‘Israel seeks to entangle US in Iran war’

Israel Seeks to Entangle US in Iran War


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Israel Seeks to Entangle US in Iran War; Press TV talks to James Morris



James Morris sets Press TV straight on who’s the ‘proxy’ in the U.S.-Israel ‘special relationship’


Press TV talks to James Morris on US-Israel Wargames


James Morris Discusses Planned U.S. – Israeli War Games
James Morris and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley about coming war with Iran

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney talking about USS Liberty and US Taxpayers Sending Billions to Israel as US goes broke:



WMD deja-vu: Iran replaces Iraq

‘Neocon Newt’ Gingrich pushed for war with Iraq and now he is leading the charge for war on Iran

AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran (but doesn’t want the blame):


US, Israel plan ‘largest’ war games


Israeli attack on Iran:


US, Israel blatantly support terrorism


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 ‘Israel seeks to entangle US in Iran war’


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  • Jim David says:

    You were terrific. Wow! I wish you could appear on a major network where all Americans could hear your words. It would be an answer to my prayers. But, this is just a dream because we all know who controls the media and nothing like the truthful words you say could ever pass their censors. And we all know what comprises their censors – if it’s not praise and admiration on falling knees for the Jewish state then you can bet your voice won’t be heard. You were great, Jim.

  • Deadbeat says:

    Thanks you for telling the TRUTH about Noam Chomsky and how’s he’s been misleading America with his “Israel as junior partner” rhetoric.

  • Patriot says:

    ‘No responsible leader of Iran would dare not to have the bomb’ — RT


    PS: Uri Avnery says Israel would have to have US approval to attack Iran but Israel calls the shots in the US via AIPAC and the neocons!

  • Tom says:

    In your Press TV interview ( http://www.presstv.ir/detail/211743.html ) you talk about Newt Gingrich, David Petreaus, Max Boot, Paul Wolfowitz, and Fredrick Kagin. Conspicuously absent from your interview is any mention of the Council on Foreign Relations. All these men are Council on Foreign Relations members. The Council on Foreign Relations played a large role in the establishment of the UN and Isreal. They have used Isreal as a tool to create conflict and war in the middle east since it was founded. The have done this to control the region and gain control of Middle East oil. This group has kept the USA in a state of perpetual war for 90 years. Four Hundred unelected members of the oganization serve as government officials and control POTUS. They move from one administration to the next and see that policies that will further the CFR

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