Poll: 1 in 3 vets sees Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes

Poll: 1 in 3 vets sees Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes


Pew Poll says 6 in 10 vets have ‘isolationist inclinations’


Keep in mind that 911 was the reason used to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq and 911 happened because of US support for Israel (see Los Angeles Times article near the top of http://tinyurl.com/motivation911 and see comments section at bottom of http://tinyurl.com/petraeusinnewstatesman):

911 Motive and Media Betrayal: http://tinyurl.com/911motivemediabetrayal

US invaded Iraq for the neocon ‘A Clean Break’ (war for Israel) agenda: http://tinyurl.com/cleanbreak

Israel might just be on the verge of getting the US involved in yet another war (how many Americans will have to die/get horribly wounded as a result?):

Israeli Attack on Iran to take place sooner rather than later?:  http://tinyurl.com/IsraeliAttackonIran

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