Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government (to weaken Iran)

From: “Stephen Sniegoski”


Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government: James Morris Dares to Mention the Taboo History

In Russia Today’s recent Crosstalk program on Syria, guest  James Morris  was brave enough to incisively point out the taboo fact that the Israel  lobby has been in the forefront  in pushing a hardline interventionist  approach for the US toward that divided country. The host and the two other  guests on the show pooh-poohed the idea  on the grounds that (in their  minds) it would not be in Israel’s national interest to topple the secular  Assad regime and possibly bring about an Islamist state that could be even  more hostile to Israel.  But when one  moves from speculation to an analysis  of the actual position of members of the Israel lobby, one can see that  Morris was completely correct.  Moreover, Morris was completely correct  in  pointing out that the Israel lobby’s  position  has nothing to do with  ending oppression, and everything to do with Israeli security, as members of  the Israel lobby have perceived Israel’s interest (which might not be the  same as the Crosstalk threesome.)

The neoconservatives, the vanguard of the Israel lobby, have especially been  ardent in their advocacy of a hardline, interventionist position toward  Syria. Evidence abounds for this finding, but it is best encapsulated by an  August 2011 open letter from  the neoconservative Foundation for the Defense  of Democracies (an organization which claims to address any “threat facing  America, Israel and the West”)  to  President Obama, urging  him to take  stronger measures against Syria.  Among the  signatories of the letter are  such neocon luminaries  as: Elliott Abrams (son-in-law of neocon “godfather”  Norman Podhoretz and a former National Security adviser to President George  W. Bush); the Council on Foreign Relations’ Max Boot; “Weekly Standard”  editor Bill Kristol;   Douglas Feith (Under Secretary of Defense for Policy  under George W. Bush and an author of the “Clean Break” policy paper);  Joshua Muravchik (affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute [AEI],  the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and “Commentary”);  Frederick W. Kagan (AEI, co-author of the “surge” in Iraq);  Robert Kagan  (co-founder of the Project for the New American Century PNAC); James Woolsey  (head of the CIA under Clinton and chair of  the  Foundation for Defense of  Democracies); Randy Scheunemann (former President of the Committee for the  Liberation of Iraq and foreign affairs adviser to John McCain in his 2008  presidential campaign); Reuel Marc Gerecht (former Director of the Project  for the New American Century’s Middle East Initiative and a former resident  fellow at AEI); Michael Makovsky (advisor to the propagandistic Office of  Special Plans, which was under Douglas Feith); John Hannah ( senior fellow  at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy [WINEP] and a former  national security adviser to U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney); and  Gary  Schmitt (AEI and former President for the Project for a New American  Century).

As Morris notes in his presentation, elimination of the Assad regime in  Syria was not an idea conceived by either  the neocons or the broader Israel  lobby; rather it  can be traced back to the Israeli  Likudniks, being  articulated by Oded Yinon in his 1982 piece, “A Strategy for Israel in the  Nineteen Eighties.”    In this article, Yinon called for Israel to use  military means to bring about the dissolution of  Israel’s neighboring  states and their fragmentation into a mosaic of ethnic and sectarian  groupings. Yinon believed that this would not be a difficult undertaking  because nearly all the Arab states were afflicted with internal ethnic and  religious divisions. In essence, the end result would be a Middle East of  powerless mini-statelets that could in no way confront Israeli power.  Lebanon, then facing divisive chaos, was Yinon’s model for the entire Middle  East. Yinon wrote: “Lebanon’s total dissolution into five provinces serves  as a precedent for the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and  the Arabian peninsula and is already following that track. The dissolution  of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unique areas such  as in Lebanon, is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long  run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as  the primary short term target.” (Quoted in “The Transparent Cabal,” p. 51)

What stands out in the stark contrast to the debate taking place  today is that Yinon’s rationale for  eliminating the dictatorial regimes in  Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East had absolutely nothing to do with  their oppressive practices and lack of democracy, but rather was based  solely on Israel’s geostrategic interests-the aim being to permanently  weaken Israel’s enemies.     The neoconservatives took up the gist of the  Yinon’s position  in their 1996 Clean Break policy paper, whose authors  included neocons Richard Perle, David Wurmser, Douglas Feith, which was  presented to then incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It  urged him  to use military force against a number of Israel’s enemies, which beginning  with Iraq would include  “weakening, containing, and even rolling back  Syria.”  Once again the fundamental concern was Israeli security, not  liberty and democracy for the people of those countries. (“The Transparent  Cabal,” p. 90)

Numerous neocons before and after 9/11 expressed the need to  confront Syria in order to protect the security of both the United States  and Israel, whose interests they claimed coincided.  And this position on  Syria was concurred in  by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who, one  month before the US invasion of Iraq,  identified it, along with Libya and  Iran,  as an ideal target for  future US action.  Sharon stated:  “These are  irresponsible states, which must be disarmed of weapons [of] mass  destruction, and a successful American move in Iraq as a model will make  that easier to achieve.” ( Quoted in “The Transparent Cabal,”  p. 172)

A month after Bush’s 2004 re-election,  Bill Kristol would emphasize  the key position of Syria in the “war on terrorism.”  He wrote in the  “Weekly Standard” that because Syria was allegedly interfering with  America’s efforts to put down the insurgency  in Iraq,  it was thus  essential for the United States “to get serious about dealing with Syria as  part of winning in Iraq, and in the broader Middle East.” (Quoted in “The  Transparent Cabal,” pp. 253-254)

The close ties  between Syria and Iran would begin to provide a  fundamental reason for the neocons’ desire to take action against Syria.  It  was this factor that shaped neocon thinking on the Israel’s July 2006  incursion into Lebanon.  Some months after the Israeli invasion, neocon  Meyrav Wurmser would affirm that it was neocon influence in the Bush administration that  was setting US policy on Lebanon, with the aim being a direct Israeli  confrontation with Syria. “The neocons are responsible for the fact that  Israel got a lot of time and space,” Wurmser stated. “They believed that  Israel should be allowed to win. A great part of it was the thought that  Israel should fight against the real enemy, the one backing Hizbullah. It  was obvious that it is impossible to fight directly against Iran, but the  thought was that its strategic and important ally should be hit.”  Furthermore, “If Israel had hit Syria, it would have been such a harsh blow  for Iran that it would have weakened it and [changed] the strategic map in  the Middle East.” (Quoted in “The Transparent Cabal,” p. 278)

And any action by Iran to protect its Syrian ally would provide a  casus belli for the United States to attack Iran, which is what the neocons  sought.  Michael Ledeen opined, “The only way we are going to win this war  is to bring down those regimes in Tehran and Damascus and they are not going  to fall as a result of fighting between their terrorist proxies in Gaza and  Lebanon on the one hand, and Israel on the other. Only the United States can  accomplish it.” (Quoted in “The Transparent Cabal,” p. 279)  Bill Kristol argued the same point in his article,  “It’s Our War,”  underscoring the need for direct American involvement in the ongoing  conflict. America “might consider countering this act of Iranian aggression  [arms provided to Hezbollah]  with a military strike against Iranian nuclear  facilities.” ( Quoted in “The Transparent Cabal,” p. 279)

As can be seen, the goal of eliminating the Assad Baathist regime  has existed among Israeli Likudniks and the neocons for some time.  And it  currently propels the demand for militant action  against the Syrian  government.    Moreover, action taken against Syria has become viewed as a  way of seriously weakening Iran (perceived as a much more dangerous enemy),  or even leading to war with it.    That Israel might not benefit from regime  change in Syria, and that some in Israel might actually fear such a  development, does not alter the obvious fact that the neocons and much of  the overall Israel lobby support it.  And it is they who affect the policy  of the United States.

Stephen  Sniegoski


Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government


The Israel Lobby’s Role in Pushing for Regime Change in Syria

A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Stephen Sniegoski wrote:

As I have contended in my book, The Transparent Cabal, the idea of having Israel’s enemies fragmented with the fragments fighting among themselves is a fundamental aim of  the neocons, which they derived from the Israeli Right. This strategy was  best articulated by Oded Yinon in a 1982 article, “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties,”  which was translated by Israel Shahak in a booklet appropriately titled, “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.”  Neocon Daniel Pipes is obviously explicitly expressing this idea in the context of Syria.  More deceptive (or panglossian)  is  Fouad Ajami, who points out that the sectarian conflict in Syria has spread beyond its borders  but somehow concludes it ultimately will lead to stable democracies, and would achieve this purported ideal without all the bloodshed if Obama had not “made  a fetish of caution”  and kept the US out of the fray.

The Yinon Thesis Vindicated: Neocons, Israel, and the Fragmentation of Syria (by Stephen Sniegoski)

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In his book, “The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire”, Julian Assange claims that United States had called Saudi Arabia and Egypt to promote sectarian conflict in Syria by destabilizing its government:

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US cautions Russia against fanning flames of Syria war (US not Russia has fanned flames of Syria war pushing Israeli Oded Yinon neocon plan):

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British troops ‘could be deployed to the Middle East to set up and protect safe havens for refugees fleeing Syria

British Think Tank Complains Russia Might Harm al-Qaeda in Syria
Says Harm to al-Qaeda:

 Means They’d Be ‘Helping ISIS’

Partial no-fly zone included in US-Turkey consensus: Turkish sources:

(What appears to be war against ISIS could very well morph into a war against the Syrian Government)
“Following a final declaration of the agreement on the no-fly zone, the jets of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria will not be permitted within the zone, and those which violate this will be targeted.

The agreement did not directly target the Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), but a counter move will be possible if the PYD and its armed force, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), threaten the Turkish border, namely bidding to change the demographic structure, according to sources. However, they said the U.S. would not take a direct stance against the PYD, which is now fighting against ISIL.

The coalition jets will also be able to use bases in the southeastern provinces of Batman, Diyarbakır and Malatya in cases of emergency.”

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Pro-Assad militants killed in Israeli strike, Hezbollah-allied TV station says:

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New US Command Signals Escalation in Iraq, Syria

Saw following as it looks like the neocon clean break war for Israel ( is about to be expanded to Syria:
Obama: Assad Shooting at American Planes Would Lead to His Overthrow:
Israel assassinated top Syrian general: leaked US files:

Exclusive: UN reveals links between Israel, insurgents in Syria:

UN report reveals Israeli links with Syrian rebels:

Israel carries out two airstrikes near Syrian capital:

Israeli forces take Syria militants to Israel’s hospitals:

Report: Israel strikes Syrian military bases, Hezbollah targets near Syria-Lebanon border

Israeli planes strike targets in Syria, Arab media report

The Syrian military is on the verge of collapse

Syrian Town Jisr Al-Shughour Seized By Rebels In Major Blow To Assad:

Questions About NBC’s Conduct in the Richard Engel Kidnapping are More Serious than the Brian Williams Scandal – The Intercept (Looks like NBC News was also pushing Oded Yinon plan vs Syria):

U.S.-led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilizes Turkey

Above in accord with Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan mentioned via as well!

Pandering neocon lackey John McCain still pushing Zionist neocon line vs Syria:
US must strike Assad and ISIL simultaneously: McCain:
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Obama plans to escalate civil war in Syria (for the Israel lobby per Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan of course!)

President Obama is asking Congress for $500 million to train and arm Syrian opposition:

White House requests $500 million to aid Syrian rebels:

Obama’s Half-Billion to Syria’s ‘Moderates’:

Haaretz is a Left Zionist Israeli news outlet and Obama (in relation to the Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy), embraces a Left Zionist political line. Here we see it clearly. Obama rejects the Palestinian Right of Return as he clearly states he wants a Jewish State (democratic sic) and strongly implies the US is aiding the Syrian opposition to help Israel and will never allow Iran to have nukes (even though Israel possesses hundreds of them):

Peace is the only path to true security for Israel and the Palestinians:

Pat Buchanan: Congress Can Stop Obama’s Ramp Up to War

Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?

Netanyahu seems to validate Oded Yinon plan with following:

Jewish John Kerry threatening war (via chapter 7 at UN) vs Syria again:

Sniegoski on Cockburn Article about Regional Significance of Syria

Going after Syria in accordance with the neocon ‘Clean Break’ war for Israel agenda that the Iraq invasion was based on!:

A Short History: The Neocon “Clean Break” Grand Design And The ‘Regime Change’ Disasters It Has Fostered:

Pat Buchanan also mentioned the ‘Clean Break’ in his excellent ‘Whose War?’ article:

Neocon inspired Chaos

Glad to see RT’s ‘CrossTalk’ host Peter Lavelle mention neocon agenda for Iran in following youtube (but he won’t mention the Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan that James Morris did on ‘CrossTalk’ via youtube at

Blaming Obama for Iraq’s chaos:

Dr. Stephen Sniegoski wrote:

The following is my new article “The Mainstream Media, ISIS, and Iraq War Déjà Vu,” which shows how the mainstream media has been presenting a somewhat attenuated version of neocon war propaganda that is driving the US back to war in Iraq:

The Mainstream Media, ISIS, and Iraq War Déjà Vu

Stephen J. Sniegoski

Failed US invasion of Iraq resulted in ISIL: Interview with James Morris

ISIL part of US neocon, Israeli agenda to reshape Middle East: Analyst:

White House strongly hints US will strike ISIL in Syria:

Seymour Hersh Alleges Obama Administration Lied on Syria Gas Attack:

Additional at:

Following fits with what James Morris mentioned on Russia Today as the Washington Institute for Near East P0licy is an AIPAC spin-off think tank of course!:

A MUST READ: Israel’s Growing Role in Southern Syria..

McCain says U.S. airstrikes in Iraq can’t stop Islamic State: NY Times

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Syria and Lessons Unlearned from The Bombing of Kosovo

Iraq and Syria are going to plan for Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon’s ‘Strategy for Israel in the 1980’s’ which the neocons have been following as James Morris mentioned on Russia Today via as Grant Smith was on also on ‘Russia Today’  and conveyed similar as can be seen/heard via following link:

CrossTalk: ‘Democratic Iraq’ an Oxymoron?:

Following article conveys that Israel is getting oil from the Kurds as a result of the Zionist neocon inspired break-up of Iraq that neocon shill John McCain supported:


Looks like Kerry is still after Syria intervention as well (like he pushed for vs Iraq):

Ron Paul: Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of (Neocon) Interventionism for Israel:

RonPaul: Iraq: the ‘Liberation’ Neocons (and their shills like John McCain) Would Rather Forget:

Martin Chulov and the Guardian: at the forefront of Balkanising Syria:

Zionist Brookings calls for ‘Humanitarian’ buffer zones in Syria:

Another apparent Jewish zionist pushing for Syrian intervention (for Israel) in following article:

Obama’s options for Syria:

As Obama regurgitates an Israel lobby script on Syria, America is sliding toward another Iraq:

The Ghosts of Interventions Past Impede U.S. War for Israel in Syria

CIA Analyst Michael Scheuer Exposes Syrian War Lobbyists (calls John McCain and Lindsay Graham shills for Israel pushing Syria war)

Scheuer, who titles his current website “,” has grown increasingly critical of the role of Israel in shaping American foreign policy. He bemoans the likelihood that the United States “will keep taking any and all actions that protect Israel even though such actions incite the Muslim world’s steadily deepening hatred for America, and ensure that American kids will be fighting and dying in an endless war with Islam.”

“Obama, McCain, Graham, Manning and Snowden and the Varieties of Disloyalty,”

AIPAC Is A Grave Threat To World Peace

AIPAC in Full Court Press on Syria

And US public won’t hear about the above because of following:

Obama’s Syria War Is Really About Iran and Israel

A new column by the Syria analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy the chief think tank of the Israel lobby. Andrew Tabler headlines his piece: “Attacking Syria Is the Best Way to Deal with Iran.” In it, he says:

Attacking Syria Is the Best Way to Deal with Iran

Will Obama Doom Himself As A War Criminal — Paul Craig Roberts

Neocons Push Obama to Go Beyond a Punitive Strike in Syria:

Additional at following URL:

US Prepares For Possible Cruise Missile Attack on Syria (for Israel)

Syria: The Faces Behind the Terror:

Joint US-Israeli contingency plan: ’18 chemical targets in Syria’ & US boots on the ground:

AIPAC already has US ready to ‘defend’ Israel vs Iran if Iran is dragged in via Syria:

Israel to lobby US Congress over looming Iran deal

Hezbollah chief warns of ‘war’ if no Iran deal

The flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, Varyag, and the country’s most powerful nuclear-powered battleship, Pyotr Veliky, entered the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday:

U.S. House Hearing on ‘Obama’s Failed Syria Policy’ — The Israel Lobby Skews American Middle East Policy Yet Again!

Neocon mouthpiece John McCain: US must arm Syria rebels to deter Iran from nuclear ambitions:

Did an Israel lobby front group organize McCain’s trip to Syria?

Neocon mouthpiece John McCain puts hold on Martin Dempsey nomination for opposing another neocon war for Israel vs Syria like McCain pushed vs Iraq (based on the neocon ‘Clean Break’ war for Israel agenda via

Neocon mouthpiece John McCain pleased with Obama’s Samantha Power bowing to Israel lobby on Syria:

Horrific video of beheading raises questions of arms supply to Syrian rebels:

‘Rapid descent into sectarian violence’: Video shows Syrian rebel biting into soldier’s heart — RT News:

NewsTeam: Syria overspill – RT on the frontline:

Syria Begins to Break Apart Under Pressure From War (according to Oded Yinon plan!):

During a Senate hearing, Senator Rand Paul warned that his colleagues were rushing to war in Syria and were arming members of al-Qaeda in Syria. By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

During a Senate hearing, Senator Rand Paul warned that his colleagues were rushing to war in Syria and were arming members of al-Qaeda in Syria. By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Rand Bashes McCain: US ‘Will Be Allied with Al Qaeda’

Ron Paul blasts Obama on Syria war escalation

Ron Paul: Iraq collapse shows bankruptcy of (neocon inspired) interventionism (pushed by neocon mouthpiece John McCain and others):

Ron Paul vs the neocon warmongers: &

Fmr CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer schools neocon mouthpiece John McCain on interventions (like Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria) as Al Qaeda terrorism motivation at via youtube

Washington is Insane:

Iran to deploy ‘4,000-strong force’ to Syria as US military set to stay in Jordan

Syria Has Used Chemical Arms on Rebels, U.S. and Allies Find:

Pat Buchanan: Sarin gas use in Syria Has Gulf of Tonkin false flag Written All Over It

General Wes Clark recently mentioned at UCLA that a Mossad contact told him that Israel was operating in Syria. So did Israel provide the Syrian rebels with Sarin?:

Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports

Mossad chief made secret visit to Turkey to discuss Iran & Syria:

Syria’s sarin gas possible false flag:

Former Bush administration official (Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson): Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria

General (Ret) James David (who is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the influence of the pro-Israel lobby on the US media/political system) wrote the following:

It is Israel’s intent to convince the U.S. that Syria is using chemical weapons in order to create an atmosphere of a threat to Israel in order to gain more U.S. aid.  John McCain, lindsey Graham, and others are all in the pockets of AIPAC

AIPAC toady Bill Clinton splits with President Obama & backs neocon stooge John McCain vs Syria:

Listen to what AIPAC spin-off think tank (Washington Institute for Near East Policy – WINEP) mouthpiece Jeffrey White said about Syria on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ on May 5th, 2013 (also fits with what James Morris said on Russia Today’s ‘Crosstalk’ via with regard to going after Syria to weaken Iran and cut off Hezbollah!):

AIPAC’s WINEP pushing Syrian intervention for Israel

CBS News correspondent Allan Pizzey just mentioned (at the end of the following CBS News segment which didn’t include his ending comments to Scott Pelley which I heard on air) that civil war in Syria would be good for Israel (such is why the Israel lobby has been encouraging such in accordance with Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon’s ‘Strategy for Israel in the 1980’s’ via which James Morris mentioned on Russia Today via and during his Press TV interviews at

Former Israeli general: “Best timing” for Syria attack

So is Israel going to get US into WW III with Russia?:

Israel warns Russia against giving Syria missiles

Israel prepares as war clouds gather

Former Bush administration official: Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria

U.S. Arms May Stay Longer in Jordan Amid Stability Fears

Senator McCain met with rebels in Syria: spokesman

McCain: Syrian rebels need heavy weapons

McCain foreign policy susceptible to Obama attack (neocon influence on McCain mentioned)

See what Jeff Gates also has to say about John McCain and others via video at following link:

‘Syrian Rebels’ Champion John McCain is a Classic Israeli Asset:

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds

See comments about John McCain via clicking on ‘Discuss’ at bottom of following article by Philip Giraldi about McCain treason:

John McCain: War Hero or Something Less? (by Philip Giraldi)

Please sign & share! Arrest John McCain & Investigate US State Department & Clandestine Activity in Syria


Zionist Daniel Pipes on Supporting the Syrian Rebels:

Of course Zionists (like Daniel Pipes and others) are going to back both sides to perpetuate the Syrian civil war as they certainly aren’t going to want Al Qaeda/FSA to take over there.. So the best way to play it is to keep the civil war going per Israeli Oded Yinon’s plan which is working out well for them thus far. Take a look at Iraq for how well ‘democracy’ is working out there!

Jewish Israel 1st neocon warmonger Bill Kristol pushes rest of ‘Clean Break’ war for Israel vs Syria like he did vs Iraq with over 5,000 US troops dead:

Kristol Clear:

30 Years Ago, Neocons Were More Candid About Their Israel-Centered Views:

White House says the US may use military force against Syria

Geraldo Rivera: My Sources Tell Me Benghazi Was About Running Missiles to Syrian Rebels

Jordan Agrees: Israel Can Use Airspace to Attack Syria

Hagel Orders Unit to Jordan, Warns About Intervention in Syria

200 US Troops in Jordan Could Become 20,000 for Syria Invasion

US sending weapons to Syria

US to give $123 million military aid package to Syrian rebels (as US states, counties, cities go bankrupt):

Assad says West will pay for backing al Qaeda in Syria

Arab-Israeli conflict at heart of Syrian conflict:

“Arm the Syrian Rebels. Now,” urge fellows at think tank established to protect Israel…

Report: US Troops Training Syrian Rebels in Jordan

Washington’s Strategic Policy Shift on Syria: Edging
Closer to Direct Military Intervention? – See more at

US, NATO Prepare Syria Intervention

Middle East expert suspects Arab-backed opposition’s intelligence cooperation with Mossad enabled Israeli strike on Syria

Why Remember Iraq (by Philip Giraldi)?

we’re about to repeat the same idiocies, warns P. Giraldi

Conflict and Chaos for Syria in article by Karen DeYoung in Wa. Post 12/24

Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran

Rep Walter Jones’ HCR 107 to prevent US war on Syria

Al Qaeda grows powerful in Syria as endgame nears

From Roumania to Syria: The Jewish Lobby’s Role in Promoting U.S. ‘Human Rights’ Foreign Policy

Humanitarian Buffer Zones in Syria — How misinformation obscures the Israel lobby’s influence on U.S. foreign policy:


Israeli Official Predicts Syria’s Fragmentation and for Lebanon to Suffer Same Fate

Damascus Street Notes:

Why western military intervention in Syria is coming soon: to protect Israel:

Writer of above article is mentioned in the Reuters article included at as he was the Arab journalist who conveyed that Bin Laden was going to do 911 because of US support for Israel!

Open War? Obama backs Syria rebels ‘infiltrated with terrorists’: 

BREAKING: US sending Patriot surface-to-air missiles to Turkey – reports:

MORE: Up to 400 US servicemen being sent to Turkey to operate surface-to-air batteries in Turkey – reports

Iran warns Turkey over NATO missiles

Iran: Patriot Missiles In Turkey First Step To Next World War

Iran says it will ‘never allow’ forcible overthrow of Assad’s government

How leftist “anti-zionists” are allied with Israel against Syria:

Kucinich: US ‘Immeasurably’ Closer to War in Syria

US deploys troops to Turkey amid Syria unrest: US General

US weighing military options if Syria uses WMD

Thousands of US troops arrive near Syrian shore on USS Eisenhower

U.S. military in Jordan, has eyes on Syria chemical weapons (looks like the AIPAC/Neocon war for Israel agenda vs Syria is moving along with the US on the brink of invading Syria next per the rest of the neocon ‘Clean Break’ war for Israel agenda that Iraq was based on as well – see for more and click on following links as well!):

Syria preparing chemicals for weapons@BarbaraStarrCNN report on Security Clearance

No mention by former AIPAC newsletter editor Wolf Blitzer and other Zionist Israel firsters at CNN about how Israel lobby is pushing Syrian regime change to weaken Iran:

Neocon mouthpiece John McCain pushing yet another war for Israel vs Syria (per rest of the neocon ‘Clean Break’ agenda via that the Iraq invasion was based on which McCain pushed for as well!):

‘No confirmed reports’ Syrian govt preparing to use chemical weapons – UN chief

No confirmed reports Assad preparing to use chemical weapons: Ban

Pre-Empty: US ramps up WMD rhetoric against Syria:

US ramps up threats in ‘psychological’ war on Assad (for Israel lobby pushing Syria regime change):

‘Ground being prepared for Syria intervention’ – ex-US Chief of Staff

Former Powell adviser ‘skeptical’ of ‘politicized’ US intelligence on Syria

See what Lawrence Wilkerson said in following AIPAC VPRO documentary:

The Israel Lobby:

Listen to fmr CIA analyst Ray McGovern discuss USS Liberty & Syria WMD propaganda!:

“Justification” to Wage a “Preemptive War”: US Repeats Syrian Chemical Weapons “Warning:

Read more about the author of the above piece via the following link:

Jordan: U.S. forces plan shield against Syria

Confirmed: Pentagon deploys military forces to Jordan-Syria border

Russia Warns Against NATO Missiles on Syrian Border

Senator Rand Paul calls out Romney on Syria, defense spending, and war

Kristol’s declaration should force media to acknowledge, Israel is at core of neoconservatism

Chris Matthews calls out neocons for endlessly pushing Middle East wars

James Morris mentions above linked ‘Russia Today’ (RT) appearance in following BBC ‘World Have Your Say’ broadcast which aired to millions on the BBC World Service on July 6th, 2012:

BBC World Have Your Say – How To End The Syrian Violence?:

WINEP provides forum for Syrian National Council — and cover for Israel

A surreptitious WINEP project is pushing cataclysmic regime change in Syria

David Pollock (of AIPAC’s spin-off think tank WINEP – Washington Institute for Near East Policy) has been skyping with the Syrian rebels as well according to what he mentioned on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ via following link:

WINEP’s David Pollock on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ on WINEP/AIPAC Israel first associate David Pollock at following link:

Syrian opposition wish to “be friends” with Israel

Is Israel slyly inciting genocide against Alawites as prelude to creation of Kosovo-style enclave in Syria?

Red Cross: Syrian Conflict Now a Civil War (civil war is exactly what James Morris predicted would happened in the referenced ‘Russia Today’ ‘Crosstalk’ broadcast – Israel firsters foster Syria war and then use loose ‘chemical weapons’ as another ‘reason’ to intervene in Syria for Israel!):

Operation on Syria Successful, but the Patient Died (by Philip Giraldi):

Joe Lieberman and the Genesis of Israel’s ‘Partnership for Freedom’ with Middle East Dissidents
‘Intervention into Syria already underway’ –  Phyllis Bennis to RT

Washington’s road to Iran goes through Syria — but who’s in the driver’s seat (scroll down to comments at following link)?

‘If West stops military aid to opposition, Syria will be at negotiation table the very next day’

Obama caves to Israel lobby & threatens intervention in Syria (for Israel)

Dempsey Backs Away from Obama’s Threat to Intervene in Syria

Surviving a storm: Palestinian refugees caught in Syrian crossfire (Won’t see such on US pro-Israel biased media!):

On the Edge of War (Can diplomacy succeed with Iran and Syria?):

Ron Paul: Hands Off Syria! Let’s Not Fall for the Same Lies Again!

All roads lead to… Iran? ‘War at core of MidEast turmoil’

Patrick Seale ‘War Clouds over the Greater Middle East’

Patrick Seale: The Urgent Need to Prevent a Middle East War:

Media Propagates Myth of Israel’s Non-Involvement in Syria

‘Syria messy civil war distorted by Annan plan’

VILE HYPOCRISY EXPOSED by reporter doing his job

Nasrallah to Assange: Hezbollah talked to Syria opposition; we want dialogue, US & Israel want civil war

Deadly clashes in Lebanon raise fears of Syria-like conflict (right in accordance with the neocon ‘Clean Break’ war for Israel agenda that James Morris mentioned from in the above link ‘Cross Talk’ appearance):

Washington Post reports that US supplying weapons to Syrian rebels:

 JINSA: Strengthening Israel by promoting Syrian ‘Chalabi’ (fits with what James Morris mentioned about the ‘JINSA crowd’ in the above RT ‘CrossTalk’ interview):

JINSA: Arab Spring disorder makes Israel stronger

Iran cornered with key ally Syria on the brink?

Israel calls up Reserves re Egypt, Syria

Syria -US, Israel, Saudis Have Plotted For Years:

Saudi Arabia: The Neocons’ Once and Future Target

Europe blindly following Israeli interest on Syria

Keep in mind that the ‘JINSA crowd’ was after Iraq for Israel as well via their ‘Clean Break’ agenda which was also mentioned by James Morris during that RT ‘CrossTalk’ broadcast linked above!
Even The Daily Beast censored the link out of a recent piece about ‘Neocon Newt’ Gingrich as the following blog entry by Maidhc O’ CatHail conveys (scroll to comments section at bottom of following link if interested further)!:

NATO and CIA Covertly Arming Syrian Rebels in Order to Weaken Iran (for Israel)

Obama Commits to US Intervention in Syria

US Can’t Be Bystander, President Insists

Obama Commits to US Intervention in Syria US Can’t Be Bystander, President Insist

Russia Troops In Syria? Report Claims Military Unit Arrives At Syrian Port

US Syria mission still possible – but at what price?

’U.S. pursues policy of divide and conquer’


The following fits with what James Morris mentioned near the end of his RT CrossTalk appearance linked above with Dr. Sniegoski’s piece about such!

‘Neocon John’ McCain wants to arm the Syrian rebels (exactly what James Morris said would happen at the end of that RT ‘CrossTalk’ Syria broadcast linked above):

McCain wants to arm Syrian rebels

McCain: U.S. must lead (for Israel on behalf of AIPAC and the Neocon war for Israel agenda) in Syria (see comments at following link):

McCain once again calls for arming Syrian rebels

Lieberman-McCain Strike Again (scroll down to comments of following URL as well):

American сannibalism in Syria (Op-Ed)

Neocon mouthpiece John McCain calls for airstrikes in Syria:

Additional at following URL:

Neocon mouthpiece John McCain calls for airstrikes in Syria:

On Syria, Follow McCain (says pro-Israel/Neocon Weekly Standard & FDD)

US Senator John McCain gives the game away – the real reason for an attack on Syria would be to weaken Iran (for Israel)

And pandering neocon toady Mitt Romney said the following:

“”If we can turn Syria and Lebanon away from Iran, we finally have the capacity to get Iran to pull back,” Romney said. He added that the United States should make it clear that military action would be taken if Iran pursued nuclear weapons.

Republicans voice support for arming Syria opposition

US softens stance on arms for Syria rebels:

Obama Admin Orders Military Planning for Syria Intervention

Syria: Straining credulity?
By Alastair Crooke

“The UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry condemns the Syrian government of crimes against humanity, but only on the basis of what the opposition says, and without having investigated evidence of opposition “crimes”: and then proceeds to “charge” the Syrian government with this process based simply on “reasonable suspicion”: Do they really believe what they have written, or is it just a part of “writing the script”? [2]

UN Security Council backs Annan peace plan


Eric Margolis wrote:

As I’ve been reporting, US/Brit Special forces training, arming, directing anti-Asad regime rebels. Lebanon’s far right sending men and arms into Syria, backed by US and Saudis. Full court press to overthrow Asad regime as way of hurting ally Iran. Washington looking for a Syrian general to head insurgent forces.

19% Support Increased U.S. Involvement In Syria

Additional via following link:

CrossTalking about Syria on ‘Russia Today’ (RT) with James Morris

Israel lobby pushing Iran sanctions (acts of war as Ron Paul has accurately said) which is driving up the oil prices in the process:

US pays price in money and blood for Israel’ (latest Press TV interview with James Morris during which he mentions ‘Neocon John’ McCain as well)

Following is a youtube of the above:

US pays price in money and blood for Israel’

Israeli lobbies dragging US into wars

Press TV talks to James Morris on ‘CNN GOP Debate’

Only Ron Paul is not owned by AIPAC / Interview with James Morris / editor of

Israel lobby behind Iran tension pushing US to the brink of WW3:

James Morris on PressTV – “US neo-cons seek war on Syria, Iran”

‘Israel pushing Obama into war with Iran’

Press TV – ‘Pro-Israel lobby has stranglehold on US political system’

Russia says action on Syria, Iran may go nuclear
Israeli TV report shows air force gearing-up for Iran attack, says moment of truth is near

James Morris on Israel’s rarely discussed Samson Option

Additional Press TV and Russia Today interviews with James Morris linked via youtube at

56 Responses to “Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government (to weaken Iran)”

  • Paulina says:

    James, you just blew the lid off of the whole game… fantastic and informative piece.

  • Aristaeus says:


  • monce says:

    if i were a Jewish Government member, i would be a neoconservative .
    If i were a Muslim pondering on the fate of palestinians for instance i would naturally condemn but understand somebody being be part of organisations like Hezbollah or Al Qaeda.

    How far in Stupidity can you people condemn your children to Hatred ?

    And Misery ?

    A simple European.

  • Richard Cohen (Washington Post columnist) is a pro-Israel liberal, not a neocon, but he almost always follows the neocon war line (with a dash of liberal hand-wringing)—he supported the Gulf War of 1991, the attack on Iraq, and justifies an Israeli attack on Iran (which ineluctably would involve the US). In the following article he advocates a US attack on Syria for humanitarian reasons. But he cannot keep out the fact that the removal of Assad would be of major benefit to Israel.
    He writes: “If the United States finally acts, Russia will throw a fit. Pity. But more importantly, so will Iran. Syria is virtually its puppet state. The demise of the Assad regime would be a heavy blow to Iran. More pragmatically, it would be a boon to Israel. Iran supplies Hezbollah and Hamas through Syria. You can predict anything other than the future in the Middle East, yet bloodying Assad’s nose has nothing but favorable consequences for America and its allies in the region, not only Israel but Saudi Arabia as well.”

  • There are good comments following the Cohen piece in the Washington Post, showing that people are catching on in the bastion of mainstream liberalism. For example, see (at the end of the Cohen article): “If I were to imply that the pressure to attack Syria was to be a Cat’s Paw for Israel, I would be attacked as an anti-Semite, but I don’t have to because Cohen has admitted the truth: ‘More pragmatically, it would be a boon to Israel.'”

  • Sniegoski_Supporter says:

    Stephen Sniegoski, thank you. You are doing valuable work for many thousands of readers, as you have done for years.

  • David Strader says:

    Why is the Arab League so concerned about the protests in Syria? How far will the Turks go? Should the international community help the rebels, and what options does it have? Is there any way to stop violence in the country without turning it into a new Libya or Iraq? CrossTalking with James Carafano, Nick Ottens and James Morris on February 10th, 2012

  • april says:


  • Sissy says:

    The Republican-led House of Representatives has approved the use of force if Iran threatens the US and its allies with nuclear weapons.– Why do they not care about what Americans want or say the is against Americans and who wants to die for AIPAC Zionist racist? They want war against Americans all the time. AIPAC wants to fight a war with Americans in our own country this is the issue at hand as I see it now.—-I shocked-

  • Scott Downer says:

    one man has all ready lead America for 4 years of deception & mismanagement of funds. Has voiced his views on entitlements and not independence. when people are poisoned with the fact That Government will bail them out then a chain reaction will happen and there kids turn there kids to entitlements. Education & tuff Love feed the knowledge how one builds a future..when a leader has no balance and can not build the protection to his people and Cuts the fundamentalism of his Military by 1.3 trillion Dollars and American”s Die as he Sleeps has no respect in my Vote to lead. Romney is my vote because only 2 Men are given to choose from and one all ready went down the wrong path.
    Barack Obama is doing his Killing with Drones and innocent people Die. and telling the Afgan People when we was committing to leave was a mistake. Barack Obama gave funding to solar power and wind power witch is a fraud would take the state of Washington with solar panels to light up New York street lights for 1 month and they all are bellying up. He is not a voice of peace but a voice of death and betrayed our men at arms. And now he has bad Blood of hero”s on his hands.

  • Patriot says:

    Jeffrey Blankfort (who is an anti-Zionist Jew who spoke at The “National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel ‘Special Relationship’” in DC on March 7th, 2014 via as one can see additional links at wrote:

    It is not a question of good guys vs bad guys in Syria. Both sides are guilty of war crimes but the onus for the war is on the countries that have supported the al-Qaeda linked foreign rebels directly (Saudia Arabia and Qatar) and indirectly (Israel and the US). What the outsiders and their paid fighters knew and were counting on was that any government facing an armed attack/insurrection from within will respond with disproportionate force.

    So they had these foreign fighters, many of them Sunnis from Lebanon, come across the border with arms and had them infiltrate the cities where support for the government was high, such as Aleppo, and start shooting at government positions, knowing that the government forces would fire back causing civilian casualties which is what happened and this led to the exodus of Syrians out of the country to avoid the fighting that had been foisted on them by these outside forces.

    Israel’s main goal in the war there is to weaken and undermine the widespread support that Hezbollah enjoys in Lebanon among non-Sunni Lebanese, that is the Shia and the vast majority of Christians, a fact that is censored in the Zionist dominated US news media which includes, on such issues, as Democracy Now! Since Israel has proven itself unable to defeat Hezbollah militarily, it hopes that by toppling Bashar, Syria’s critical support for Hezbollah will be ended. That’s why, for real politik reasons, Hezbollah was obligated to defend the regime.

    If you studied Israel’s sordid history, you would understand that it needs to have enemies to survive and to portray itself to the world as the victim and, from a more practical standpoint, to continue to get billions from US taxpayers and the support as well as millions from American Jews. Should Israel make agreements with the Palestinians and its other Arab neighbors to live together harmoniously (apart from such a result being absent from the Zionist DNA), there would be no further need for weapons from Uncle Sugar and donations by American Jews. Jewish power in the US, which has pumped itself up, while pushing for the strengthening of Israel’s domination of the region, will do everything it can to maintain the status quo, that is a nuclear armed Israel “threatened” by its neighbors. Having a jihadist-run state on it border, under the circumstances, would be a Godsend. If you haven’t done so lately, check out Deuteronomy, and you will understand the origins of their way of thinking.

    Jeff Blankfort

    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote the following as well:

    Hezbollah is there for real politik reasons, for its own survival and that of Lebanon. It is for this reason and because it is the only thing preventing Israel from turning Lebanon into a puppet state that it enjoys the support of a significant percentage of Lebanon’s Maronite population, beginning, but not limited to the Free Patriotic Movement of Michael Aoun with which it remains in alliance.

    Since I have been frequently guilty of the same myself, it is no doubt easier to make moral judgments when one is thousands of miles away from what is being debated and our lives are not on the line.

    Almost from the very first, the non-violent protest movement in Syria was corrupted by the infiltration of outside fighters, many of them Sunnis from Lebanon, and there was little support for the armed rebellion in Syria’s major cities. What the outside fighters did was classic. They infiltrated into the cities, such as Aleppo, and began firing at government installations and after doing so, quickly moved away, counting on the government forces to respond disproportionally against the areas from which the shelling had originated, causing civilian casualties which was the goal of those who were claiming to liberate Syria.

    No government will allow an armed insurrection to take place within its borders, whatever its form of government, and certainly not a dictatorship like we see in Syria. So Assad stepped into the trap because he saw no other alternatives because, in fact, there weren’t any. It doesn’t excuse him from the crimes he has committed, but the only difference between his regime and those opposing it is the difference in fire power.

    Jeff Blankfort

  • Patriot says:

    Jeffrey Blankfort (who is an anti-Zionist Jew who spoke at The “National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel ‘Special Relationship’” in DC on March 7th, 2014 via as one can see additional links at wrote:

    Hezbollah are not terrorists. They arose as a legitimate resistance organization in the wake of Israel’s invasion and occupation of Israel and for the most part, except for its early years, it has focused its attacks on the Israeli military. Unfortunately, for understandable political reasons, it was obliged to enter the Syrian conflict as a balance to the influx of foreign jihadists because the survival of the Assad regime was seen as critical to Hezbollah’s own survival as well as Lebanon not becoming another Syria or Iraq run by the likes of ISIS or the al-Nusra front. They are the only guarantee that such a fate will not happen in Lebanon. Hezbollah has been fighting the armed rebel groups whatever their name or origin. What evidence it has been attacking civilians? One needs to be very careful not to repeat Zionist propagandists whose number one target, after Iran, has been Hezbollah.

    I was not a supporter of Hafez al-Assad, having seen his betrayal of the Palestinian cause in Jordan in 1970 and after he staged a coup and overthrew the pro-Palestinian government of Attasi in 1971.On top of that, his troops participated in the massacre of Tal al-Za;atar in Beirut in 1976 which seems to have fallen through the cracks of history. Then again, in 1983, while Israel was occupying southern Lebanon, his own Palestinian force under a traitor named Abu Musa, attacked the refugee camps of Bedawi and Nahr-al-Barad outside of Tripoli, another bloody skirmish that nobody ever talks about and if I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t know about it either. That he later provided a haven for the PFLP’s Habash and the DFLP’s Hawatmi, reflected opportunism on all sides and their mutual antagonism towards Yasser Arafat which I shared. Early on, Robert Fisk who is no fan of either Assad or Hezbollah became aware of footage obtained by Al Jazeera of foreign fighters in Syria that the network, which was backing the rebels, refused to run. A friend in Beirut, a Maronite, reported, at the very beginning, that the price of AK-47s jumped to $2000 a piece in the city as Sunnis saw this as an opportunity to fight the Shia and Assad at the same time. There was a game plan by outsiders in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to piggy back on the legit non-violent protests to fund the overthrow of al-Assad and break the Iran-Syria-Hez connection, something which, by no coincidence, was also the agenda of their Israeli allies. How do you account for the massive turnout of support for Assad in the countries where Syrian refugees were allowed to vote?

    Bashar has been somewhat better since he has not gone as far as his father, or hadn’t in terms of bloodspilling, until the protests began in 2011, but the idea that he released these men from prison in order for them to form a group that would fight the regime’s opponents and not him,shile erasing Syria’s botders, is just one of those half-baked conspiracy theories and one, in this case, appears designed to make readers of Newsweek believe that Assad and ISIS are allies.

    That prisoner release, described in this unconvincing article, was, as I recall seen as an effort by Assad to placate demonstrators who were calling for the release of the regime’s prisoners.

    And Israel’s role? Almost from the very beginning, an online organization appeared calling itself, Fikra Forum, which supported the Syrian National Council, and welcomed into its ranks, intellectuals across the Arab Middle East, to get them into common discussions about how to bring democracy to the region. It soon accrued a large list of contributors which you can find on its website. What the site doesn’t tell you is that it is a project of the Washington Inst. for Near East Policy, a leading Washington think tank founded by AIPAC with the help of Dennis Ross back in 1985. Those who don’t think Israel is a key player in what is going on there need to think again.

    Jeff Blankfort

    Jeff Blankfort also wrote the following in response to Franklin Lamb’s article included below as well:

    Jeff Blankfort wrote:

    Here’s what I wrote in response to the headline (of Franklin Lamb’s article below). I would add that none of these Sunni groups offer any serious threat to Israel which would not hesitate to use its air force as it has in Lebanon.

    “On the contrary, it may not be what the US government planned but it appears to be doing what Israel and the neocons planned, breaking up Iraq and its neighbors into contesting religious factions that fight each other and not Israel but provide the necessary “threat” to Israel to maintain US and EU support.”

    Israel loves ISIS because not only is it no threat to Israel but its existence provides Israel with a new reason to not only maintain but increase US and UK support as it presents itself as the “last bastion of Western civilization against the barbarians.”


    Not What the Neocons Planned…

    Will ISIS Create al-Sham Caliphate & Liberate Palestine?


    Ein el Helwe Palestinian camp

    One need not be prescient to understand the unfolding “Jihadi Spring” is fueling the plans and perhaps destiny of ascendant Islamists in this region with the increasing help of in-country nationalists, including remnants of the Iraqi Baath Party. This, according to more than a dozen ardent supporters of The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), known locally as DAASH whose representatives allowed this observer over the past six months to interview some of its supporters to discuss what they found inaccurate in a piece I wrote about DAASH actions in Raqqa, Syria. In that article I claimed that DAASH was selling Syria’s archeological treasures, just as they are selling Syria’s oil and in some instances, food warehouse contents, to the highest foreign bidder. There is no paucity of the latter.

    The final “S” in the acronym “ISIS” relates to the Arabic word “al-Sham” which itself is variously used to refer to the Levant, Syria or even Damascus. But DAASH (ISIS) means the Levant or Eastern Mediterranean including Cyprus, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and southern Turkey. ISIS has just announced that Raqqa, the only one of 14 Governorates its controls in Syria, is now the “Capital” of their emerging “Caliphate” which so far is a swathe of territory encompassing much of eastern and northern Syria and western and northern Iraq. The Emir is to be their military strategist and leader and successor of Abu Mus‘ab Zarqawi, Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Those interviewed at length include sympathizers, students of politics and of the Islamist ‘spring’ in Syria and Iraq, as well as a few shadowy claimed jihadist recruiters, some working with a claimed new specialized DAASH unit organized at the beginning of 2013 and which focuses exclusively on destroying the Zionist regime occupying Palestine. DAASH’s “Al Quds Unit” (AQU) is currently working to broaden its influence in more than 60 Palestinian camps and gatherings from Gaza, across Occupied Palestine, to Jordan, and Lebanon up to the north of Syria seeking to enlist support as it prepares to liberate Palestine.

    DAASH believes, according to one of its claimed academic advisers, that the ummat al-Islamiyah (Islamic community), as a US Foreign Relations staffer, on 6/18/14 advised this observer, that the White House estimates that approximately six million Iraqi Sunni have recently become supportive of the armed action by DAASH. The support excludes its strict, indeed anti-social societal mores and abhorrence of current harsh realities of life in DAASH territory. The Islamist organization believes it currently has massive regional support for it rapidly expanding “revolution of the oppressed.” Large numbers in this region do appear to appreciate its recent successes, despite its history of calculated brutality for political purposes. DAASH urges the public to study its remarkable history that reaches back to 2003 when Abu Mus‘ab Zarqawi got out of prison in Jordan and headed to Afghanistan, gained valuable experience from if the trust of Osama Bin Laden, and then crossed over to Iraq to wage jihad against America. DAASH appears to be using sectarian appeals in Iraq and Syria much the same way Zawqawi did when he confronted the ascendant Shia militia following the US invasion and occupation.

    DAASH supporters claim that it has been joined by more than a dozen Sunni groups such as one called Men of the Army of the Naqshbandia Order.” JRTN as it is known locally, was established in 2007 following the execution of Saadam Hussein and is made up of former Hussein regime loyalists, including intelligence officers and soldiers from his Republican Guards. If its alliance with DAASH holds, JRTN can contribute thousands of fighters with strong social roots in the community. One JRTN interlocutor explained to this observer, “As Sunni Muslims, DAASH can resolve differences between its views of Islam and those of the Ummah. First we need victory and to achieve that we need each other and if our Baathist partners decide to position themselves to be secular guardians of Sunni Arab nationalism that can be discussed later. The official website of the Naqshbandi Army includes a 1/1/2014 announcement: “To all our brothers and families of the tribes and factions we tell you, you are not alone in this battlefield.”

    DAASH insists that it has become less active in killing anyone who works for the government of Syria or Iraq including rubbish collectors, a barbaric practice that alienated the Sunni population and that their support is growing as they increasingly provide the essential social services in the forming proto-Caliphate. “Zionists call us masked, sociopathic murderers but we are much more complicated and representative of those seeking justice than they portray us. Are we more barbaric than the Zionist terrorists who massacred at Dier Yassin, Shatila twice at Qana, and committed dozens of other massacres? History will judge us after we free Palestine.” A few years ago the CIA and others estimated that the Zionist occupation of Palestine will collapse in less than a decade. DAASH claims it can do the job in 72 months.

    With respect to events surrounding its takeover of Mosel and other social media broadcast exhibitions of mass brutality, ISIS claims it was done for a purpose, the same purpose that other state and non-state actors have used over the past two decade and that is for 90% of the world 1.5 billion Muslims (Sunni) to free themselves from the oppression of the 10% (Shia).

    Several reasons were given as to why Palestinians should hold out hope for ISIS succeeding in their cause when all other Arab, Muslim, and Western claimed Resistance supporters have been abject failures and invariably end up benefiting the Zionist occupation regime terrorizing Palestine. “All countries in this region are playing the sectarian card just as they have long played the Palestinian card but the difference with ISIS is that we are serious about Palestine and they are not. Tel Aviv will fall as fast as Mosul when the time is right”, a DAASH ally explained. Another gentleman insisted, “DAASH will fight where no one else is willing.”

    ISIS appears uniformly contemptuous of the Zionist regime and its army and also appears eager to fight them in the near future despite expectation that the regime will use nuclear weapons. “Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devises? The Zionists know that we do and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.”

    DAASH supporters claim that it reaches out to local notables and tribal leaders and discuss their differences and seek their tribal counsel. DAASH claims that the Roman Catholic Vatican supports its own claims that when they captured Mosul last week they did not harm Christian residents or desecrate churches. In this they are supported by Archbishop Giorgio Lingua, the Apostolic Nuncio (Pope’s envoy) in Iraq who this week told the media: “The guerrillas who are in control of Mosul have to date not committed any violent act or damaged the churches there.”

    It is becoming clear that DAASH has set up well organized local administrations in areas it controls, including an Islamic court system and a local non-hostile police force which support public safety with measures such as closing shops for selling poor products in the souks and supermarkets and on the street, destroying cigarettes and whipping some individuals for disrespecting and insulting their neighbors, confiscating counterfeit medicines in addition to some death sentences for apostasy.

    DAASH supporters claim that as soon as they ‘liberate” an area they invest in public works such as the new souk in Raqqa, installs new power lines and conducts training sessions on how citizens can do-it-yourself for more self-reliance with fixing infrastructure problems. In addition DAASH claims that it quickly fixes potholes, runs a low fare bus system, has established a ‘green’ program to build parks and plant trees and flowers, helps farmers with harvests and runs a zakat (alms-giving) organization. Moreover, ISIS has established a number of religious schools for children, including ones for girls where they can memorize the Koran and receive awards if successful, while also holding ‘fun days’ for kids including all the ice cream they can eat and inflatable slides. For their older counterparts, ISIS has established training sessions for new imams and preachers. Schedules for prayers and Koran lessons are posted at mosques. In a more worrisome development, ISIS runs training camps for “cub scouts” and houses these recruits for ‘instruction’. Several social media reports and a few eyewitness accounts appear to confirm that DAASH has developed health and welfare programs, operates bread factories and distributes free fruits and vegetables to needy families, passing the goods out personally as well as setting up a free food kitchen in Raqqa and an adoption agency to place orphans with families in their areas. Unlike the Taliban and some other regimes which exhibit paranoia about vaccination campaigns, DAASH claims to be more ‘modern” and actively promotes polio-vaccination in its areas to try stop its spread.

    The social services that DAASH provides obviously do not ameliorate the deadly violence it carries out, but does suggest it is well-organized and has caught the interest of the Sunni Muslims who feel besieged by Shia. According to an al-Bagdadi relative, nearly the half a billion dollars that was snatched from Mosul’s central bank this month will help to win hearts and minds and correct some of its “bad press”. DAASH appears to ascribe to the cliché that half of any war is a rumor. It condemns the project of many satellite channels and claims that they do not objectively report the news but mainly spread rumors with sectarian instigation as the goal. On this point who can refute them?

    DAASH supporters deny any interest in training and directing foreign fighters to attack Europe and other places, claiming that their goals are to establish an al-Sham Caliphate and liberate Palestine. With respect to exactly how DAASH intends to liberate Palestine, the Iraqi’s and now the Obama administration ar3 in possession of an encyclopedia of information about detailed DAASH plans, and tactics it will confront the Zionist occupiers with, according to a congressional staffer via email with this observer. Reportedly the employment of large numbers of militarily untrained foreign volunte

    ers as suicide bombers, moving on foot wearing suicide vests, or driving vehicles packed with explosives is just the tip of a deep iceberg of what DAASH is planning.

    The trove reportedly came from Iraqi intelligence sources that came upon it less than 48 hours before Mosul fell. Apparently a fellow known as “Abu Hajjar” a captured trusted DAASH messenger broke under Iraqi torture and turned over more than 160 computer flash sticks which contained the most detailed information to date about DAASH. The US intelligence community are still decrypting and analyzing the flash sticks.

    Predictably, no sooner that this information reached the US Congress, than Congresswoman and Israeli agent, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen former Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and her partners at AIPAC went to work trying to get ahold copies of the flash sticks and share them with the Israeli Embassy and no doubt the Mossad. The current sense on Capitol Hill is reported to be that the Obama administration in not in the mood to share anything with Israel these days and certainly not with the Netanyahu regime which it loathes.

    Time will reveal if DAASH achieves one or both of its objectives. Many believe if they eject the Zionist regime from Palestine, the expanding Islamist group will set in motion historic currents that in all likelihood will be rather different from the Ehud Omert-Condeleeza Rice fantasy of “a New Middle East.”

    In any event, it is unlikely that Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, among other countries in this region, are going to look much like what George Bush and Dick Cheney and their still active neocon advisers had in mind when they were beating the drums for a U.S. invasion of Iraq, Libya, and now Syria and Iran.


    ISIS (DAASH) Now Recruiting in Palestinian Camps in Lebanon—who are these guys?

    By Franklin Lamb

    Ain Al-Hilweh camp

    With Washington and London affirming over the past few days their intentions to continue arming “moderate rebel factions” in Syria, Tel Aviv has now stepped up and announced it would like to be helpful as well…by joining with “moderate Arab nations” to battle their mutual Muslim enemies.

    The Israeli offer of “help” was extended on 6/26/14, presumably to provide peace of mind to “moderate” Arab nations who may feel threatened by the lightning, land-grabbing offensive unleashed by Islamic militants in Iraq. In his meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris, the Zionist state’s foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who by the way is an arch Islamophobe and Arabphobe, reportedly talked sweet about some Arabs, informing Kerry that “the extremists currently operating in Iraq and Syria will try to challenge the stability in the entire Gulf region, first of all in Kuwait.” A statement from Lieberman’s office added that “Israel could provide effective and reliable assistance to moderate Arab states who are dealing with extremists.”

    Just a few days after visiting Iraq and being briefed on the pathetic situation, Kerry seems intrigued by the Israeli idea, and has noted, according to one senior U.S. official, that it is “important that countries in the region (including Israel) stand together against the (ISIS) threat.”

    Basically “Israel wants to do what Shite Iran has started doing,” the official continued—which according to the New York Times is flying surveillance drones over Iraq and sending military equipment to help Baghdad fight the Sunni insurgents—but with one exception: Israel wants to arm the Sunni tribes in league with the West and the Gulf monarchies, and not arm the Shia.

    Israeli officials and AIPAC are arguing to Washington that Israeli interests are converging with moderate Arab nations and that “both sides should be dealing with the threat of Iran, world jihad and al-Qaida, as well as the spill-over of conflicts in Syria and Iraq into neighboring countries.” The Israeli embassy issued a statement saying, “Today, (6/26/14) there is a basis for the creation of a new diplomatic-political structure in the Middle East.”

    Yet another “new Middle East,” one wonders?

    This week on NBC’s Meet the Press, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, restated the decades-old Zionist project of permanently dividing and controlling the Middle East. On the subject of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, or DAASH) Netanyahu rather unabashedly and overtly expressed his regime’s intentions to promote internal strife in neighboring states.

    “We must weaken both [Sunni and Shia Muslims],” he said, restating his government’s preferred policy to have Muslims fighting among themselves: “When your enemies are fighting each other, don’t strengthen either one of them, weaken both,” he told the American public.

    Of course, it would not be the first time the Zionist regime has worked with preferred members of the Arab League to advance its own interests—and a strong incentive to ratchet up its “split the Arabs” policy is the spillover effect DAASH’s advances in Iraq and Syria have had in Lebanon. Briefly put, the confessional state is awash with rumors of a “Sunni uprising,” purportedly to regain political and economic losses befallen the Sunni population since the 2003 Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq.

    If the Gulf Kingdoms and the West agree to share information and leverage with respect to Iraq and Syria with Netanyahu & Co., it will be with the knowledge that Israel has another motive in wanting to join the coalescing forces against ISIS. Presumably it is also what their Lebanon-based agents are reporting from the Palestinian camps in Lebanon. Palestinian camps such as Ein Al-Hilweh in southern Lebanon are beginning to experience what Nahr el Bared camp, near Tripoli, did in 2007.

    “Who are these guys?” camp residents in those days would ask from time to time as they began noticing the arrival of “strangers.”

    At first the newcomers appeared rather self-effacing, very polite, and seemingly deeply religious. They tended to keep to themselves, but soon their families arrived as well. More than one sheik in Nahr al Bared assured residents at the camp that these strangers were “good Muslims,” and some of them even began teaching lessons from the Koran at the Mosque.

    But over a period of six months or so people began noticing changes, observing what in effect were affiliates or members of a new group calling itself “Fatah el Islam (FEI).” The Islamists began to accost women on the street, demanding they wear full-length hijabs, stop smoking, and generally change their ways so as to become “better Muslims.”

    Today FEI is relatively strong and growing—but secretively—in Ain Al Hilweh, and they are not alone. Unemployed youth, increasingly angry and disenchanted, are reportedly attending secret meetings with DAASH, Al Nusra and other recruiters, meetings at which and they are being promised immediate material benefits and a soon-to-be-granted full right to work. Also held out is the hope of a deepening resistance to the occupation of their country, Palestine. There are takers naturally, but numbers so far are difficult to ascertain. Militias are growing in the camps, but it’s hard to calculate the extent of their ambit, and camp residents also know of many intelligence agents living among them, including Lebanese Internal Security, Zionist agents, and others, so naturally there is a great deal of secrecy.

    But according to analysts in Lebanon, as well as a recent report in Now Lebanon, some previously small cells—based primarily in rural northern Lebanon, the eastern Bekaa, and the Palestinian camps, where law enforcement remains difficult—are now expanding, this due to the ISIS surge in Iraq and its apparent success in securing popular support from Sunni tribes and former Baathist groups. And as this transpires, fears continue to mount that the Sunni-Shiite sectarian struggle will explode in Lebanon as well.

    The threat doesn’t only come from outside Lebanon’s borders. According to a security source in Ain al-Hilweh, jihadist factions are not only mobilizing in Palestinian camps but virtually across the entire country. This has been especially so since the second Qalamoun battle. Fanatic Muslims and takfiris are spreading very fast.

    “What is happening in Iraq and Qalamoun shows that the situation will soon be very dangerous in the region, including Lebanon,” the source said. “It will all become a jihad battlefield.”

    Two other very active and knowledgeable Palestinians from Ain al-Hilweh seem to be equally fatalistic:

    “Of course all the camps are affected just like everyone else around here by what has been happening in Iraq and Syria. Palestinians always want to avoid local fights but we always seem to be pulled in. Look what happened in the Lebanese civil war. Our leadership tried everything it could do stay out of the sectarian fight but we were pulled in and paid a huge price.”

    A recent unscientific poll found that more than 96% of camp residents in Lebanon want to continue their resistance to reclaim their stolen land. The survey actually corresponds rather closely to a June 15-17 poll commissioned by the Zionist Washington Institute. Based upon a sampling of 1200 adult Palestinians, that poll found that only 22 percent of Gazans would give up the ‘by-whatever-means-necessary’ resistance to the occupation in favor of a two-state solution. Even fewer, only 10 percent, pick the ‘one-state solution’ allowing for Arabs and Jews having equal rights in one country. For the majority, the goal is the return of their country from the river to the sea. In the West Bank, a mere 9 percent support the two-state solution, while nearly two-thirds said that “resistance should continue until all of historic Palestine is liberated.”

    Both the Zionist poll as well as the informal one done in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon found broad support for popular resistance against the Zionist occupation, with preferred forms of resistance being stepped up demonstrations, support for the BDS campaign, strikes, marches, and mass refusals to cooperate. Increased activism of this type is viewed positively by 62 percent in the West Bank, 73 percent in Gaza, and close to 90 percent in Ain Al-Hilweh.

    Meanwhile, a Twitter account with 21,000 followers, dubbed the “League of Supporters,” called this week for DAASH sympathizers to post messages warning America not to carry out airstrikes against the rebel group. It is also urging followers to be prepared to follow DAASH and to confront the Zionists across Palestine—and it is not the only Twitter account of its kind.

    In summation, the Zionist regime is very aware that the camps are likely to explode and that one of the contributing factors is the lack of civil rights and the banning of Palestinians from most jobs in Lebanon. It is also the case that the Zionists realize that the future looks bleak, internationally speaking, for its continued occupation of Palestine; and that joining with Arab regimes to help stamp out extremist jihadists, while weakening Iran in the process, is its most advantageous path.

    As Canadian freelance writer and journalist Brandon Martinez reminds us:

    Fragmenting, weakening and Balkanizing the Middle East has been part and parcel of the Zionist impulse from the very beginnings of the Jewish state. Israeli strategist Oded Yinon candidly outlined this imperialist line of thought in his 1982 paper “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s.” A strong, unified Iraq is Israel’s primary military concern, Yinon stressed.

    Yinon went on to push for the slicing up of Iraq into three separate colonies or state-lets, arranged along ethnic and confessional lines, and we may well witness these developments come to pass in Iraq. The Israeli strategist also promoted much the same scenario for Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and other Arab/Muslim states in the region.

    “The Zionists have used deception, subterfuge and cunning to con the world into entering conflicts and conflagrations that have expedited their ominous aims,” Martinez further observes. “But Israel’s insatiable avarice for more land and resources will eventually be its downfall, just as every empire in history has sooner or later collapsed under its own weight.”

    Reminding this observer of a quote a valued friend from New Mexico recently sent to me:

    “Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too” (Marcus Aurelius).

  • Patriot says:


    Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. Senate approved John McCain’s plan to arm and train “vetted” Syrian rebels.

    It was a disappointing decision, made even harder to swallow by the fact the bill was packaged as part of something called a “continuing resolution” to fund the government. That means senators were faced with a choice: arm the Syrian rebels, or face another government shutdown.

    The American people deserved better.

    So, what happens next? Well, the U.S. Senate goes on vacation at the end of the day, so first thing we need to do is make sure the Godfather of Syrian intervention – John McCain – hears from us before skipping town.

    Call 202-224-2235 and tell Senator McCain you oppose sending arms to the Free Syrian Army, and when you’re done, tell us how the call went.

    After you dial, press 1 to leave a message, or press 2 to speak to someone. A few things to remember:

    1. Remember, it’s a staffer answering the phone so please be polite.

    2. Tell him or her you’re a VoteVets supporter, and if you are a veteran or a military family member, be sure to let them know – including information about service, or the service of your loved one.

    3. Tell the staffer you oppose Senator McCain’s plan because we need to destroy ISIS, and his policies have made them stronger.

    4. Report back on your phone call. We’d love to hear how it went.

    Senator McCain is very sensitive about such a large group of veterans, military family members, and their supporters challenging his worldview on this topic.

    That’s one of the reasons your call is so important.

    Jon Soltz
    Iraq War Veteran and Chairman

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