Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”

Cindy McCain’s email to James Morris:

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 22:23:17 -0700 (PDT)

From: James Morris  Subject: Reply from Cindy McCain (she doesn’t care about the Liberty cover-up)

To: Phillip Tourney (USS Liberty Survivor & three time USS Liberty Veterans Association president as he mentioned in youtube at


———- Forwarded message ———-


From: Cindy McCain

Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 6:06 PM

Subject: Re: Re:  To: James Morris

The fact that you continue to talk about my dead father in law is incredible. PLEASE! I don’t care about this issue. Do you want me to email garbage about your mother and father. Really James. Use your manners. My father in law was a 4 star Admiral of great distinction and a fine man. I loved him dearly. Please leave my family alone. I realize you hate my husband Your perogitive. But my dead father inlaw is off limits and in very poor taste. James i have asked and begged a thousand different ways. If you want your book…stop.


On Sep 12, 2011, at 03:53 PM, James Morris  wrote:



As soon as I send you the youtube (mentioned in the prior email send below) which includes my call about John and his Father’s part in the cover-up of the USS Liberty I won’t contact you again. I just want you to receive the youtube from me first after it is finished soon rather than have someone else send it to you after seeing it on the Web somewhere. It is going to be powerful and will be sent to John’s office as well as to other Congressional reps demanding that they stop covering up for Israel’s murder of American sailors and marines and investigate the USS Liberty to take testimony from the survivors while they are still alive. I just saw last night (via the following URL from a Coronado newspaper) that Captain Boston’s wife passed away earlier this year which saddened me:

Emma Boston:

What I mentioned in the call for the memorial (you can listen to the memorial to include my call via clicking on the John Gidusko link at the following URL if interested):


USS Liberty Memorial Service:


Again, I won’t contact you again after I send you that youtube link in the next email. It will be added to the youtubes linked in the right margin of as well. I do hope you go through (at your convenience) what is linked and posted at the following URL since John and his admiral Father were/have been involved with the USS Liberty cover-up which is a disgrace:

James and John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)

Incredible how John and his Father covered up the Israeli murder of American sailors and marines after reading what Liberty survivor Lloyd Painter (whom I am in touch with as well) wrote via the following declaration (especially at the end):

Read the following by Lloyd Painter who was an officer on the USS Liberty and saw the Israelis machine gun the Liberty’s liferafts but such testimony was left out of the sham Naval Court of Inquiry which John and his Father stand/stood behind for Israel and the Israel firsters in the USA (will be interesting if you have your son continue the cover-up or seek justice for the crew while at least some of them are still alive): exhibit%252010.pdf

John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!


Take care.




Cindy McCain selected as spokesperson for Blue Star Mothers of America as I assume USS Liberty survivors might have something to say about such after what she conveyed in the email to James Morris at as one can read about her new role at following link if interested further:

Cindy McCain selected Blue Star spokesperson:

See Philip Tourney’s email to Blue Star Mothers of America (via Judy Dorsey who is the current president) at following link:

Cindy McCain selected Blue Star Mothers ( spokesperson:

Cindy McCain’s new role at top of following Facebook page for Blue Star Mothers of America:

Following is the direct link to the post which one can get to via clicking on it after signing into their Facebook account if you would like to post a comment there as well in support of the USS Liberty crew:

The Facebook page for Blue Star Mothers of America is censoring posts and even ended up deleting the above post after comments about Cindy McCain and John McCain betraying USS Liberty Sailors and Marines were posted to it. The following was posted to the Blue Star Mothers of America Facebook page but comments are already being deleted from it as well and any poster is then prevented from making any additional posts:

Cindy McCain/Blue Star Mothers Group Refuse To Help USS Liberty Survivors:

The following shows up after doing a Google/Yahoo search for ‘Cindy McCain USS Liberty’!:

Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”:

Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Israel murdering US Navy sailors & marines:


Cindy McCain says she doesn’t care about dead US sailors


USS Liberty survivor @PhillipTourney talks about Cindy McCain (@CindyhM1) with Ray Hanania (March 25th, 2012):


Check out the following post by USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors to that Piers Morgan Tonight Facebook thread (about Cindy McCain’s recent appearance on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ via  which has over 300 comments!:


USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors wrote: For those interested, a copy of what I posted on Cindy McCain’s Facebook page and was subsequently removed is available at &


USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors’ Petition to investigate the USS Liberty (Please click on this and sign the petition for the sake of our country and our middle east policy).


USS Davis’ Larry Broyles’ response to Cindy McCain on not caring about USS Liberty cover-up (USS Davis was first ship to get to the USS Liberty after she was deliberately attacked by Israel) as Larry’s response to Cindy McCain is included near the end of the youtube:


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney’ Interview with Larry Broyles (part 2) as Cindy McCain’s email mentioned as well:


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Interviews Larry Broyles on the RBN NETWORK (Part 1):


Cindy McCain on the LIBERTY COVERUP, Why was there a coverup in the first place?


Liberty Survivors Invoke Benghazi, Demand Hearings:

Following comment shows in comments section at botom of above article:

WHY McCain doesn’t want to talk: –

There are Two Main reasons why Senator John McCain wants to keep the attack on the USS Liberty buried.

1-  McCain’s Father (Admiral John S McCain) was in charge of US Naval Forces in Europe at the time of the attack and Admiral McCain was involved in the COVER-UP, of the attack on the Liberty.

2-  In America, huge sums of Money are needed to Win Elections at the National Level.  (Congress, President)   Wealthy American Jews give huge sums of Cash to Pro-Israeli Congressmen and Congresswomen.   Anyone deemed to be “anti-Israel” is cut off from Funding.  As a result, it’s very hard to Win an Election at the National Level, unless the candidate is a full time stooge to the powerful US Israeli Lobby.  (AIPAC)


USS Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney and James Morris hosted the Officer Jack McLamb program Thursday night where they had the opportunity to discuss Cindy McCain’s email:


Following is the direct URL to the youtube linked at the above URL:


Following is an archive link for the entire broadcast:


James Morris confronts John McCain about his ongoing association with the USS Liberty cover-up & Media Accomplices:


Additional at


Captain Ward Boston’s daughter on USS Liberty cover-up by Senator John McCain and his admiral Father:

Following is a youtube of the above:


Additional about Captain Ward Boston at

New USS Liberty documentary (‘The Day Israel Attacked America’):

Humanitarian Cindy McCain doesn’t care about Palestinian children starving in Gaza (USS Liberty mentioned too):


Additional at following URL:


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Interviews Tom Gosinski about Cindy McCain (USS Liberty cover-up mentioned as well):


USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney’s YOUR VOICE COUNTS program of 10/22/2011 with guest Tom Gosinski (Cindy McCain’s USS Liberty email mentioned as well) can be listened to in its entirety via the ‘archive’ link at top of


USS Liberty Memorial Service:


Former US Navy JAGC Merlin Staring said USS Liberty attack deliberate


Six Days of War, 40 Years of Secrecy:


James Scott and his USS Liberty survivor Father John Scott on FOX NEWS on USS Liberty attack (and cover-up)


John McCain praises Father’s whitewash of USS Liberty attack:


Cindy McCain and her neocon (Israel first) advocate husband (who basically conveyed that it was okay for the US to fight wars for Israel as mentioned on page 112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book) need to scroll down to the link at the bottom of the following URL for what is mentioned about George Washington’s Farewell Address warning to avoid the passionate attachment for foreign countries like the US has for Israel:


Read what former Republican Congressman Paul Findley mentioned about the USS Liberty cover-up:


The High Cost of Subservience to Israel (by Paul Findley):





[[Big, big articles by AFP re interviews with Phil Tourney and James Morris]]

McCain, Bachmann Confronted Over USS Liberty ‘Incident’

Michele Bachmann Called Out (following referenced in above AFP article):

McCain, NeoCons, the Israel Lobby Ron Paul Weekly Standard (John McCain and Captain Ward Boston mentioned)

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney’s call for Eric Margolis on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ (click on picture at following URL):


‘USS Liberty’ veterans demand investigation:


Disrespecting the Troops, the McCain’s and Hillary:

7000 Miles for the USS Liberty:

DoD Offers ‘Error’ Headline for Disputed Attack (scroll through comments section at bottom of following URL):

Phil welcomes a young veteran named Bryce to share his experiences on duty in Afghanistan, and the long-lasting effects on his life. Bryce is a special guest; he is Phil’s son (my call for Bryce comes near the end of the broadcast) as Phil mentioned Cindy McCain at the beginning:


Following is a youtube of the above interview with Bryce Tourney:

John and Cindy McCain (and as well!) couldn’t care less about the following either!:

USS Liberty hero dies without seeing justice:

Former CIA Bin Laden unit head schools neocon mouthpiece/toady John McCain on Al Qaeda terrorism motive at following link:

911 Motive & Media Betrayal:

Ron Paul vs the Israel 1st Neocon toadies:

Neocon Warmongers:

39 Responses to “Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.””

  • Why should anyone be surprised? John “Bomb,Bomb, Bomb Iran” McCain delighted neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) by campaigning in 2008 for 100 years more of endless wars. Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain included many Republican, Vietnam veterans. One of their bumper stickers was: Insane McCain.

    Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

  • Patriot says:

    Paul, take a look at the following youtube when you can as page 112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book ( conveys how McCain told a group of Israel firsters that it was okay for the US to fight wars for Israel!:

    McCain, NeoCons, the Israel Lobby Ron Paul Weekly Standard:

    Liberty Cover-Up and John McCain’s Conscience

    Following article by Jeff Gates seems to be spot on as well:

    John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 4)

    Saw the following by Jeff Gates as well:

    John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 1):

    I think the pic of McCain at the following URL might just tell one all they need to know:

  • That interview you did was EXCELLENT! James. Im convinced she either had to retract because of her questioning her husband or he got in her accounts and wrote those responses.

  • Patriot says:

    John McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria (for AIPAC/Israel and the neocons yet again of course!):

  • Patriot says:


    From: Phillip Tourney
    To: Jesse Canella (CEO of
    Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2011 3:25 PM

    Dear Mr. Canella,

    I noticed you did not respond to my FIRST tweet and will not accept any tweets from me. I only sent you one. That is all well and good if you choose not to receive any tweets from me. In your statement of purpose you say you represent all veterans and their needs. Sir, I respectfully disagree with you. You do not represent or respect the veterans that served aboard the USS LIBERTY. Is it because we were attacked by our so-called ally, Israel? If so, you are just as guilty of covering up the murder of my 34 shipmates, sailors and marines alike, all for the sake of Israel. The USS LIBERTY is one of the most decorated ships in naval history. How can you diss the American sailors and marines who were slaughtered in an act of war against our country by a foreign government? Who comes first in America, Americans or Israel? That is a simple question. They are supposed to be our most valued ally, but yet, they get by with murdering Americans. Admiral John McCain, Jr. was in charge of the board of inquiry, which lasted a total of 7 days. He was the leadman in the attack and the recall of the rescue aircraft that left us out there to die and the cover up. Our ship had a 40′ x 40′ hole in her starboard side, over 850 rocket and canon holes in her, over 5000 armor piercing bullets penetrating her sides, napalm burning us up as we put over our only 3 life rafts. The Israelis machine gunned our life rafts, sunk two and took one aboard their boat. Captain Ward Boston, chief legal counsel to Admiral McCain and Admiral Kidd, recanted the sham board of inquiry as a whitewash and cover up of cold-blooded murder. Need I say more? The government of that day and the government of today has not change at all. The cover up continues, all for the benefit of Israel. We are in two wars, all for the sake of Israel. We just lost 13 Americans yesterday in Afghanistan, all for the benefit of Israel. Now that you know part of the story, this very ugly part of history, please do not disrespect the USS LIBERTY and her crew. We didn’t kill anyone, Israel did all the killing. All we want is our day in court. In closing, Captain William McGonagle received the medal of honor for his heroic actions aboard LIBERTY. If your veterans group respects anything, please respect this country’s highest honor.


    Phillip F. Tourney
    Three Time USS LIBERTY Veterans President
    Author of “What I Saw That Day”
    Host of “Your Voice Counts” Radio Show Airing Saturdays @ 7PM EST

    CC: LIBERTY Shipmates

  • Patriot says:

    From: Ron Kukal
    To: Jesse Canella (CEO of
    Cc: Phil Tourney,
    Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 3:26 PM
    Subject: USS Liberty

    Dear Sir:

    I am one of the USS Liberty survivors, and the chaplain for the Liberty Veterans. Perhaps you have never heard our story and of course we are used to that.
    The cover up was quite well done. I have been told by some of my shipmates that you honor all vets. I suppose that is in your bi-laws, and a very appropriate and
    most honorable mission in my mind. We are very good at honoring our fellow veterans also. You see our government ignores the fact that we even exist, so
    consequently we honor our own. We have erected more memorials per capita then I would imagine anyone has in this great nation, but then we had to. No one
    was going to do it for us. Over the past forty some years I have meant some pretty gutsy people as I would call them. A Navy Chief who attended our USS Liberty
    Library dedication even thou his superiors frowned on it. We did that sir with a SWAT Team on the roof and one down the street. Can you imgine that? The pandering
    we have committed towards Israel is without a doubt unparalled. You see that is why we have done our own, because we are persona non grata as far as being honored. Maybe we could
    be of some service to you. We are the experts. I wish you well, and oh, if you want to meet some real patriots I invite you on our radio show. The Patrick Henry’s are
    there, maybe a George Washington or two. Bottom line sir is that we are the bottom line.

    Warm Regards

    Ron Kukal

  • Khaki says:



  • Cat says:

    On Behalf Of The Survivors Of The USS LIBERTY, And Those Men Who Cannot Speak: We encourage everyone to inquire to Cindy McCain as to why she recently has relayed a message to a supporter of the USS Liberty–regarding the USS Liberty Attack by the Israeli’s on June 8, 1967– that she “DIDN’T CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE”–because communicated to about the knowledge that her father-in-law, John S McCain Jr, was involved in the Liberty cover-up, and that her husband John, has praised the whitewashing of his father’s involvement in the Liberty Attack! This “Issue” took the lives of thirty-four men, and one-hundred seventy-one were wounded in a vicious attack of the USS Liberty, by Israel on June 8, 1967. The USS Liberty was one of the most sophisticated intelligence ships in the world, and was monitoring the Six-Day war between Israel and Egypt. The ship was off the coast of Sinai, in the Mediterranean Sea, and in International waters. After being circled by Israeli surveillance aircraft for over eight hours, the Liberty was attacked by the air and naval forces of Israel, with over two hours of gun fire, rockets, napalm, and then finally by three torpedo boats–one of the torpedoes striking the Liberty, blowing a 40 x 40 foot hole into the starboard side of the ship. They also shot out the life rafts–a war crime! The Israeli’s admitted responsibility for the attack, but claimed they did not identify the ship as American–even though the sky was clear, the US flag was flying high, and the ship’s markings were clearly visible! It was later learned that the Israeli pilots definitely knew it was an American ship, but were ordered to attack it anyway! Since that dreadful day, over 44 years ago–there has been increasing documented evidence–with more and more witnesses and government officials coming forth, stating that this was indeed a deliberate attack by the state of Israel–and a cover-up by the US government! President Lyndon B. Johnson recalled rescue aircraft that was sent to the aid of the Liberty, which could have prevented many of the deaths and injuries. He stated that he “wanted the ship sunk to the bottom, and didn’t care if all of the sailors were killed–he didn’t want to embarrass our ally–Israel”! The Liberty crew did not receive help for over eighteen hours. “The USS Liberty is the only US Naval ship attacked by a foreign nation, involving a large number of loss of life and injuries that has never been accorded in a full congressional hearing!

  • Cat says:

    I truly do feel bad for John McCain for the horrific experience that he has gone through, but wonder how much of that experience is possibly today–triggering a revengeful attitude for pursuing military actions where they are not warranted–actions that could
    bring us into a WWIII and destroy so many lives! Who is he to have so much influence in what’s occurring here anyway? I wonder if he has ever–or as of late–had to undergo a psychiatric or psychological evaluation to determine if he might have deep-seated anger issues related to his traumatic experience, and if his actions and suggestions are subconsciously, or consciously actually a way to achieve his own personal vengeance for his trauma suffered–and where he sees an opportunity to do so? His father, John S McCain Jr was involved in the cover-up of one of the most brutal attacks in history–on an American ship–the USS Liberty–attacked by Israel–and betrayed by their own government–and our very own John McCain III has continued those lies about that attack-and endorses the deceit in Jay Cristol’s book about the Liberty attack. 34 men of the Liberty died that horrible day on June 8, 1967, and 171 were wounded–many of them severely–but the survivors of this atrocity still to this day have not had their voices heard, for almost 45 years–it is time for us to listen now! Cindy McCain has said “I don’t care about this issue”! Haven’t we seen enough of the ridiculousness and incompetency of John McCain? He is one individual that should scare us all, not be taken seriously, and certainly does not seem to be a reliable or reputable source for where we need to go to for an opinion–or for guidance!

    You need to GOOGLE USS LIBERTY or talk to the Survivors and eye-witnesses, and hear their story– the Absolute Truth!

  • Cat says:

    Ricks also reports that Gen. Hugh Shelton, who was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001, as the US’s top military officer has less-than-kind words for Sen. John McCain, who Shelton writes “had a screw loose because normal people just didn’t behave in that manner.”

    In another part of the memoir, Shelton asserts that “[t]he John McCain that I knew was subject to wild mood swings and would break into erratic temper tantrums in the middle of a normal conversation.”

  • Cat says:




  • Patriot says:

    From Phillip Francis Tourney (the following was posted as a comment to Cindy McCain’s public Facebook page via!/pages/Cindy-McCain/221070867922965 on March 16th, 2012 and and then was deleted just hours later!):

    Dear Mrs. McCain, I am three time president of the USS LIBERTY VETERANS ASSOCIATION. I have spoken for the crew for three decades. The attack on our ship by the State of Israel was a deliberate and malicious act of murder. I can still smell the burnt flesh of my shipmates. I can smell the ordor of the death of 25 of my mates – sailors & marines – trapped in a tomb of salt water and fuel oil, caused by one of the five Israeli torpedoes. The USS LIBERTY is one of the most decorated ships in the anals of naval history. It is also one of the most damaged ships in the anals of naval history. That fateful day, rescue aircraft were recalled by direct orders of the supreme commander of Europe, John S. McCain, Jr. Admiral McCain was also in charge of the cover-up. Thirty-four Americans lost their lives, 171 were wounded. The wounds were so grave it was almost impossible to look at them. This 45 year old cover-up must end, and it must end now. Our support for the State of Israel is unwarranted and treasonous. The congress of the United States has been covering for Isreal for over 45 years. Their alliance with a state that murders Americans is treasonous and despicable. No one should be allowed to get by with murder, not even Israel. Americans should stand with Americans, not a murderous state such as Israel. They are begging us to get into another war with Iran which could be WWIII. Who wants that? If Israel wants to fight a war let them fight it themselves. I don’t want to see your sons or anyones’ sons go to war for Israel. Go to or I am a combat wounded veteran with two tours in Vietnam and a proud survivor who served aboard the greatest ship in the world.

    Best regards,

    Phillip F. Tourney

  • Patriot says:

    Take a look at the following youtube which has a former Israeli minister explaining how Israel firsters in the US use the ‘anti-Semitic’ tactic to distract away from criticism of Israel:

    “It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)

  • Ron says:

    They call it a trick. I call it a disgusting way to use other people to get your own self esteem boosted. Feel sorry for me, please feel sorry for me.

  • David Evans says:

    A couple of heartfelt responses to the callous response of “I don’t care” statement by Cindy McCain (see her email at top of

    Larry Weaver wrote:

    Cindy I AM a Survivor of the Deliberate ATTACK of the USS LIBERTY, I was not expected to Live through the night,. I have been an in-out-Patient ever since June 8, 1967–33 Major Surgeries, have another this June, all Related to my WOUNDS. I would love to see you help “US” with this investigation. I am so tired of waiting to Testify, I am the Best eyewitiness of the AIR ATTACK, I was on the fantail, and Trapped. On behalf of my MURDERED SHIPMATES & the rest of the Crew, The ATTACKERS got to tell their side but US AMERICAN Sailors have been DENIED to tell the Truth. I ask that You do more than CONSIDER this. “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND” the USS LIBERTY was DESERTED BY PRESIDENT JOHNSON–SCARY when the Commander in CHIEF doesn’t give a DAMM about a whole CREW. Thank You so much Cindy

    Deborah Langdon kindly posted the following to Cindy’s page as well:

    Deborah Langdon wrote:

    “Cindy, you need to support the Veterans call for a new investigation into the USS Liberty. That was very cold of you to state that you do not care about th…e deaths of US Veterans enough to allow a new investigation. You’d rather hide behind fake family honor when you ignor the facts. Do the right thing, be on the right side of truth. ” A communication to the Israeli Ambassador on June 10, by Secretary Rusk stated, among other things: “At the time of the attack, the USS Liberty was flying the American flag and its identification was clearly indicated in large white letters and numerals on its hull. … Experience demonstrates that both the flag and the identification number of the vessel were readily visible from the air…. Accordingly, there is every reason to believe that the USS Liberty was identified, or at least her nationality determined, by Israeli aircraft approximately one hour before the attack. … The subsequent attack by the torpedo boats, substantially after the vessel was or should have been identified by Israeli military forces, manifests the same reckless disregard for human life.”

  • David Evans says:

    For a brief video on the DELIBERATE attack on the USS Liberty which saw Israeli forces murder 34 US sailors and marines and seriously wound 171 of their crew mates please see this brief video:

    and read this brief article:

  • David Evans says:

    Following is a major reason why Cindy McCain and her husband, Senator John McCain traitorously support Israel first:

    Zionist have infiltrated and maintained control of US Congress for more than six decades, as evidenced by Alan Hart in his book, Zionism, The Real Enemy of the Jews. Hart was a close friend of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Just a sample of his learned views:

    ” In April 2010, in his book entitled “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews”, Hart wrote that “the Balfour Declaration is in the fact that it was an expression of both the willingness of a British government to use Jews for imperial purposes and the willingness of Zionist Jews to be used. He also wrote that “Zionism’s assertion that Israel was given its birth certificate and thus legitimacy by the UN General Assembly partition resolution of 29 November 1947 is pure propaganda nonsense” and that “Israel, which came into being mainly as a consequence of Zionist terrorism and pre-planned ethnic cleansing, had no right to exist and, more to the point, could have no right to exist” without the consent of the Palestinians, which they have never given.[7]
    In February 2011, Hart called for the impeachment of American President Barack Obama. Hart argued that Obama’s decision to veto the Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activities in West Bank and demanding that Israel “immediately and completely cease” all such activities. Hart argued “a president who allows a lobby group to put the interests of a foreign power above those of the country of which they are citizens, and who by doing so puts his fellow citizens more in harm’s way than they otherwise would be, is guilty of treason.” Hart also wrote that “the only thing to which the Obama administration has been deeply committed is not provoking the wrath of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress and the mainstream media.”[8]

  • Patriot says:

    Cindy McCain deleted (earlier today) USS Liberty survivor Larry Weaver’s comment posted to her public Facebook page (via which Dave Evans kindly included above.

  • David Evans says:

    There are many masks worn by those in high places who uphold false constructs wrapped in flags. It is up to We, The People to awaken ourselves to their games of deception and lies. That the McCains say they are patriots while declaring their allegiance to Israel, a state that purposely attempted to sink An American Navy ship, killing 34 US Sailors and Marines and wounding 151 of their crew mates, is nothing short of treason and psychopathy. Our hallowed Halls of Congress are full of these vipers without consciences. They all need to be expelled at the next available opportunity.

    Before ever again setting foot in a voting booth, every US citizen should be made aware of what is in this article:

  • Patriot says:

    USS Liberty survivor Larry Weaver just posted following comment to bottom of following Facebook link:

    Larry Weaver wrote:

    No surprise to me that Mrs. McCain deleted my comment-The USS LIBERTY Was “DELETED from being a United States Naval SHIP, June 8, 1967—I have found out if you starttelling what happened some inside the Beltway hear ya, until you say USS LIBERTY—after that, forget it–Whats just as bad is how “I” was treated after I got back home-not informed about benifits–then denied, took 29 Years of Denies from VA, I finially got a fair hearing

  • Patriot says:

    USS Liberty survivor Larry Weaver wrote the following as well:

    June 8, 1967 the USS LIBERTY, ceased to exist a an AMERICAN NAVY SHIP! Inside the Beltway their biggest FEAR is the “TRUTH” Thats why we are where we are! Almost as bad as the ATTACK, was how “I” was treated after I got back home–NEVER informed about Disability Retirement, VA–The GOV. Commited FRAUD, my DD 214 never showed I was even aboard the USS LIBERTY, my station list skipped over the dates I served on the LIBERTY, from my first ship USS CHIKASKIA AO 54 to USS AMERICA, where Dr. Flynn saved my LIFE. took me 29 years of APPEALS before the VA agreed that my WOUNDS were PERM. Their system only went back to last appeal (11/2 Years. I will be writing MY BOOK in the future as soon as I can get help, as it is so hard on me to relive it. SO Mrs. McCain you can delete me all you want but I WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING YOUR KIND, UNTIL I DRAW MY LAST BREATH!! Richard Larry Weaver DAV USS LIBERTY AGTR 5 SURVIVOR!!!

  • Cat says:

    – 8:30 AM Phil Tourney of the USS Liberty survivors organization discusses the online battle with Cindy McCain, the wife of US Senator John McCain whos ays she doesn’t care about the killing of American soldiers — when it isn’t politically correct. Survivors have been posting comments on her fFacebook fan page and she angrily has deleted them saying she “doesn’t care” about that issue of her father-in-law’s role in covering up the killings of the 34 American soldiers and civilians by the Israeli military on June 8, 1967. Click to read a story on it.

  • Sissy Blue says:

    I find it very shameful that the McCains are not serving the United States before Israel. Something has gone very wrong with this Nations after the USS LIBERTY criminal crimes committed against The USS Liberty our active military and the America people.

    When a country is serving another Nation before it’s own Nation it can and will not last. OMG all the proxies wars? Giving our hard working taxes to support another country “Israel” before our own citizens?

    For many years I have tried requested in writing to Senators and Congress that our “USS LIBERTY Vets” be allowed to the Senate house floor to pray as many other citizens are allowed this America right. “DENIED” The USS LIBERTY vets must be allowed this human right as they severed this Nation as our Vietnam vets were not given a heroes Welcome back. USS LIBERTY were blown up by Israel even worse sentenced to a life of hell memories betrayed by your own Nation for a racist country Israel, they were denied a heroes welcome back to in the public eyes?

    Please allow the USS LIBERTY boys the right to come pray on the house floor for our lost men who were blown up by Israel, those who died and those who survived never forgetting that shameful day in American history.

    Keep our hard working taxes inside the USA for our veterans and Social Security not for Israel, social services and veterans.—– God save this Nation from those who use us as biblical law tax slaves we will never give a dime back as it is free money to Israel.——–This is not racist Americans come first at all times.——Think about it who do you love USA or Israel, first?——-By the way it is a profiteering scam they are majority Converts used to cause conflict in the Occupied Territories…..Oh we suffer so NO MORE Wars let Americans be free No More Blown Up legs and Arms memories to last forever no more using USA as the scape goat?

    Let me warn you now SOS they are hurting America women and children inside the USA now—I know my sister is a victim of an Israeli/Zionist community was raped on life support had many surgeries to live had to learn to walk again. They as always turned it around making them the victims. She and her minor child were forced to pay close to 2 hundred thousands dollars for the crimes they committed on her by dual citizens racist Zionist corrupted Judges.————-LET THIS BE A WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS IF THEY CLAIM YOUR NOT A JEW YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS UNDER TALMUD LAWS.—-YOU FAMILIES ARE AT RISK.


  • There is no question that American Jews; who constitute less than 2% of the US population, have an unatural amount of influence; if not downright control, of various sectors of US society. Everyone here in DC knows that tthe most seditious group in America; AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Comittiee), own and operate the White House, State Dept., DOD, The Hill and the Federal Reserve. Not to mention the US media and Hollywood. This is why little has been said about the unprovoked attack upon the USS Liberty and the murder pof various US Marines and Navy personel. Its also why nothing is said of the American Rachel Corrie being bulldozed to death by the Nazion war pigs in Gaza in AD 2003. US CHRISTIANS have allowed themselves to be duped by the deceptive Christ killers, making the US the thug bully in the eyes of the world while we do the Jew’s dirty work. Is it any wonder why the world hates our guts? BEWARE: A Jew’s first allegiance is to Israel, NOT America. For further brutally honest info read my book SOS-USA because which side RU on?

  • David Evans says:

    McCain’s father and McCain have consistently put Israel ‘s wants above the needs of the United States . Both covered up Israel ‘s heinous attack on the USS Liberty:

    Now McCain is leading the AIPAC-cowed and corrupted Congress in pushing US involvement in yet another costly war for Israel . Wars and other actions for Israel have cost US taxpayers $3 Trillion to date:

    Syria and Iran are being simultaneously undermined by Israeli and US covert forces in order to sever the conduit of defensive rockets flowing to Israel ‘s victims in Gaza and Lebanon . These vital weapons give Israel pause before it launches other wars of aggression like those it launched in 2006 and 2008 on innocent unarmed people as it continues illegally expanding its yet-undeclared borders.

    The US can no longer afford legislators like McCain, who support the crimes of Israel , crimes that are making ever-more enemies of former US allies.

    David Evans
    Former Sergeant, USMC
    Member of Veterans For Peace
    Israel/Palestine Working Group

  • Grace says:

    It is impossible for narcissists to care about anyone other than themselves. Cindy is at minimum a narcissist. John McCain is a sociopath.

  • TS Gordon says:

    G’tmo -the lot! Every US politician that presumes there is a place for them to make out like Royalty in this absurd race to the bottom!

  • My Father worked for the U. S. Senate for 32 years. He was investigated by the DOJ for two years, as part of Bobby Kennedy’s, investigation into Lyndon Johnson’s criminal activities. My Father told me that Johnson enlisted the aid of the Jews, as he called them, to give the President what turned out to be the Gulf Of Tonkin resolution. Foreign aid to Israel tripled immediately after the U. S. S. Liberty was attacked. This was after, of course, Johnson’s having a big hand in John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Lyndon was well on his way to prison, and had to rid himself of the Kennedy’s. My Father was exonerated, and Johnson went on to the Vietnam War, and The Great Society. Jimmy Johnson

  • Bobby says:

    Honest to God, who is it that keeps electing, John, “Americans wouldn’t pick lettuce for fifty dollars an hour” McCain? The man is an ass, and a duplicitous phony. Since when did Americans start liking phonies?

  • Archie1954 says:

    Why would Ms. McCain care about a matter that makes her grandfather out as a traitor? Many people don’t want to face the truth and she is just another one of them.

  • A J da Silva says:

    Adm McCain betrayed the sailors of USS Liberty, his oath of office and his country following the black flag attack upon that ship by Israeli air and sea forces on 8 June 1967 in international waters. As for Cindy, I could care less what she says or thinks. And, John must have been treated with kid gloves in Hanoi because of his connections.

  • A J da Silva says:

    Cindy who?

  • John Watson says:

    It’s not about your cheap father-in-law, you bloody fool!
    It’s about treason.
    The old bastard can and should be condemned to death posthumously.

  • Ron K says:

    We were warned about passionate attachments. Do we listen? No we don’t. I don’t blame the people who have been lied to for longer then I care to mention, because some are probably writing to their representative. What they need to know is that George Washington who I believe was a Christian man warned us about. Passionate attachment is dangerous and still they wander about like a bunch of lemmings.

  • Patriot says:

    Exactly, Ron! Scroll to George Washington’s Farewell Address warning via link at bottom of

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