Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran

‘Pro-Israel lobby has a strong stranglehold on US political system’

Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran:

Israeli lobbies dragging US into wars:

Only Ron Paul is not owned by AIPAC / Interview with James Morris / editor of

James Morris Examines Ron Paul’s anti-war position:

Ron Paul: Only Republican candidate ‘not owned by AIPAC’

Ron Paul stands tall at GOP debate

Would Romney Pursue a Neocon War Agenda?

Israel lobby (AIPAC, Neocons) pushing Syria regime change to weaken Iran:

We’ve been Neo-Conned by Ron Paul

Ron Paul was spot on with 9/11 Motivation:

Neocon Israel 1st warmonger Michele Bachmann called out:

 By way of deception Israel trying to drag US into war on Iran

Mitt Romney & John McCain push Israel lobby (AIPAC, Neocons) line vs Syria and Iran:


Jeff Blankfort: Israel threat to future of entire planet


Foreign Policy Experts Agree With Ron Paul’s Controversial Foreign Policy

Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in the Republican party

“Fuck You, Tyrants!”: Ron Paul Supporters Rebel on Convention Floor

Where Do We Go Next? by Philip Giraldi —

I am hoping that Ron Paul runs as an independent!:

Cavuto was Right About Ron Paul Running Third Party

James Morris on PressTV – “US neo-cons seek war on Syria, Iran”

Israel lobby pushes Syrian regime change to weaken Iran:
Lieberman-McCain Strike Again (scroll down to comments of following URL as well):

PressTV – ‘Pro-Israel lobby has a strong stranglehold on US political system’

Ron Paul slams warmongering Neocons at Tampa rally on August 26th, 2012!: &

Where Do We Go Next? by Philip Giraldi —

Mitt Romney will pursue a Neocon Foreign Policy:

Romney Embraces the Neocons:

Has a War With Iran Already Begun?:
AIPAC Pushes Hard for War With Iran (but doesn’t want the blame):

Why Tea Party Voters are Returning to Ron Paul:

Tea Party Hijacked by Neocons:

The Folly of Sanctions

By Ron Paul

We should be clear about this: sanctions against Iran are definite steps toward a US attack.

Ron Paul Statement on New Iran Sanctions Act:
American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Neocons Admits: Iran Threat Isn’t That It Will Launch Nuclear Attack
Above validates what Dr. Stephen Sniegoski conveys in his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book ( in that the AEI Neocons want US to take down the enemies of Israel because of their support for the resistance (Hamas and Hezbollah) to Israel.

Israel Seeks to Entangle US in Iran War

Following is the youtube of the above interview:

Israel Seeks to Entangle US in Iran War; Press TV talks to James Morris

James Morris sets Press TV straight on who’s the ‘proxy’ in the U.S.-Israel ‘special relationship’

Press TV talks to James Morris on US-Israel Wargames

James Morris Discusses Planned U.S. – Israeli War Games
James Morris and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley about coming war with Iran

US-Israel blatantly support terrorism (James Morris and Dr. Stephen Sneigoski interviewed):

Has a War with Iran Already Begun?:


To Americans: Israel Not Worth Destruction of US

TEHRAN (FNA)- Is Israel worth the destruction of the American nation? This is the main question many Americans are asking themselves these days while the US is in the midst of a confrontation with Iran, Syria and many other Muslim nations.

One can read George Washington’s ‘Farewell Address’ in its entirity via the link at the bottom of

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  • Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich says:

    Good interview. Thanks. Ron Paul is the only hope for a sane America.

  • James David says:

    Jim Morris did a great job, as he usually does. I wish Jim was running for President. He would have my vote.

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a daily section that is called the Truth Meter. Each day they analyze a top politician to see whether they told the truth or not and today it was on Michelle Bachman who criticized Gingrich’s position on immigration the day after the Republican’s latest debate on national security issues. PolitiFact Georgia | Did Gingrich say he supports amnesty for all illegal immigrants? She said in a PBS television interview that Gingrich “has said that we should make the 11 million illegal workers that are in this country legal.” But that’s not what Gingrich really said. In fact, he stated that he believes there are some illegal immigrants working in the United States who should be provided a path to legal status and others should be deported. He has not said all illegal immigrants working here “should be made legal.” The Truth Meter went on to summarize the findings on this latest Michelle Bachman accusation with the following:

    Bachmann has implied something different when she said Gingrich “has said that we should make the 11 million illegal workers that are in this country legal.” She has transformed Gingrich’s nuanced statement into an all-or-nothing pronouncement. And she has done so to win favor with a sector of the GOP base opposed to any compromise on illegal immigration.

    We find Bachmann’s statement misleading and rate it False.

    The reason I bring this up is because Michelle Bachman made an even bigger lie when she said tha “Iran already has announced plans to strike Israel. … “He has said that if he has a nuclear weapon he will use it to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. …

    Iran has never said this or even implied this but she got off without any challenge to this big lie. A Political Fact Finder published in the St. Petersburg Times, on Nov. 23, the day after the debate was the only source I could find that had the gumption to challenge her and publish the results. Here is the findings.
    PolitiFact | Michele Bachmann says Iran has threatened to launch nuclear attack against Israel, United States

    But we’re focusing on Bachmann’s actual statement during the Nov. 22 debate. She paraphrased Ahmadinejad as saying, “He has said that if he has a nuclear weapon he will use it to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He will use it against the United States of America.”
    Ahmadinejad has said some tough things about the United States and Israel, but we find no evidence that he has said he would use a nuclear weapon against either country. In fact, he has maintained Iran has no interest in building one. We rate this claim False.

    It would be nice if the AJC had the nerve to publish such a statement. I am too familiar with the AJC and its sensitivity to publish such truth. It will never happen, even though it’s latest campaign is to emphasis “balanced reporting.” When it comes to “balanced reporting,” Israel is the exception.

    It seems that we always hear about Iran’s threat to Israel but if you look at the past, Iran has never threatend Israel. It is Israel who has threatened Iran.

    We hear about Iran’s nuclear weapons, but Iran has no nuclear weapons, and there is no proof that Iran intends to build nuclear weapons. Iran has stated that its intent is solely for nuclear power. Israel is the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, and seldom do we hear about this threat. And if your neighbor had a shotgun pointed at you wouldn’t you want a shot gun to defend yourself? Maybe we should get Israel out of the nuclear weapons business and then nobody else would want them. I have stated many times that if you want peace in the Middle East, the U.S. must get tough with Israel. How can there be peace in the Middle East when the U.S. allows Israel to continue confiscating Palestinian land, build illegal settlements, blockage Gaza, restrict free travel, uproot Palestinian orchards, steal their tax money, attack their villages, and kill innocent men, women, and especially children? All this, while the U.S. provides Israel with more than $3 billion a year in deadly bombs, ammunition, and weaponry? We do it because our politicians care more for their political careers than they do on American values, American integrity, and American lives.

  • Ron says:

    When will this country ever wake up to False Flag operation???

  • David Strader says:

    Press TV talks to James Morris on CNN GOP Debate

    James Morris on PressTV – “US neo-cons seek war on Syria, Iran”

    Morris: Obama keeps troops in Afghanistan not to be called loser

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