Romney’s Neocon Foreign Policy Plan

Stephen Sniegoski ( wrote:
Presidential contender Mitt Romney has laid out his vision for a foreign policy in a Romney administration – and it looks like it could have been dreamt up by the same neocons who guided George W. Bush’s disastrous pursuit of permanent U.S. military dominance, as Lawrence S. Wittner reports.

Romney’s Neocon Foreign Policy Plan

Mitt Romney embraces the Neocons

Meet Mitt Romney’s Radical, Right-wing, Sharia-phobe Foreign Policy Advisor
(Walid Phares-there is also Robert Kagan, Eliot Cohen, Dov Zakheim, Eric
Edelman, )
Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisers
Mitt Romney announced his shadow national security council to advise him on
foreign policy. How many of these people were against the Iraq Attaq? Any of
them? How many were with the Project for a New American Century? Don’t these
people have a college football team they could root for instead of starting

By the way, remember how Mormons like Brent Scowcroft used to have a bit of
a leg up in national security and FBI circles because Mormons were seen as
unlikely to have close family ties to foreign countries? Well, it’s good to
see that the Mormon Bias in foreign policy has largely been eradicated and
now we finally have a foreign policy establishment that Looks Like America.
[A little irony here.  Actually, it looks more like the student body of

Cofer Black
Christopher Burnham
Michael Chertoff
Eliot Cohen
Norm Coleman
John Danilovich
Paula Dobriansky
Eric Edelman
Michael Hayden
Kerry Healey
Kim Holmes
Robert Joseph
Robert Kagan
John Lehman
Walid Phares


Afghanistan & Pakistan
James Shinn, Co-Chair
Ashley Tellis, Co-Chair

Tibor Nagy, Chair

Evan Feigenbaum, Co-Chair
Aaron Friedberg, Co-Chair
Kent Lucken, Co-Chair

Eric Edelman, Co-Chair
Robert Joseph, Co-Chair
Stephen Rademaker, Co-Chair

Michael Chertoff, Co-Chair
Michael Hayden, Co-Chair

John Lehman, Co-Chair
Roger Zakheim, Co-Chair

Nile Gardiner, Co-Chair
Kristen Silverberg, Co-Chair

Human Rights
Pierre Prosper, Chair

International Assistance
Grant Aldonas, Co-Chair
Daniel Runde, Co-Chair

International Organizations
Christopher Burnham, Co-Chair
Paula Dobriansky, Co-Chair
Robert O’Brien, Co-Chair

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