Iraq Facing Civil War (Neocon inspired ‘Surge’ failed)

Stephen Sniegoski wrote:

Iraq Facing Civil War

Iraq is facing a civil war, according to leading figures in the political opposition to President Maliki. They point out that Iraq “has become a battleground of sects, in which identity politics have crippled democratic development.” As I show in my book, “The Transparent Cabal,” this is exactly what American Middle East experts had predicted prior to the US attack. Mor…eover, hard-line Israeli Likudniks, as exemplified in the work of Oded Yinon, not only expected, but sought, such fragmentation and destabilization for all of Israel’s enemies in order to enhance Israel’s security. As I contend in “The Transparent Cabal,” it was this Likudnik thinking that actually underpinned the neocons’ Middle East war agenda despite their propaganda about achieving democracy.


Keep in mind that the neocon inspired Iraq ‘Surge’ was sold so as to bring about stability even after US troops departed Iraq so it has failed like many of US knew it would!

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