James Morris Discusses Planned U.S. – Israeli War Games

James Morris Discusses Planned U.S. – Israeli War Games

U.S. and Iran to Hold Major Military Exercises in the Persian Gulf


Iran and the United States have both announced plans to hold major military exercises in the Persian Gulf in the coming months. The U.S. exercise will be done in conjunction with Israel. Meanwhile, in defiance of the United States, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has welcomed Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Venezuela. On Friday, a State Department official said, “We are making absolutely clear to countries around the world that now is not the time to be deepening ties, not security ties, not economic ties, with Iran.”


Iran says it will close Strait of Hormuz if crude exports blocked — RT


Israel pushing US towards war with Iran
Press TV talks to James Morris on Iran Naval Drills
 ‘Israel luring US into war with Iran’

Neocon Warmongers pushing for yet another war for Israel (vs Iran):



Press TV talks to James Morris on US-Israel Wargames


 ‘Israel seeks to entangle US in Iran war’


U.S. Deploys Radar, Troops To Israel


Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran:


Has War With Iran Already Begun?: 

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