US, Israel Blatantly Support Terrorism

US, Israel Blatantly Support Terrorism:

Following is a youtube of the above interview:

US State Terrorism-New Analysis-11-13-2011

The Increasingly ‘Transparent Cabal’ Running America into the Ground for Israel

Romney’s Neocon Foreign Policy Plan:

Neocon Newt Gingrich pushes wars for Israel:

 ‘Neocon Newt’ Gingrich pushed for war with Iraq and now he is leading the charge for war on Iran

 ‘Israel seeks to entangle US in Iran war’

Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran:

James Morris Discusses Planned U.S. – Israeli War Games

Has a War with Iran Already Begun?:

911 Motive and Media Betrayal:

5 Responses to “US, Israel Blatantly Support Terrorism”

  • James America, do you support ISRAEL to have your sons and daugters die for this ZIONEST STATE of war and hate for man kind just for ISRAEL? They could care less about you your sons and daughters peroid.
    Well I damm sure will not ever give up my sons and daughters for ISRAEL!!!!! Wake up WORLD folks time is short we are in a time more grave than any time ever in history. To support ISRAEL your lives your loved ones lives is on the line. Pick one ISRAEL our your beloved familys life.I am so sick of ISRAEL comes frist above any thing, our founders would comden us for not SAYING AMERICA COMES FIRST NONE OTHERS EVER not even ISRAEL.The world has paid a very heavy price all for the sake of a STATE that MURDERS AMERICANS on the high seas aboard USS LIBERTY and around the world the good ole USA gives them a pass are you? Cold blooded MURDER is what is on the line your next do you get it?

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