Obama Ready to Strike Iran Nukes (for Israel): Ex-adviser

Obama Ready to Strike Iran Nukes: Ex-adviser


 ‘Obama ready to give Iran strike order’


Israel firster Dennis Ross confronted about AIPAC association during 9/11 Commission hearing:
What Motivated the 9/11 Attackers? See testimony most didn’t!
 US military carriers on the move for coming Iran war(which will be for Israel as well like Iraq was)? 

US deploys thousands of troops to Israel


‘Mossad, MKO killed Iranian scientist’
US/global diplomatic effort to resolve nuclear issue — Lobe
‘Iran to target US & Israel for killing nuke scientist’

Must watch MSNBC Chris Matthews ‘Hardball’ segment about Israel trying to get US into a war with Iran


Obama Appoints Orthodox Jew Jacob Lew as New Chief of Staff
 Tony Chibbaro wrote:
Jacob Lew is Obama’s new Chief of Staff – he is an Orthodox Jew whose loyalty is to Israel – anyone doubt that the US will not go to war with Iran?
Oops – I forgot – we are already at war with Iran – sanctions and terrorist attacks by the US and Israel inside Iran.
Hormuz Straitjacket: US-Iranian standoff

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  • Tom Krebsbach says:

    With regard to Iran, things are becoming very disturbing once again. The following quote from a Bloomberg article makes that perfectly clear: “No one should doubt that President Barack Obama is prepared to use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon if sanctions and diplomacy fail, the president’s former special assistant on Iran said.”

    Here is the URL: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-01-10/obama-prepared-to-use-force-to-stop-nuclear-iran-former-adviser-ross-says.html

    There are two ways of looking at this. First, Obama is trying to look tough to deflect any criticism that may be directed at him by the eventual Republican nominee. Second, the statement may accurately describe Obama’s intent with regards to Iran.

    It is quite clear that the US, even after the fiasco in Iraq and the ongoing senseless occupation in Afghanistan, is still tied to a foreign policy of relentless, militaristic aggression and the stupid inclination to interfere in the affairs of other countries. Though there are signs that many Americans are disenchanted with this American tendency to be hostile and aggressive, primarily in the campaign of Ron Paul, the opposition to American conventional foreign policy since the end of WWII has not become strong enough to meaningfully change it.

    Even if Obama is only making noise for political purposes, the fact that he finds it necessary to make this noise is in itself disturbing. But one cannot discount the possibility that he is serious about attacking Iran.

    I am quite confident that if such an attack is carried out, this world will be thrown into a state of hurt and despair that few can now fathom. There is every possibility such an attack could lead to WWIII. Iran is likely quite capable of destroying US forces, primarily naval, in the area and also of destroying the small state of Israel. They are also capable of shutting down a big share of the worlds oil and thus throwing the world into a deep economic depression.

    What should be the response of concerned and moral individuals in American society?

    One could support the campaign of Ron Paul and hope that he is successful. Yet, his policy stance on so many subjects outside of foreign policy is quite distasteful to many of us.

    To my way of thinking, peace loving people should not waste time in displaying their opposition to the madness. The time to start organizing and voicing opposition to this policy should start now.

    Does anybody else feel the urgency I am beginning to feel?

    PS I am not the only one who is very concerned. Please see this opinion piece by Robert Kelley, also in Bloomberg:

  • Patriot says:

    Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in the Republican party


    Rabid Israel first Jewish Neocon Adelson’s financial backing of pandering Newt Gingrich seems to explain ‘Neocon Newt’s’ mention during the debate that the Palestinians don’t exist and his warmongering against Iran for Israel as well as well as making Jerusalem Israel capitol! Just glad that I got in the following call for ‘Neocon Newt’ when he was on C-SPAN 2’s Book TV: http://tinyurl.com/newtandisrael

    Following conveys how Adelson (and the other Israel first neocons) are afraid of the rise of Ron Paul because he is against their war for Israel agenda in the Middle East:

    Adelson is giving Gingrich $5 million because of fear of Ron Paul — Chris Matthews


    Gingrich and Netanyahu backer, Sheldon Adelson, forge strong alliance


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