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James Morris and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley about coming war with Iran

James Morris and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley about coming war with Iran

Israeli attack on Iran:

Please lobby to prevent military action against Iran (for Israel)

Please lobby to prevent military action against Iran

Monday, October 24, 2011 6:07 PM
From: “Dick Blakney”
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To Network Promoting Peace with Iran,

If you’ve been following the U.S. political process, you will perceive that the U.S. and perhaps Israel as well, appear to be moving closer toward military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which could be catastrophic.
I’m pleased to forward the October 20, 2011 post by Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in which they launch a lobbying effort to members of Congress regarding relations between the United States and the Iran.  You will see they recommend five course-of-action steps below with details. The FCNL letter is attached, and also pasted in below.


The site for the complete FCNL message follows:
I appeal to all of you to conduct maximum leverage of this effort by not only writing your letter of support for this to your Senators and Representative, but also by requesting your friends and contacts to similarly support this move.

In peace,

Dick Blakney
Network Promoting Peace with Iran

Congress: Diplomacy, Not War, with Iran, Friends Committee for National Legislation, Oct. 20, 2011  FCNL Letter to Congress: Time for Diplomacy, Not War, with Iran:–not_war–with_iran/

Dear Member of Congress,

FCNL is deeply concerned by the clamor by some politicians and pundits to take military action against Iran in the wake of the alleged assassination plot. We call on U.S. policymakers to affirm that war is not the answer with Iran, and that this alarming escalation in U.S-Iran tensions highlights the urgent necessity of establishing a communications channel between the U.S. and Iran.

FCNL urges Congress to reject calls for military action and indiscriminate sanctions, and to press for sustained, direct, and comprehensive negotiations with Iran to prevent violence and to secure lasting solutions to regional conflict and the stand-off over Iran’s nuclear program. We deplore the use of violence, and call on U.S. policymakers to have the responsible parties held accountable in civilian courts.

We recommend the following course of action at this critical juncture in U.S.-Iran relations:

1. Heed Admiral Mullen’s Call: Establish Communication Channel with Iran

Outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen has repeatedly called for establishing a channel for U.S.-Iranian communication. His remarks on September 20, 2011 are as relevant today as they were then, warning that without communications channels, there will “extremely dangerous” outcomes:

“We haven’t had a connection with Iran since 1979. Even in the darkest days of the Cold War we had links to the Soviet Union. We are not talking to Iran so we don’t understand each other. If something happens it’s virtually assured that we won’t get it right, that there will be miscalculations which would be extremely dangerous in that part of the world.[…] I think any channel would be terrific.”

2. Conduct Further Investigations of Alleged Plot, Publicizing Evidence

When asked if the “upper reaches” of the Iranian government knew about the alleged plot, Attorney General Eric Holder said on October 11, 2011, “We are not making that charge at this point.” Many Iran experts in the U.S. have raised questions challenging the allegations of Iranian governmental involvement in the plot, including: Robert Baer, veteran CIA operative in the Middle East; Kenneth Katzman, author of a book on Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iran expert at the Congressional Research Service; Gary Sick, Iran expert at Columbia University and National Security Council official for Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan and principal White House aide for Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis

Particularly given the many expert opinions noting that the assassination plot is uncharacteristic of the 32-year-old national security strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran—which has never before been linked to an attack on U.S. soil—this issue clearly warrants further investigation. We concur with former Ambassador Vali Nasr’s call for the U.S. government to “make public all the details of this plot”. All parties responsible for the alleged assassination plot should be held fully accountable to U.S. and international law in civilian courts.

3. Prevent Military Threats, Which Increase Likelihood of Nuclear-Armed Iran

Military action against Iran would likely provoke a full-scale regional war with catastrophic consequences for global security. For years, military leaders and non-partisan analysts have warned that even threats of military action increase the likelihood that Iran will go full speed ahead with its nuclear program.

General Anthony Zinni, former CENTCOM commander, warned that so-called ‘clean’ or ‘limited’ strikes could quickly escalate into a regional war, noting that “the problem with the strike is thinking through the consequences of Iranian reaction…. it will drag us into a conflict. I think anybody that believes that it would be a clean strike and it would be over and there would be no reaction is foolish.”

4. Reject Sanctions that Embolden Iran’s Hardliners, Punish Iranian People

Leading human rights and reform activists in Iran have warned that sanctions only strengthen hardliners in Iran, at the expense of the Iranian people. Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi said that “We oppose military attack on Iran or economic sanctions because that’s to the detriment of the people.” Leading reformist politicians Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi stated in a public letter that “Sanctions have targeted the most vulnerable social classes of Iran including workers and farmers”.

Sanctioning Iran’s Central Bank would likely devastate Iran’s economy and harden nationalist sentiment. As Atlantic Council Iran Task Force-member Barbara Slavin reported, “Sanctioning the Central Bank would punish ordinary Iranians, something the Obama administration has said it wants to avoid, and could undermine what had been a growing international consensus against the Iranian nuclear program.”

5. Reject Oil Embargo Legislation, Which Could Inflict Massive Humanitarian Toll and Cost U.S. $100 Billion

H.R. 1905 and S. 1048 would effectively impose an oil embargo on Iranian exports of petroleum, oil, and natural gas. This bill would impose prohibitively cumbersome requirements that potential purchasers of Iran’s oil would need to satisfy in order to avoid U.S. sanctions, resulting in a de-facto embargo of Iran’s oil. Earlier this year, FCNL joined 12 other national organizations in opposing this dangerous legislation.

UNICEF estimated that the Iraqi oil embargo contributed to the deaths of half a million children, indicating the massive humanitarian toll that an Iranian oil embargo could have.

In addition, sanctioning Iran’s oil exports would, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, “drive up the commodity’s price world-wide and result in higher gasoline prices in the U.S., of as much as $1 more a gallon, even though the U.S. doesn’t import any Iranian oil”. This rise in gas prices could cost U.S. consumers more than $100 billion a year, since, according to the New York Times, “ …typically, every one-cent increase in the pump price of gasoline takes more than $1 billion out of consumer pockets over a year.”

We strongly urge Congress to reject calls for military action and indiscriminate sanctions, to establish a channel for communications with Iran to avert further violence, and to hold all parties responsible for the assassination plot accountable in civilian courts.


Diane Randall
Executive Secretary


US Begins Huge Military Manuevers Aimed at Iran

Neocons Blame Obama for Iraq Disaster

Neocons Blame Obama for Iraq Disaster

Obama Declares Victory, but Will It Win Votes?


The Neocons have only themselves to blame for the Iraq disaster since it was based on their Clean Break ( war for Israel agenda. To find out more about such and similar read Dr. Stephen Sneigoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book (

Looks like the Neocons (via their mouthpieces like ‘Neocon John’ McCain) are at it again for Syria and Iran as well!:

US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran

‘Neocon John’ McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria (for Israel of course!)

Switching Focus from Iraq to Iran

Switching Focus from Iraq to Iran  

Posted By Ray McGovern On October 23, 2011 @ 11:00 pm In Uncategorized | 5 Comments

You might think that by now I would be so used to infuriating neocon drivel that, to preserve my own sanity, I would avoid looking at The Washington Post, or at least its editorial pages.

I have tried. But it seems that after almost a half century in Washington, and particularly after the recent rash of “wars of choice,” it is simply not possible. One has to keep an eye on what bloody mischief the neocons are devising.

The Post’s lead editorial on Sunday is ostensibly about Iraq and blaming President Barack Obama if things get worse after U.S. troops leave in December. But these days, Iran is the main concern of the neocons who infect that editorial page.

In the wake of Obama’s withdrawal announcement on Friday, the Post’s neocon editors are worried that:

Mr. Obama’s decision to carry out a complete withdrawal [of troops from Iraq] sharply increases the risk that … Iran will be handed a crucial strategic advantage in its regional cold war with the United States; and that a potentially invaluable U.S. alliance with an emerging Iraqi democracy will wither.

The bugaboo of Iran is raised no less than six times in the five-paragraph editorial. One is prompted to ask an innocent question: Which country did the neocons think would profit if Saddam Hussein, Iran’s archrival, were removed and his army destroyed?

America’s neocons apparently hoped that Israel would be the beneficiary, with a U.S.-occupied Iraq serving as a land-based aircraft carrier for applying military pressure on neighboring Iran and Syria. But you don’t start a war on hope.

That Iran would almost surely benefit the most from the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a no-brainer. And that is precisely why, before the attack on Iraq, Israeli leaders were insisting that we do Iran first.

But the U.S. neocons thought they knew better and that sequencing Iraq before Iran would be an easier sell with the American people. After all, they had already been trained to hate Iraq’s Saddam Hussein because of the first Persian Gulf War in 1990-91. In the early part of the last decade, Iran’s leaders were a much more amorphous target.

The neocons also thought the conquest of Iraq would be easy with American military might crushing not only the Iraqi military but the country’s will to fight. “Shock and awe” would pave the way to a “cakewalk.”

In 2003, the joke circulating in neocon-dominated Washington was whether the next U.S. target should be Iran or Syria, with the punch line “Real men go to Tehran.”

Also, the neocons’ top allies in the Bush administration — Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld — understood Bush’s personal animus toward Hussein. Bush once called Hussein “the guy that tried to kill my dad.” Cheney and Rumsfeld knew an open door when they saw one. Bush, an impressionable fundamentalist Christian Zionist, was bereft of strategic understanding.

However, eight-plus years later — with nearly 4,500 U.S. soldiers dead and about $1 trillion spent, with Iraq torn by sectarian and political violence and with the Iraqi government essentially ushering the U.S. forces out by refusing to extend immunity from Iraqi laws for any U.S. troops who would remain — the neocons must finally face the hard truth: Their grandiose scheme was a flop.


It is not only American soldiers who will be coming home from an immoral, illegal, and ill-thought-out war. The chickens, too, are coming home to roost. And, without admitting they were really dumb, the neocon chickenhawks are inadvertently admitting, sotto voce, that they didn’t have a strategic clue.

And they still don’t. It is a safe bet that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud associates are admonishing the neocons who still hold great sway in official Washington: See? We told you we should have done Iran first. But it’s not too late. Now we have another compelling reason to put the “military option” on Iran right in the middle of the table — and, finally, exercise that option. Or you can go down in history as a bunch of wimps.

The new compelling reason for war is that Iran’s influence in the region has zoomed in this zero-sum game between “evil” Tehran and the Tel Aviv-Washington “axis of good.” In the words of this Sunday’s Post, “Iran will be handed a crucial strategic advantage,” ironically, because of the disaster in Iraq.

So, there’s no time to waste. To warn still-gullible Americans about the dangers of Iran’s new strategic advantage, it’s imperative to enlist the neocons in the U.S. news media, those running the foreign policy shops for the leading Republican candidates, and the neocon holdovers inside the Obama administration.

Time, also, to revive the specter of Iran getting a nuclear weapon. Let’s see if neocon favorite CIA Director David Petraeus can twist enough arms of his subordinates to reverse the unanimous judgment of the U.S. intelligence community that Iran stopped work on a nuclear weapon in 2003.

Petraeus has always risen to the occasion when the neocons have wanted to accuse Iran of meddling in Iraq — evidence or no evidence.

Let’s have him issue warnings about the possibility that Iran will take potshots at U.S. troops as they leave.

And, oh, yeah, let’s get him to provide the kind of “intelligence” that will turn a cockamamie plot about Iran supporting an assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador from admittedly “implausible” status to that of plausible — well, plausible enough for the neocons who dominate the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM).

Chalabi Made Us Do It

Speaking of which: One of the Post’s most prominent neocon columnists, David Ignatius, sought out the neocons’ beloved charlatan Iraq War propagandist Ahmed Chalabi, whom Ignatius describes as “the most effective lobbyist in favor of the 2003 U.S. invasion.”

“You will not be surprised,” wrote Ignatius, “that Chalabi offered no apologies for a war that cost many thousands of American and Iraqi lives and more than a trillion dollars.  Quite the contrary, he lauded the United States for its role in overthrowing Saddam Hussein,” though he criticized the follow-through of the occupation.

Ignatius, too, raised the obligatory specter of Iran, asking Chalabi about reports that he has become “an overly enthusiastic supporter of Iran.” The slippery Chalabi replied that he favored good relations with Iran and “wanted Iraq and Iran to be ‘a meeting ground rather than a battle ground.’”

Is Ignatius, at this late stage in the U.S. history with Chalabi, not yet aware that he tends to play both ends … and then goes with the side that appears to be winning?

Ignatius wants us to believe that the mess in Iraq was pretty much all Chalabi’s fault, ignoring the painful reality that Chalabi could have accomplished zilch if not for the neocon-dominated FCM that eagerly promoted his self-serving lies.

Many of the Iraqi “walk-ins” who lied to U.S. intelligence and the FCM about Saddam Hussein’s supposed WMDs and alleged ties to al-Qaeda had been scripted beforehand by Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress.

Knowing Chalabi (all too well), Ignatius says it should come as no surprise that Chalabi remains adamantly unapologetic for the war on Iraq. But why should Chalabi be subjected to any accountability when almost none of his willing collaborators in the press have been?

Chalabi may have been, as Ignatius claims, “the secret instigator of the Iraq war.” Even so, he would have accomplished little without a mountain of intentional gullibility at The Washington Post and other top U.S. news outlets, a pattern that continues to this day.

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‘Neocon John’ McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria (for Israel of course!)

McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria

McCain: Could it be time to destroy Syria?

Why the Israel lobby (which ‘Neocon John’ McCain represents) wants the U.S. to protect the Syrian people

WMD in Syria?! ‘Nuke plant’ a ‘fig leaf for Iraq-style intervention’

Syria says Western meddling could set Middle East on fire

“Israel & Saudi Arabia Are Much More Dangerous Enemies To The US Than The Iranians Are!” CIA (Former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer says John McCain owned by the Israelis):

Former CIA Bin Laden unit head Mike Scheuer says (in following youtube) that Congress is owned by the Israelis (via AIPAC and the neocons):

Pakistan the next American enemy (Former CIA Bin Laden unit head Mike Scheuer interviewed)


This Israel first traitor to America conveyed to a group of Jewish Israel firsters that it was okay for the US to fight wars for Israel (see page 112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book – and 5,000 Americans (with thousands more wounded) are dead as a result of the war for Israel in Iraq based on the neocon Clean Break ( agenda with Syria and Iran on deck next for Israel as well per AIPAC/neocon influenced Israel first politicians like ‘Neocon John’ McCain.


NATO in final preparations for new war

Neocons’ Goal: Iran by the Way of Libya (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski):

How to Kill an Ambassador

How to Kill an Ambassador (by Philip Giraldi)

US Gives Israel Green Light for Iran Strike

Don’t usually have much time for Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories (with 911 especially) but the following was too important not to post!

Sources: US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike


Fabricated terror plot provides pretext for intervention following Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Obama administration’s fabricated terror plot blamed on Iran represents the green light for an Israeli attack on Iran set to take place within the next two weeks, according to confidential military sources who spoke with Alex Jones.

Israel is concerned that major powers like Germany are moving closer to smoothing relations with Iran and allowing Iran to continue its nuclear enrichment program unimpeded. A two month window has been allocated during which Israel has the opportunity to launch a military assault, waiting until winter when the attack will be more difficult to pull off is not an option.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit was used by Israeli hawks to convince the United States that it should green light the attack. Less than 10 days later, a fanciful terror plot involving a used car salesman was invented to implicate Iran and create the pretext for a military assault.

“In recent weeks, intense discussions have taken place in Israeli military and intelligence circles about whether or not to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Apparently, the key question in the debate was how to ensure that the United States took part in the attack or, at the very least, intervened on Israel’s side if the initial strike triggered a wider war,” writes Patrick Seale of Gulf News.

That intervention has now been mandated by the announcement of the fabricated terror plot, which was actually concocted last month but only made public now.

While U.S. intelligence officials prepare to release claims about a “chain” of plots that will be blamed on Iran, Time Magazine reports that the Obama administration is preparing to use the accusations to take action beyond mere isolation tactics.

“If the Administration fails to win support for a significant escalation of sanctions or other forms of punishment for the Tehran regime after presenting evidence of the latest allegations of Iranian malfeasance, the ball will land back in Obama’s court,” writes Tony Karon. “Having made the case that Iran has crossed a red line, he will be under growing pressure to act — or risk entering a highly polarized election season haunted by a “soft on Iran” charge.”

With neo-cons rushing to support aggressive measures against Iran, Obama will now be given right cover to pursue yet another act of regime change. As we postulated back in February last year, Obama is being blackmailed into supporting an attack on Iran as the only way to save his presidency. We also speculated that an assassination attempt would be used as the pretext to implicate Iran.

Geopolitical experts have been consistent in their warnings that Israel was preparing to strike Iran this fall.

Back in July, 21-year CIA veteran Robert Baer told KPFK Los Angeles that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning an attack on Iran in September to coincide with the Palestine bid for UN membership.

Speaking with the Alex Jones Show today, former State Department official Steve Pieczenik, who has numerous inside intelligence sources having worked in several sensitive positions during the course of his career, also indicated that the terror plot was completely fabricated and that it would be used a pretext to justify a military strike against Iran.

Pieczenik also pointed out that Israel had recently taken delivery of a large amount of bunker buster missiles.

As we have documented, the alleged assassination plot against Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, which is now being cited by everyone from John Kerry to John McCain as a justification for a potential military strike, is a complete fantasy.

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer has revealed that an FBI insider with a high security clearance told him no records whatsoever detailing the plot existed within DOJ channels, clearly indicating the whole episode was manufactured.

It has also now emerged that the alleged “mastermind” behind the plot was a drunk pothead who liked to frequent with prostitutes and was described by those who know him as a “joke”.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.


Coming Israeli attack on Iran:

James Morris and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley about coming war with Iran

US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran

US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran
Battle-ready troops on standby as tensions rise following dubious assassination plot
Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, October 17, 2011
The United States will this week commence huge military maneuvers aimed at Iran, with a massive air fleet patrolling middle eastern skies ready to land at any time, in response to Irans involvement in an alleged assassination plot that experts have labeled dubious, amidst fears that US and Israeli targets could be hit by attacks.

As we reported last week, during US Defense Secretary Leon Panettas October 3 Tel Aviv visit, Israeli hawks attempted to persuade Panetta to give the green light for a military strike on Iran. Within ten days, details of an alleged assassination plot against a Saudi ambassador emerged and the foiled attack was blamed on Iran. Innumerable experts immediately voiced their doubts about the authenticity of the plot, with 21-year CIA veteran Robert Baer labeling the story a truly awful Hollywood script.
The US military will respond this week with a series of significant military maneuvers designed to threaten Iran, including, an American air fleet in Middle East skies ready to land at any moment for any contingency, reports DebkaFile.
The United States launches a large-scale exercise over the Middle East deploying 41 giant transports of the 22nds Airlift Squadron Monday Oct. 17, states the report, adding that the aircraft will be packed with fully equipped, battle ready troops.
A further seven warships from the Stennis Battle Group will also provide ground troops with combat support and strike land and sea targets.
The Israeli, Egyptian and Saudi armies have also been placed on maximum preparedness, echoing reports that U.S. troops being sent to the region have also been put on full alert.
The maneuvers are also linked to the scheduled release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit by Hamas on Tuesday, an event that US intelligence officials fear could set off a chain of attacks in the region against US and Israeli targets. Should embassies be targeted, US troops will be in place to react swiftly.
Geopolitical experts have been consistent in their warnings that Israel was preparing to strike Iran this fall.
Back in July, CIA veteran Baer told KPFK Los Angeles that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning an attack on Iran in September to coincide with the Palestine bid for UN membership.
Whether the maneuvers are merely designed to be an act of belligerence against Iran or represent preparations for an actual military strike in support of Israel remains to be seen, but as Gulf News reporter Patrick Seale pointed out Friday, the window of opportunity for an attack on Iran is closing.
Some western military experts have been quoted as saying that the window of opportunity for an Israeli air attack on Iran will close within two months, since the onset of winter would make such an assault more difficult, writes Seale, adding that the Israelis eagerness to launch the attack has caused considerable alarm in Washington and in a number of European capitals.
Both Republican and Democratic US lawmakers have issued strong statements against Iran in recent days, with several all but calling for war. Last week, New York Republican Peter King called on the Obama administration to put troops on standby, labeling the alleged Iranian assassination plot an act of war. On Sunday, Democrat Dianne Feinstein, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned that the US and Iran were on a collision course.
US Involved in Covert Mideast War Games
You have mere Days to Stop WW3
Jewish US Ambassador to Israel says Israel drives all US policies:
US allegedly foils Iran hit on Saudi ambassador
Coming Israeli Attack on Iran?:
 Will Israel bomb Iran without notifying the US?:

Ron Paul Resists AIPAC/Neocon push for Iran war (for Israel) with former AIPAC Newsletter editor Wolf Blitzer on CNN

Ron Paul Resists AIPAC/Neocon push for Iran war (for Israel) with former AIPAC newsletter editor Wolf Blitzer on CNN:

Neocons Use Alleged Assassination Plot To Push For War With Iran (for Israel):

Ron Paul Spot on with 911 Motivation:

“Israel & Saudi Arabia Are Much More Dangerous Enemies To The US Than The Iranians Are!” says former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer (he mentioned that ‘Neocon John’ McCain is owned by the Israelis!)

“Israel & Saudi Arabia Are Much More Dangerous Enemies To The US Than The Iranians Are!” says former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer (he mentioned that ‘Neocon John’ McCain is owned by the Israelis!):

US allegedly foils Iran hit on Saudi ambassador (additional youtubes with Mike Scheuer about supposed Iranian assassination plot):

Neocons Use Alleged Assassination Plot To Push For War With Iran (for Israel):

911 Motive & Media Betrayal (former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer mentioned ‘Neocon John’ McCain as well):