GOP Establishment wrong to ‘disenfranchise’ Ron Paul supporters

GOP Establishment wrong to ‘disenfranchise’ Ron Paul supporters (by Colin McIntosh)

‘Ron Paul challenges US establishment’

Ron Paul vs the Neocons:

Neocon Warmongers:

 Steve Sniegoski (author of ‘The Transparent Cabal’: wrote:

Ron Paul Scares Israel Firsters

An article in the Jewish newspaper, “Forward,” illustrates the intense fear that Ron Paul is causing among the Zionists. It is not that they think he will become president, but that he might legitimate views that are dangerous to the interests of Israel. It states: “In statements in recent months, Paul has made it clear that he opposes U.S…. foreign aid to all countries, including Israel. He also opposes American military intervention in Iran, even if it moves forward with its plans for nuclear development, which many view as a covert nuclear weapons program, one viewed by Israel as a mortal threat.” It quotes Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL),
“’I’m not saying that he is going to win or that the GOP is adopting his views, but what he says does give legitimacy to the kind of things [Professor John] Mearsheimer says,’ argues Foxman, whose group has kept Paul on their radar screens since he entered politics.”


Steve Sniegoski wrote: While many leftist and liberal, allegedly anti-war folks are in a tizzy smearing Ron Paul, and thus serving as willing participants in the Israel lobby’s effort to delegitimize the only major anti-war candidate for president, Phil Weiss provides a reasonable position for liberal and leftist individuals who are truly anti-war and really would like the US to avoid a major war against Iran, remov…e its military forces from Afghanistan, and end support for the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. The fundamental thing I would add is that the smears have nothing to do with Paul’s actual political positions, though more than of few these, I grant, would not appeal to statist leftists and liberals. And Weiss does not say he would actually vote for Paul, but he recognizes that Paul does help the anti-war cause:

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