers Group Refuse To Help USS Liberty Survivors:

The following shows up after doing a Google/Yahoo search for ‘Cindy McCain USS Liberty’!:

Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”:

Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Israel murdering US Navy sailors & marines:


Cindy McCain says she doesn’t care about dead US sailors


USS Liberty survivor @PhillipTourney talks about Cindy McCain (@CindyhM1) with Ray Hanania (March 25th, 2012):


Check out the following post by USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors to that Piers Morgan Tonight Facebook thread (about Cindy McCain’s recent appearance on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ via  which has over 300 comments!:


USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors wrote: For those interested, a copy of what I posted on Cindy McCain’s Facebook page and was subsequently removed is available at &


USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors’ Petition to investigate the USS Liberty (Please click on this and sign the petition for the sake of our country and our middle east policy).


USS Davis’ Larry Broyles’ response to Cindy McCain on not caring about USS Liberty cover-up (USS Davis was first ship to get to the USS Liberty after she was deliberately attacked by Israel) as Larry’s response to Cindy McCain is included near the end of the youtube:


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney’ Interview with Larry Broyles (part 2) as Cindy McCain’s email mentioned as well:


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Interviews Larry Broyles on the RBN NETWORK (Part 1):


Cindy McCain on the LIBERTY COVERUP, Why was there a coverup in the first place?


Liberty Survivors Invoke Benghazi, Demand Hearings:

Following comment shows in comments section at botom of above article:

WHY McCain doesn’t want to talk: –

There are Two Main reasons why Senator John McCain wants to keep the attack on the USS Liberty buried.

1-  McCain’s Father (Admiral John S McCain) was in charge of US Naval Forces in Europe at the time of the attack and Admiral McCain was involved in the COVER-UP, of the attack on the Liberty.

2-  In America, huge sums of Money are needed to Win Elections at the National Level.  (Congress, President)   Wealthy American Jews give huge sums of Cash to Pro-Israeli Congressmen and Congresswomen.   Anyone deemed to be “anti-Israel” is cut off from Funding.  As a result, it’s very hard to Win an Election at the National Level, unless the candidate is a full time stooge to the powerful US Israeli Lobby.  (AIPAC)


USS Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney and James Morris hosted the Officer Jack McLamb program Thursday night where they had the opportunity to discuss Cindy McCain’s email:


Following is the direct URL to the youtube linked at the above URL:


Following is an archive link for the entire broadcast:


James Morris confronts John McCain about his ongoing association with the USS Liberty cover-up & Media Accomplices:


Additional at


Captain Ward Boston’s daughter on USS Liberty cover-up by Senator John McCain and his admiral Father:

Following is a youtube of the above:


Additional about Captain Ward Boston at

New USS Liberty documentary (‘The Day Israel Attacked America’):

Humanitarian Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Palestinian children starving in Gaza (USS Liberty mentioned too):


Additional at following URL:


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Interviews Tom Gosinski about Cindy McCain (USS Liberty cover-up mentioned as well):


USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney’s YOUR VOICE COUNTS program of 10/22/2011 with guest Tom Gosinski (Cindy McCain’s USS Liberty email mentioned as well) can be listened to in its entirety via the ‘archive’ link at top of


USS Liberty Memorial Service:


Former US Navy JAGC Merlin Staring said USS Liberty attack deliberate


Six Days of War, 40 Years of Secrecy:


James Scott and his USS Liberty survivor Father John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)


John McCain praises Father’s whitewash of USS Liberty attack:


Cindy McCain and her neocon (Israel first) advocate husband (who basically conveyed that it was okay for the US to fight wars for Israel as mentioned on page 112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book) need to scroll down to the link at the bottom of the following URL for what is mentioned about George Washington’s Farewell Address warning to avoid the passionate attachment for foreign countries like the US has for Israel:


Read what former Republican Congressman Paul Findley mentioned about the USS Liberty cover-up:


The High Cost of Subservience to Israel (by Paul Findley):





[[Big, big articles by AFP re interviews with Phil Tourney and James Morris]]

McCain, Bachmann Confronted Over USS Liberty ‘Incident’

Michele Bachmann Called Out (following referenced in above AFP article):

McCain, NeoCons, the Israel Lobby Ron Paul Weekly Standard (John McCain and Captain Ward Boston mentioned)

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney’s call for Eric Margolis on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ (click on picture at following URL):


‘USS Liberty’ veterans demand investigation:


Disrespecting the Troops, the McCain’s and Hillary:

7000 Miles for the USS Liberty:

DoD Offers ‘Error’ Headline for Disputed Attack (scroll through comments section at bottom of following URL):

Phil welcomes a young veteran named Bryce to share his experiences on duty in Afghanistan, and the long-lasting effects on his life. Bryce is a special guest; he is Phil’s son (my call for Bryce comes near the end of the broadcast) as Phil mentioned Cindy McCain at the beginning:


Following is a youtube of the above interview with Bryce Tourney:

John and Cindy McCain (and as well!) couldn’t care less about the following either!:

USS Liberty hero dies without seeing justice:

Former CIA Bin Laden unit head schools neocon mouthpiece/toady John McCain on Al Qaeda terrorism motive at following link:

911 Motive & Media Betrayal:

Ron Paul vs the Israel 1st Neocon toadies:

Neocon Warmongers: