Israel’s False Flag Operation Against Iran

Israel’s False Flag Operation Against Iran

False Flag by Mark Perry 
Foreign Policy,  January 13, 2012

This article in   “Foreign Policy” article describes  one of Israel’s
recent “false flag” operations. A series of CIA memos describes how Israeli
Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist
organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran. This type of
“false flag” operation was not directed against the US, but it could provide
a model to bring about a US/Iran war.  If Iranians could be made to think
that the US was behind extreme terrorist attacks  in their country, this
could force the Iranian government to take belligerent action  against the
US that would mean war. The Iranian government could not afford to look like
a  “paper tiger,” too weak to make any effort to defend its citizens.

One cannot absolve America’s government leaders of  the  responsibility for
these Israeli actions.  That the US government  fails to do anything
significant to stop such “false flag” operations  makes it appear that it
actually supports them.  And it certainly could appear this way to the
Iranians. In fact, since Israel is allegedly America’s close ally, the US
should demand that it stop any type of terrorism against Iran, since such
activity makes it appear that it has, at the very least,  America’s tacit
support.   And Israel’s rejection of such a demand should have serious
consequences, such as the termination of US military collaboration.   Of
course, for political reasons US government  leaders are  too fearful  to
take such a step against Israel, even though allowing Israeli terrorist
attacks against Iran  to continue could bring the US into a war.
Unfortunately, most American politicians  are far more concerned about  the
harm that an angry Israel lobby could  do to  them, than the harm that an
unnecessary war could do to the United States and the rest of the world.   

Interesting comments about this article are made at the Mondoweiss website,
especially those that relate to the power of the Israel lobby:



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